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Survive a campaign on Expert skill with Realism mode enabled.

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How to unlock the THE REAL DEAL achievement

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    Again theres a very simple tecnique to unlock this in about 30 mins give or take, on your own

    1) load up an easy realism dark carnival

    2) continue playing until you get to the finale

    3) leave the game (you must exit to main menu, do not call a vote as this doesnt work - thanks to DSmooove6 for confirming this) and start up a brand new realism lobby (believe it or not this works i was weiry about it myself) and set it to expert part 5
    What to have before setting off the finale on part 5:

    - nab a scoped rifle, a melee weapon, a pipe bomb for clearing out the horde when the chopper arives and an adrenaline for the run to the chopper

    4) play on until you set up the finale, incap the 3 bots on the stage then set off the finale after grabbing the necesities you need: pipe bomb, adrenaline etc, then run up to the jesus rail

    for those if you who dont know where this is, it is on the far left hand side of the stands when looking from the stage, by the blocked off entrance (Video below for visual aid), climb up to the top of the stands and sit on the rail, remembering to keep an eye out for infected climbing up beside you.

    NOTE: its a good idea that the in the last couple of Special Infected you killed before setting the finale off was a smoker as he will then not spawn once you set it off, because he can sneak up behind you and ruin the achievement for you, if a smoker spawns when you set it off dont panic and try to find him with your scope before he reaches you

    5) but anyway back to the achievement, when on the rail the majority of the common infected will glitch and not move (save a couple behind you on the roof tops KEEP AN EYE ON THEM, as if they fall of the roof they will be able to move and climb up to you. and specials (including the tanks) will not spawn after they have killed of the other survivors. But as soon as you get off the rail it will all revert to normal, so Just dont fall off or it untill the chopper arrives as they will glitch back and you'll have to die and restart from the part 5 saferoom

    6) when the chopper arives pull out your pipe bomb and launch it across the map, also take an adrenaline shot or pills if you have them and run for the chopper, you should have enough time to reach it even if it arrives at the other side of the map

    i managed to get this on my 1st playthrough, but my 3rd attempt at the finale, as the bloody single infected kept attacking me from behind! but i was very suprised that this method worked as it sounded stupid

    NOTE: this method will work on other campaigns i just chose dark carnival as it had the most effective glitch spot, i believe there is a table in the hard rains burgar tank finale that has the same effect.

    So just remember to always check behind you when on the rail as commons can still move down in the area below you but you should have no trouble killing them as they climb up!

    hope this was helpful ;)

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    CrystalWebbJust unlocked it so it still works, at least for me. Few notes for others
    -I used a second controller so i could activate the finale and then jumped onto the rail with my main, gives you more time.
    - The music stopped a few times but after i killed enough zombies it started up again
    Posted by CrystalWebb on 23 Mar at 14:56
    Soviet MobAlright, I finally got this. This tutorial DOES work as of 4-10-2020. I instead did it on Dead Center, however I spent exactly 3 hours and 18 Minutes on the finale. You may not get it the first try, just keep working at it. My friend happened to lead the tank with the other two bots and I put all the gas in the tank.
    Posted by Soviet Mob on 10 Apr at 21:37
    Fenix Squad4/29/20. 2 controllers is the best method with bots you may die a ton like me due to the specials spawning on the railing /smokers geting you or zombies crawling up wall and spawning above your Head . The helicopter will spawn every time on the right so all you need is adrenaline
    Posted by Fenix Squad on 29 Apr at 08:56
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    This achievement requires there to be a group of people who are skilled, communicative and lucky. If you soldier on and keep trying (despite how frustrating it gets) you will eventually get it.

    If you want to glitch however then I have an easy solution which can also be applied to the 'Still Something To Prove' achievement. Simply follow this guide and prepare to bask in the beauty of a 35G achievement:

    1) Load up 'Dead Centre' with 2-4 players.
    2) Set the difficulty to its easiest setting and turn Realism Mode on.
    3) Complete every chapter except the final one.
    4) In the Safe Room before you go on to the final mission have all but one person quit to the main menu.
    5) Let the remaining player collect nearly all of the gas cans.
    6) The remaining player should then set the difficulty to Expert.
    7) The players who quit out should then re-join as quickly as possible and put the last gas can(s) in whilst trying to survive against a lot of hard zombies.
    8) Once you put the last can in and the cut-scene comes on, the players who quit and re-joined should get the achievement.
    9) Re-do this guide so the loan person who stayed behind has a chance of getting it too. Fair is fair.

    This is the way I earned this achievement, but it has been a while since then. I do not know whether the developers have implemented an update to rectify this problem as I barely (if ever) play this game any more.

    Thankfully, the TA community are posting in the comments section about whether or not the glitch is still working. If you want my advice, keep looking at the comments to see whether you can use it or not.

    *PuckJunkieJames and FedderTheGun have posted some interesting advice in the comments section, read that for further help with this achievement.
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    DetsEightyOneas of december 15th 2013 this achievement still works. thanks!
    Posted by DetsEightyOne on 15 Dec 13 at 11:48
    Tm5kConfirmed that this still works as of February 16th, 2014.
    Posted by Tm5k on 16 Feb 14 at 23:59
    fORSHiI can confirm that this method still works, unlocked this achievement on 18th of March, 2016.
    Posted by fORSHi on 18 Mar 16 at 17:22
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    Very similar glitch to the ones outlined, but I personally found it much easier to do on the Parish campaign.

    1. Start realism lobby on easy mode.
    2. Play first chapters on easy realism, do not worry about anything, just have fun.
    3. When you reach the saferoom for the finale (The Bridge), after the final chapter has loaded up, everyone who needs the achievement must quit to menu. Note, there must be at least one person still in game, two makes life easier.
    4. Remaining players send invites to the players who left in prep, and then play most of the finale on easy realism. The players who left should just sit on the invite ready to accept. Take your time through, look after the AIs. Kill (not avoid) the first tank.
    5. Coming to the end of the bridge, kill the second tank, and start making your way over to the helicopter.
    6. When approaching the landing pad, do a quick check for a 3rd tank, if you see it, kill it. If not, as quickly as possible go to....
    7. Call a vote to change difficulty to expert.
    8. As soon as 'vote passed' changing difficulty box shows, the players who left immediately accept invites.
    9. If all goes to plan. the AIs will have already climbed into the chopper and the end cutscene will be beginning to play (or already playing). The players who entered bash RT to 'enter' the game and the achievement pops without them needed to make a dash for it.
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    z 4assed monkeyI agree, The Parish is the easiest campaign for this. It's where I got the achievement, and it's where I've helped others get it too. There isn't much of anything that Realism hinders here, as opposed to in Dead Center (gas cans in the finale) or Hard Rain (the reduced visibility makes it tougher seeing each other, therefore tougher to stay together).

    After a few successes and failures, I've come to the conclusion that it's easier to run the bridge finale with one human, 3 AI, to the end before the vote/invitation acceptance. If two humans attempt it and aren't staying together perfectly, the two bots don't follow as closely and they aren't as effective in picking off specials by themselves. With only one human, the 3 AI are singularly focused on helping you get there.

    Top (glitch-oriented) solution, in my opinion.
    Posted by z 4assed monkey on 02 Jun 12 at 08:16
    milkweed85The host needs to stay meaning the players that leave are not the host. You will get disconnected if host leaves. Thumbs up from me otherwise. Best solution for this I think
    Posted by milkweed85 on 13 Sep 13 at 02:17
    MutionThis still works (13th Oct 15) was helping a fellow gamer get this in a session today
    Posted by Mution on 13 Oct 15 at 21:14
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