Artist Unknown achievement in SpongeBob: Truth-Sq.

Artist Unknown

Unlock all concept art.

Artist Unknown0
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How to unlock the Artist Unknown achievement

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    Concept Art Collectible Locations

    Some may not be obtainable on the 1st run through the Level as some are located in the Gary Tiki Challenges which are not available until you beat the Level.

    Level 1

    #1 After freeing the second set of jellyfish, you will come to a platform with a green button, there will be a second(to the right of the second is a cave with a gate. the artwork is inside here) third, and forth platform with a green button on each of them, when you get to the forth, look to the left. There will be a pirate ship, jump onto the pirate ship and look for a pole with green plankton tikis surrounding it. jump up to the top (you should see a 1-up collectible) from here turn slightly right you should see a pink balloon icon with orange leaves/seaweed around it . shoot the pink balloon and this will cause a bathtub to appear next to the wwater wheel. Soak in the tub and squirt the water wheel until the gate opens.

    #2 In the big cave where you get your first “Buffpants” power up, after you have set both sets of jellyfish free, use the last jellyfish (the one closest to the cave’s exit) and bounce to the platform on the right, you might need to double jump to reach the high platform.

    #3 After you exit the big cave where you got the “Buffpants” power up. There will be a tiki challenge statue right before the pink jellyfish slide. Complete the tiki challenge to get the artwork.

    Level 2

    #1 In the cave where you need to use the “Buffpants” power up to spin the 3 switches at the same time. Spin them and once you get to the top of the cave, there will be a switch that opens the gate in front of you, before you open the gate, look to the right of the switch, you will see the artwork floating in the air, use your spinning attack in the air to get it.

    #2 In the area where you have to press the 5 switches to stop 5 outhouses(robot generators) after you press the 5 switches , spin the newly available switch. Make your way up the 2 platforms going past the first giant smashing hand. Make your way across the bridge of small platforms and onto the next platform. There should be a palm tree near by. The artwork is in front of the palm tree.(Do not go past the second smashing hand if you did, you’ve gone too far)

    #3 Where you use the sandy power up to get rid of the kelp traps(the big pink flowers on the ground) clear the area of pink flowers(earns you 5 lives) when you are done go towards where the 5 lives pickup is, but right before the pickup there will be small ledges to the left. Jump up the first ledge, there will be a tiki challenge, complete it.

    Level 4

    #1 After riding the second submarine, there will be a small dock, after the dock, go right and up some platforms. You will see some stone squirad tikis(turn left when you see them) there will be a house(the ones you shoot at to feed the fish) at the end of the road the artwork is behind this house.

    #2 There will be a cave filled with boxes and squidward tkis. At the end of the cave’s exit, there will be a box to you left and a tiki statue just ahead of the box. Complete the challenge.

    #3 In the area where you get the squidwrad power up,(this area is right after you have to use the water to squirt the water wheel to raise the bridge up so you can shoot the last house) keep following the docks until you get to a left corner with a box and a caged switch. Turn around, the artwork should be in front of you next to a bolder.

    Level 5

    #1 At the start of the level go down the first ramp towards the blue robot, hit him once, he will the become a green ball. Jump on him, turn around and roll him towards the right side of the ramp.(where there is a tall tower and a pyramid of frozen coins) Roll him next to the tower and jump off of him to avoid getting hurt. The tower will explode and the art work is where the tower was. NOTE: thee robot will change colors from green, to yellow to red. If you do not make it to the tower before he explodes, restart the level.

    #2 After you finish the first bungee gum section, turn left and head towards the brown platform. You should see the artwork in front of you on a small icy platform.(if you don’t, turn around) You will need to double jump, and then spin jump to make it up there (A,A,B)

    #3 After you finish the first bungee gum section, turn left and head towards the brown platform. Instead of jumping towards the small icy platform, turn around and go straight towards a slightly raised brown platform. The tiki statue is on this brown platform. Complete the challenge to get the artwork

    Level 6

    #1 you will come to a cave where you see two set of plankton tikis, one with all green tikis and one set with one red(Mr. Krabs) self exploding tiki. Once you exit the cave, there will be a platform moving left to right, the art work is in the air to the left, just wait for the platform to move left.

    #2 You will come to a section with a single green button and ton of kelp traps(the nig pink flowers on the ground). You will see the artwork in the distance. Carfully make your way to the artwork without touch the flowers.

    #3 In there area where you have to hit the 3 switches to make the machines make the exploding platforms.. make your way past the 2nd set of exploding platforms. Once you finish that you will land on a platform with a tiki statue. Complete the tiki challenge

    Level 8 (#1 &2 Thanks to MysticWeirdo)

    #1 You will come to an area where you press a switch and it lowers the water and reveals some bungee gum.(before you reach this area you will have to spin a switch to open the gate) make your way along the pieces of gum. When you get to your 5th piece of gum. Take the right most piece, and turn slightly right and take that piece. Follow the pieces to a platform surrounded by green tikis. The artwork is behind them.

    #2 After you pass the area with smashing hands and electric lasers. You will push a green button that opens a gate. Go forward and drop to the left side, follow it around towards the lav background, you will see the artwork in the corner of a red fence.

    #3 When you get to the big pirate ship. Clear the room of robots and use the blue trampoline to reach the high circular platform. Once on top, head right and jump towards the platform. You will see a 1-up collectable and the tiki statue. Complete the tiki challenge

    Level 9 (#2 Thanks to MysticWeirdo))

    #1 You will come to an area where you have to destroy a certain amount of robots there will be tredmill-lik blue platforms here. Destroy the robots and spin the switch. This will raise the blue platforms. make your way across them, when you are done, instead of going straight(towards the pink jellyfish slime) go right. The artwork is in the corner of the ledge(between the orange and green seaweed)

    #2 You will come to an area where you will see 2 jellyfish and a dojo(big red building)
    Do not go towards the dojo. Instead, go left and up a couple of platforms. the artwork is at the top.

    #3 You will come to an area where you have to jump across a lot of rafts. After you hop across the rafts. You wil be jumping on green platforms. at the end of these platforms is a tiki statue and a cave enterence.. Complete the tiki challenge.

    All credit goes to Dead Bird 101
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