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Using a Molotov, burn a Clown leading at least 10 Common Infected.

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How to unlock the FRIED PIPER achievement

  • Gx Ox Rx ExGx Ox Rx Ex86,722
    17 Nov 2009 21 Nov 2009
    60 8 8
    Load Dark Carnival "The Barns". When you get to the end of this chapter and you have to fight the horde before the gate will open, continue you down that stretch of alley after the gate until your outside the safe house, unlimited amounts of common infected will spawn here and no special infected. Anyways just wait til you see a clown leading a wave of zombies and throw that molly, should do the trick.

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    BBQ BrumakThis method worked first time I tried it, excellent solution.
    Posted by BBQ Brumak on 16 Aug 11 at 17:57
    AndyBrown101Perfect solution, did it on my third go after throwing the molotov too early on the first attempt at an on-rushing horde with a clown (obviously not enough normal zombies!) and not finding one the second time around. One Eyed Tigh gives some great additions, just shut the safe room door on the AI and shove the zombies back periodically until a clown is present, on easy you won't take much damage at all. Molotov at your own feet and BOOM, job done!
    Posted by AndyBrown101 on 28 Mar 12 at 13:23
    RengraveYou don't actually have to wait to see a clown before you throw your molotov. Just throw it into the building just outside the safe room. A clown will eventually spawn and run through the fire. I got this achievement last night that way. I threw my molotov and didn't initially hit a clown. I got all sad panda because I thought I missed my chance, but then a clown charged at me through the fire and the achievement popped. Yay!
    Posted by Rengrave on 01 May 13 at 01:32
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  • Matty RageMatty Rage107,567
    25 May 2010 25 May 2010 25 May 2010
    30 2 3
    This can be done solo, with AI survivors.

    1.) Play Survival mode, load up "Dark Carnival: Stadium Gate".

    2.) From the spawn, pick up and carry one Molotov over to the scaffolding in front of the gates. Swap out for the pipe bomb. Return to the spawn and pick up your second Molotov. This enables you to have both Molotov's in reach while on the scaffolding.

    3.) Start the round and return to the top of the scaffolding. Watch for the red-hued clowns both towards the right of the gate above the Porto-johns as well as back towards the spawn.

    4.) Wait for zombies to occupy your AI allies, until a larger horde successfully drops into the area. Let 'er rip. With two shots, you have a pretty good chance at nailing a clown, unlocking your achievement.
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    Posted by gregocelt84 on 23 Aug 12 at 10:12
    RichSeventy4this solution worked best thanks, quick and simple
    Posted by RichSeventy4 on 10 Apr 13 at 14:45
    EarthboundXWorks great! Took me two round restarts, but it's very fast and easy.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 14 May 17 at 13:14
  • Jackey Boy 217Jackey Boy 217320,805
    23 Nov 2009 01 Feb 2010
    24 1 3
    you need to make your way to the tunnel of love level. once your inside there is the maintenance room and just past that you have to drop down a hole. what you need to do is drop down the hole, wait a sec for the zombies to spot you, then throw the molotov on the floor at yourself as their sould deffinatly be a clown there with more than enough zombies. i got this achievement here and so did 2 of my friends. so if you don't get it the first time just try again as it sould work. message me if you need any more help.
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    II THE PLAYA IIyep that worked thanks
    Posted by II THE PLAYA II on 01 Feb 10 at 20:57
    Posted by AlexLancer on 01 Feb 10 at 20:58
    Draxler Knight7great solution! thanksss!
    Posted by Draxler Knight7 on 08 Feb 14 at 17:36
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