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Finish a campaign using only melee weapons.

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How to unlock the CONFEDERACY OF CRUNCHES achievement

  • STZ513STZ51377,581
    16 Jan 2010 16 Jan 2010 27 Apr 2010
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    Play the Dead Center campaign on easy. Pick up a melee weapon at the beginning then never pick up a primary weapon. Try to play with 3 human players. The AI in this game isn't very bright and you don't want to have to worry about them when you have a horde of zombies coming at you.
    Things to remember:
    -When you get below 20 health DO NOT swing randomly, if you get downed you may accidently fire off your pistol.
    -DO NOT use the chainsaw! Once you run out of fuel you will have a pistol and may accidently fire it.
    -Meleeing enemies away with LT is OK no matter what you are using so if you have something other than a melee weapon out, don't be afraid to press LT.
    -Equipment are OK. Bile Jars, Molotovs and pipe bombs don't cancel out the achievement and they can help you out in a pinch.
    -Keep a health kit and an adrenaline shot on you at ALL TIMES.
    -Tanks are your worst enemy!!! Be sure to keep away from them and let your teammates kill them.
    -According to ericxbox74 the mounted gun does not affect this achievement, however I have not checked this so use it at your own risk

    The achievement will unlock after you complete the campaigns finale
    *Note- The new DLC campaign, The Passing, also has melee weapons at the start, plus it is only 3 chapters so pick whichever you prefer.

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    dirtysock47Another tip is to never be incapacitated! Because if you are, your pistol comes out and you may fire it.
    Posted by dirtysock47 on 12 Aug 16 at 19:02
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  • Shock O RamaShock O Rama121,513
    18 Nov 2009 18 Nov 2009 18 Nov 2009
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    Obviously best done on easy. If you don't have any melee weapons at the start just use LT until you come across one. Doing this with three bots is usually the easiest way, as all three will use guns, making it easier to get through each level. Be careful if you are knocked down as you will automatically switch to the pistol, even if you didn't have one. So if you see your life getting low try not to spam RT, as you may accidentally shoot when downed. Achievement will unlock as soon as you finish the last chapter's finale.
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    misfit119Yeah Dead Center is the best place for this since it's one of the easier ones. You don't even have a real finale to fight through, only the car refueling. I never even picked up a gun, sticking to just my axe for fighting enemies. Do NOT go for the chainsaw as this will force you to have a pistol when it runs out of ammo.
    Posted by misfit119 on 18 Nov 09 at 23:02
    LWinceumm. for some reason i did this and I did not get the achievement. Did not ever fire a waepon, had the Axe from the get go and i even checked the stats between chapters to make sure all my kills matched with the melee stats. and they did. pretty pissed cause i wasted an hour of my life for nothing. anyone know why this happened. was there some kind of patch that prevents doing this on easy or something bs??
    Posted by LWince on 31 Jul 10 at 18:59
    MasterPetJust as a note, as I was trying to get this achievement I ended up spamming RT while at low health and, sure enough, fired my pistol. But being at the finale for the campaign I was sort of against restarting it, so I tried to kill myself to start at the beginning of the chapter. THIS DOES NOT WORK! If you've fired a weapon at any point during a campaign, even if you die later, the achievement is locked and you'll have to start from the beginning.
    Posted by MasterPet on 26 Dec 10 at 17:38
  • conmaccaconmacca114,388
    22 Apr 2010 22 Apr 2010 22 Apr 2010
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    ok the easiest way to get this achievement is the DLC Campaign "the passing" straight away there are melee wepons on the floor and there are ony 3 levels and btw pressing LT doesnt stop the achievement
    Hope i helped :)
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