Sleepy Time achievement in SpongeBob: Truth-Sq.

Sleepy Time

Find Patrick sleeping in all levels.

Sleepy Time0
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How to unlock the Sleepy Time achievement

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    There are a total of 7 sleeping Patricks.

    Level 1

    After freeing the second set of jellyfish, you will come to a platform with a green button, there will be a second, third, and forth platform with a green button on each of them, when you get to the forth, look to the left. There will be a pirate ship jump onto the pirate ship and look to your left, you will see a big crate-like box smash it open and Patrick will be inside.

    Level 2

    Where you use the sandy power up to get rid of the kelp traps(the big pink flowers on the ground) clear the area of pink flowers(earns you 5 lives) when you are done go towards where the 5 lives pickup is, get the pick up and jump to the second small green platform, turn around and use your balloon canon on the pink balloon switch, break the crates that the plan drops, Patrick is n one of them.

    Level 4

    You will get to a part in the level where you have to squirt water on a sponge to make it grow so you can jump on it. As soon as you jump off of that first sponge block to the next platform, head right and there will be a big crate-like box, smash it open and Patrick will be inside

    Level 5

    After you finish the first bungee gum section, turn left and head towards the brown platform. Instead of jumping towards the small icy platform(where the artwork was) turn around and go straight towards a crate(it should be by a slightly raised brown platform) Patrick is inside the crate.

    Level 6

    In there area where you have to hit the 3 switches to make the machines make the exploding platforms.. make your way past the 3rd set of exploding platforms. Once you finish that you will land on a platform with a sparking/electrical machine to your left. The crate is on top of this machine.

    Level 8

    You will come to an area where you press a switch and it lowers the water and reveals some bungee gum.(you have to spin a switch to open the gate to gain access to this area) make your way along the pieces of gum. When you get to your 5th piece of gum. Go straight 1 piece, turn slightly right. and follow the pieces to some platforms. Smash open the crate to find Patrick.

    Level 9

    You will come to and area with a small red dock and a boat that is shaped like a bridge there will be 4 balloon targets you must shoot to find Patrick. (1) as you begin your boat ride there will be a group of robots that start to attack you. Try to destroy all of them but one. That way when you go to shoot the first target(to your left) it will be easier.(2) you will be ambushed by robots again and this target will be on the boats right side.(towards the bottom of the boat)(3) in the same place as the second target, this target will be on the boats left side.(towards the top of the boat) (4) the last target will be on your left side(right if you turn around) you will see that target after the door in unlocked by the key. The boat will make it’s final stop and you can shoot the target with ease.. once all four all shot, and extra platform will fall from the sky. Make your way up the new platform and smash open the crate.

    I do not take any credit for this solution. All credit goes Dead Bird 101 and MysticWeirdo from x360a.
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    Could not believe how much trouble the 1st target in level 9 i found this video guide by babygirl91580

    it cover's all 7 patrick level's
    I do not take any credit for this solution it goes to ''babygirl91580''
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    Posted by biegeeinheit on 08 Aug 13 at 13:42
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