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The Final Countdown

Score 100% on the Guitar Solo in "The Final Countdown" on Expert

The Final Countdown0
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How to unlock the The Final Countdown achievement

  • TheLongingTheLonging59,898
    07 Nov 2009 07 Nov 2009 31 Dec 2010
    41 4 18
    This achievement was one of the few I actually had to work for. It's a very complex solo, and one of the most difficult in the game. There's no surefire way I can tell you how to get it, only tips.

    First off, practice it on all speeds. What I did to help make sure I could get it down was to FC the solo 3 times in a row on 50% Speed, then do the same on 60% speed etc.

    80% Speed was a bit tricky because now, I had to actually play the solo like it was because it's quite hard to abuse the timing window on the zig-zags. One thing you should notice is that the BYG's, OBR's, the OBY's, and the YRG's in the zig-zags are faster than the other parts, so you'll need to hit those at a faster speed than the other parts. When you can consistently hit the zig-zags, try playing the song out in Free Play or Tour and see if you can get the solo.

    The solo outside the zig-zags is much much easier, so if you hit the 2nd zig-zag pattern, it should be very easy to get the rest of the solo, as there's nothing hard outside of a couple quick strummed Greens.

    Good luck, this one took me quite a bit of grinding to do.

    EDIT 1: I tried it on my alternate account, and unless I'm missing something, you can not do it in practice. And you don't have to FC (100% with your combo not broken at all) the song. You can overstrum as much as you want, as long as you 100% the solo in Free Play or Tour.

    EDIT 2: LordMathias:
    "Here's a slight, albeit vague, tip: try playing it using different methods. Of course, practice at lower speeds first, but if the fingering method you're trying to use isn't working, try something else. I went from missing in the second RBO part (because my fret pinky sucks) to 100% in practice using tapping in a matter of 20 minutes, and then second try in free play *pop*. If I wasn't lazy I'd post up a video, but yeah."

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    RedoduaIs it bad that I am refraining from doing any achievement other than this one before starting Lego: Rock Band?
    Posted by Redodua on 06 Feb 12 at 18:49
    keung^ That's what I did, too. Made sure I didn't unlock anything until I could nail the solo. One-handing this using index, middle, ring finger was how I did it (GH guitar). I haven't played on the plastic 'tar actively for years so it took me about 10 days to get my fingers fast enough to cope with the awkward rhythm. But I did try alot of other methods; using pinky, anchoring, tapping. Nothing was more consistent than the trio of fingers mentioned above. I guess I can thank all the insane practicing I did on Free Bird Solo C in GH2 back in 07 for that :)
    Posted by keung on 29 Jul 12 at 13:28
    Smash41Could a turbo controller be used for this?
    Posted by Smash41 on 24 Aug 12 at 21:04
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  • HazeMonsterHazeMonster529,171
    15 Nov 2009 03 Mar 2010 14 Feb 2011
    18 1 4
    PRACTICE!!! That's pretty much it. Although it is possible to use a GH guitar, I highly recommend using a RB Strat. so you don't need to strum during the solo. My method was I kept one finger on one hand on green, and the index and middle finger on my other hand to tap Y,B,Y. Then slide finger from green to red and the other 2 to B,O,B, etc. Try turning on the breakneck speed under options. It will space the notes apart a little more and make them easier to read. Also, practice on slower speeds if you are having trouble. Make sure you're hitting 100% pretty steadily before you go into quickplay/career because playing through the 3:22 before the solo quickly gets annoying.

    Good luck TAers.
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    HazeMonsterI believe you are confusing Rock Band with GH. In GH you must strum the first note on a HO or PO. In Rock Band, during the solo, you DO NOT need to strum at all when using the solo buttons. Congrats on the cheev.
    Posted by HazeMonster on 25 Apr 10 at 00:59
    zyxomma100Depends on if you're using the Stratocaster or not. I (and many others) use one of the GH controllers, so we still have to strum notes.
    Posted by zyxomma100 on 14 Feb 11 at 01:14
    HazeMonsterSorry, I should have specified. I edited my solution.
    Posted by HazeMonster on 14 Feb 11 at 05:24
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    16 4 1
    To add to the other solutions, you might want to turn on "Breakneck Speed" under the "Extras" and "Modify Game." I was struggling with this, then I turned this on and got 99% the first time after doing so!

    Also, if you have a Rock Band guitar, use the solo buttons, even if you aren't very good with them. I'm horrible at tapping, yet this is the easiest method i've found so far.

    Oh, and good luck, of course!
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    Mawu711Thank you so much for this tip.. i was missing a lot on the solo but with the speed increased I nailed it instantly.

    Even tho I just unlocked the song and got the achieve 15 min later.. the speed trick helps a ton. Thumbs up!
    Posted by Mawu711 on 01 Jul 12 at 19:01
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