STILL SOMETHING TO PROVE achievement in Left 4 Dead 2


Survive all campaigns on Expert.

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How to unlock the STILL SOMETHING TO PROVE achievement

  • nyall97nyall9739,180
    27 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011 04 Apr 2011
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    Well as no one has actually wrote this up, ill do it.
    You need: 2 people minimum, 4 people max.
    Private Match.
    You play through the campaign on Easy, until the final saferoom.
    Half of the lobby backs out, but not the host.
    The remaining people/person in the game will send the invite there and then, the two people in the lobby open it but dont accept it.
    Just as the rescue vehicle is coming the people in game will change the difficulty to expert, and then get the other people to join (remember it takes about 30 seconds for people to join).
    The two people that have joined must get into the rescue vehicle to get credit for doing 1/5 campaigns on expert.

    -The people getting the achievement must back out before reverted back to the safe room.
    -They must change it back to easy in the safe room.

    -Keep Pipe Bombs, Molotovs and Pukes handy for when the vehicle arrives.
    -Try to lure the bots onto the rescue vehicle before/as the people are joining the game.

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    DeatHMachynE136Hey I’m trying to get this achievement if someone would help me please that would be amazing lmao. Gt: DeatHMachynE136. (It’s cringey Ik lol)
    Posted by DeatHMachynE136 on 26 Jun 21 at 22:00
    ThatIrishYouteI'm still trying to get these, message me if you want in
    Posted by ThatIrishYoute on 09 Jan at 12:17
    GG ZeusI’m still up for these, only done one, message me
    Posted by GG Zeus on 13 Feb at 05:36
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  • xBrushedRedxxBrushedRedx91,107
    27 Nov 2009 02 Jan 2010 01 Oct 2010
    54 8 7
    If you're gonna tackle this the legit way, as did I, it's gonna take A LOT of practice. Expert is nothing to play with. It takes like 5 hits to down someone (being as the common infected do 20 damage per hit) & the special kill you faster than that. Friendly fire is a devastator and tanks are just darn mean! So the best thing that I found to do was to complete Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns on Expert (& there is no way to glitch that achievement), since it's quite a bit easier so you can get used to the game flow. Since most of the other stuff has been covered in the other solution, I'll just list the campaigns by difficulty & which ones to begin with on Expert and which to end on (I'll rate them 1-10, 1 being easiest and 10 being hardest by difficulty in my book).

    Hard Rain (7/10): By far the easiest campaign & easiest finale. The only hard part is the sugar mill with the witches. There are plenty of places to hide. This is recommended for The Real Deal achievement.

    The Parish (8/10): Nothing too difficult. There are a few hard parts throughout the campaign *cough* the mardi gras float *cough*. That part gave me so much trouble! But once you get to the finale, you should have no problem. It's quick and the enemies are avoidable for the most part.

    Swamp Fever (9/10): Overall this one is a little more advanced. There are a lot of enemies and TONS of creciendo (sp) events. The plane creciendo is pretty easy though. It's pretty tough to get to the finale. The finale is moderate. There are a lot of enemies, but the area is pretty big, making it pretty easy to kill enemies and get to the rescue boat. Shouldn't be hard. Just make sure to keep a look out for the final tank when making a run for the boat.

    Dead Center (10/10): No doubt one of the hardest things ever! Lots of creciendo events, darkness in the mall & just annoying overall. Getting to the 3rd level is a nightmare & let's face it, the finale is just one big migrane. The best way is to get 4 good people who can defend themselves and throw down the gas cans and have one person constantly putting them in. Maybe have 2 down putting them in just in case one gets smoked or hunted. It'll make it a little less frustrating anyway. This one will be rough, I can promise you.

    Dark Carnival (13/10): GEEEZ! This is HARD, no other way to put it. Lots of creciendo events & more zombies than any other campaign. Act 3, the Coaster is soooo hard & Act 4, getting to the saferoom is all about luck. I can't help too much with this one, it's basically a luck game. The finale isn't as hard as Dead Center's, but the campaign is MUCH more difficult. The finale is pretty easy being that there is a huge stage, so you can see a lot & help out friends. Make good use of the firecrackers! Getting to the helicopter is hard though! I actually got this one by luck, because on the way to the helicopter, I got hit by a tank and it actually knocked me into the helicopter, had that not happened, I probably would still be working on this one..

    1 Campaign= about 3-4 hours on Expert because you die a lot and you must move slowly to keep from dying.

    Use pain pills and med packs VERY wisely.

    Stay in groups and melee when vomited on or in close quarters to avoid friendly fire.

    Last, but not least... Good luck! This is difficult, but it means a lot more when achieving the legit way!! :)

    P.S. I got frustrated doing this, so it's normal!

    If you have The Passing DLC, then try out some of the mutations, as they make it considerably easier. If you do a campaign with a mutation on the Expert difficulty, it'll also give you credit for this achievement.

    I find that Last Man on Earth and Gib Fest make this one quite a bit easier.*

    Last Man on Earth* is single player only. It removes all common infected and only special infected come after you. It makes things much easier than you'd think. I promise. Tanks can still be annoying, but I found lighting them on fire and running helped wonders. Getting hunted or smoked will not instantly kill you; it'll just make you black and white. This one is definitely recommended for the Dark Carnival level for the 3rd and 4th act. Makes it MUCH easier without the huge crowd of zombies.

    Gib Fest* makes things easier as well with infinite ammo and no reloading and a nice magnum as well. Things are easier to kill and you don't have to worry with the vulnerable reloading period against a tank! I'd still do this co-op as the AI are really dumb.

    *These mutations are not available all the time. Keep a check on the mutations if you are having trouble doing this the normal way.

    Good luck; you will need it. This game is hard.
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    abtimbadi did L4D1 legit and to me no mercy is hardest (blood harvest is 2nd), but i have to tell you, you can still glitch them.
    Posted by abtimbad on 03 Mar 11 at 00:19
    Looked at all the little punks with their nice shiny try hard pants. If you ladies are done sucking each others dicks I'm off to find me a Jesus spot. Later bitches.
    Posted on 25 Jan 14 at 23:45
    xBrushedRedxWhy not actually do it the way the game is meant to play as opposed to some glitch in the game? I can tell you, the ratio for this and the one for L4D1 would be sky high if valve wasn't so buggy. Plus it's fun bonding time with your team
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 04 Feb 14 at 03:00
  • david10hdavid10h86,807
    07 Dec 2012 06 Dec 2012 07 Dec 2012
    32 2 3
    I'll shared my method of acquiring this achievement by solo.

    The easy-expert glitch still works (as of 7/12/2012).

    For mutation, you'll need "The Passing" DLC. So far only two were used:
    "Last man on earth" & "Gib fest". "Last man on earth" allows you to run through early chapters very fast, and "Gib fest" equipped the whole team with powerful M60 which can kill tank easily.

    Generally, start early chapter with "Last man on earth" mutation and set difficulty on easy, run through all chapter until finale, pause the game, exit to main menu and then load "Gib Fest" (or "Last man on earth") mutation with expert difficulty and finish the last level.

    Tip for finale

    1. Dead Center
    I used "Last man on earth", you'll need to collect 8 gas cans and fill up the car.
    Not much problem in this finale, just make sure you heal yourself with first aid kit after attack from SI (kill them before healing). I heal myself was like 4 times here.
    To fight off Tank, errmm... not necessary, just avoid him or molotov him, eventually he'll died off. Take shortcut (jump to booth's top, etc) since Tank can only follow proper route (stairs/etc).

    2. Swamp fever
    "Gib Fest" was used, and the whole team was stationed in 2nd floor on the mansion (staircase there). Killing regular zombies and SI was a breeze.
    For Tank, just light him up with molotov, and circle around, avoid debris. 4x M60 can gunned him down quite quickly.
    Upon escape boat arrive, pipe bomb/bile jar and adrenaline then run toward the boat.

    3. Dark Carnival
    Tip from Rusty Woud for "The Real Deal"
    incap teammates and stay on jesus rail/plywood until chopper came, pipe bomb, adrenaline and run to the chopper!

    4. Hard Rain
    Note: Jesus table was patched.
    "Gib fest" and stay on the rooftop. No special instruction/strategy here.

    5. The Parish
    "Last man on earth" was easier. take the route from Ricky Horror video guide in "Bridge over trebled Slaughter". (Take left most path until the branch to heli-pad)
    For me, SI didn't manage to attack me, and Tank was spawn earlier, so I just inject adrenaline and run through him, and run toward the heli-pad.
    Note:If you haven't unlocked "Bridge over trebled slaughter" you may also able to unlock it.
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    PrinceOfEterniaThis worked great, thx for the awesome tip.
    Posted by PrinceOfEternia on 10 Aug 14 at 18:34
    eohjayThis worked for me on single player as of 11/12/14 - which means it will probably work indefinitely.

    I had more luck running through the first stages on Gib Fest, though.
    Posted by eohjay on 13 Nov 14 at 12:55
    Jonny T x oStill works from 15/12/20.


    Thanks clap
    Posted by Jonny T x o on 15 Dec 20 at 23:13
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