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Practice Makes Perfect

All four band members score 100% notes hit

Practice Makes Perfect0
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How to unlock the Practice Makes Perfect achievement

  • SebastianSBSebastianSB196,425
    15 Nov 2009 15 Nov 2009 14 Jun 2011
    50 2 12
    This achievement is possible to get SOLO!

    Song used: Silver by the Pixies (That's what I used anyway. We Will Rock You should be a good on-disc choice.)

    Difficulty: Super Easy

    Prop up your microphone in front of a fan, the TV speakers, or anything else that makes noise constantly. Set microphone sensitivity to maximum.

    On super easy mode to hit notes on guitar/bass you just have to strum at the right time, and to hit notes on drums you just have to hit any pad (or A/B/X/Y) at the right time. In both cases what note you hit doesn't matter. You don't even have to hold a fret on guitar/bass.

    I set myself up so that I could strum both guitars at the same time while hitting the "A" button on my drums. Aside from the intro I just kept strumming/pressing all three at the same time while following the guitar part on the screen.

    The only parts where the drums/bass have notes and the guitar doesn't are the two segments of the song where you hear rapid, high pitched guitar. In those parts the guitar hits three notes in a row and that is followed by a single drum/bass note.

    WARNING: During the second part of the song that has the fast, high pitched guitar part keep an eye out. At the beginning of one set the guitar goes slightly earlier than the bass. This happens at the 2:20 mark in the video (you can hear me double-strum). Nail that one rough part and you're on the home stretch for unlocking the achievement.

    This video I made will walk you through it:

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    bryan dot exeI've satisfied the achievement requirements twice now, no reward. I played as drummer each time. Band leader each time. Four signed in profiles the second time. Very frustrating.
    Posted by bryan dot exe on 20 Jul 13 at 00:10
    ZilchMassI think only the person that is player 1 gets this achievement. I tried multiple times as drummer/guitar/band leader and it wouldn't pop. Then I made 3 other profiles and signed them in to see if it would work and I noticed only the profile signed in to the first controller got the achievement. Then I switched my main profile to the first controller and it popped first time.
    Posted by ZilchMass on 23 Apr 17 at 19:59
    SpilnerWell it does have the host only flag
    Posted by Spilner on 23 Apr 17 at 20:09
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  • madmankevinmadmankevin404,921
    07 Nov 2009 08 Nov 2009 13 Nov 2009
    22 2 9
    First of all, there is no online mode, so this has to be obtained locally.

    If you have four people that you can gather to work on this, great! Simply pick any song and any difficulties that you want based on what works best for your group. But this guide is written more to help those that can't get four people together...

    If you are like me, getting four Rock Band players together locally might be hard. I was able to get this achievement with a total of two people playing the four instruments! Here is how I obtained this achievement with only two people:

    Put all four instruments on the "super easy" difficulty. I cranked up the sound and put the mic in front of a speaker. 100% vocals. My friend laid both guitars on the floor and strummed away like mad since you don't need to use the fret buttons on "super easy". A well timed strum is all you need. As long as you hit every note on "super easy", you'll be fine and you don't have to worry about the non-note strums you make. Bass/Guitar 100%. For the drums, I turned the foot pedal to automatically hit so I only had to match the beat to the drums. I didn't even have to hit the right note due to the "super easy" difficulty, as long as I hit something to the beat. You can even hit the "A" button on the drums if you need to. Drums 100%.

    FYI- we unlocked this on the dlc song "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" as it's one of the shortest songs in Rock Band.

    I never thought the two of us would get this achievement, so I wanted to post this to prove that it's not only possible, but it's actually rather easy. This may be a basic strategy, but I hope it works for those who can only get one or two extra people together for a local session.

    Good luck!
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    madmankevinI no longer have the game Troodon9999 so I can't test this out for you. If it doesn't allow you to sign in guests, can you quickly make non Xbox Live enabled profiles to get your numbers up to four?
    Posted by madmankevin on 21 Mar 10 at 14:39
    pyr0lyZerThe achievement was glitchy to me, so I wanted to add to these comments in case someone runs across the same issue. I had 2 of my sons help me with this, one of each of them on guitar. They used their profiles. We signed in another profile on my xbox for the vocals. At the end of the song, only the account with the vocals unlocked the achievement!! No one else got it. That account happened to be signed in as "Player 1" (northwest quadrant of the ring). So to test the theory, I signed my profile out (which was "Player 3" - southwest quadrant), and swapped to the vocals on Player 1...after we 100% the song again, the achievement popped! So, it might only pop for the profile signed in as player 1.
    Posted by pyr0lyZer on 09 Aug 11 at 01:13
    ShaneKarmaSeriously this is genius. Can't wait to try it!
    Posted by ShaneKarma on 09 Mar 12 at 08:02
  • Chas HodgesChas Hodges246,453
    08 Feb 2010 08 Feb 2010
    15 4 2
    This is surprisingly easy to do solo.

    Plug in all the instruments.
    Lay a guitar in your lap with another flat against your body so you can grip thumb and fore finger around both strummers.
    Place you left hand on the face buttons of the drum kit.
    Place mic by a fan.
    Load Charlene (Free DLC)
    Select Super Easy difficult for all players.

    As soon as you hear the rhythm for the count in, squeeze the strummers on every beat. It may take a few goes to get comfortable, but you should be able to lock into a sort of pincer grip.
    Now, either do the same with the drum kit, hammering every beat, OR watch the drum lane and hit the A button on each note.

    Got it on my second try.
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    ConkyTh3Puppetthanks for solution. worked like a charm!
    Posted by ConkyTh3Puppet on 15 Nov 10 at 02:03
    ZalexzyI was standing when I did this, used rubber band to keep guitars close together, put my hand between both strummers and steadily moved my hand so strummers went up and down and hit every note.

    Did it with We Will Rock You on disc song as there isn't too many drum notes. Was much easier for me.

    First I tried with charlene but too many drum notes and everything kept me messing up. With We will rock you you don't need to care rhythm.
    Posted by Zalexzy on 17 May 12 at 19:36
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