No-hitter achievement in Assassin's Creed II


Kill 10 enemies while remaining in conflict without being hit.

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How to unlock the No-hitter achievement

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    Use this easy to follow video guide.

    *To note, video was not created by me. I'm merely posting it for everyone to see. =]

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    RostoyaGreat guide.
    Posted by Rostoya On 15 Jan 17 at 20:01
    TheAnonymitythis is a great idea. will try this out.
    Posted by TheAnonymity On 30 Jan 18 at 09:08
    Charlie LimaNice guide. Thanks!
    Posted by Charlie Lima On 18 Jul 18 at 17:54
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    i found the easiest way to get this was to start the peacekeeper assassination contract in florence. the order of the contracts is random, but it shouldn't take you too long to get it. anyway, the mission is to kill 10 guys in 1 minute. they're all in a group, they won't run away and no additional guards will join them so that takes care of the toughest parts of this achievement.

    start out by slashing one with your knife to initiate combat, because if you use your hidden blade, that first guy won't count for some reason. once they focus on you, using your wrist blade is fine so toss a smoke bomb down and start knifing them. you won't be able to get all of them by the time your first smoke bomb wears off so when it does, toss another one down and go right back to it with your hidden blades.

    everything should only take about 15 to 20 seconds and you'll get another achievement.
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    EfinijonWorked like an F'n charm! This was the one achievement giving me fits and this was aa simple and easy as my co workers wife! Jk!
    Posted by Efinijon On 06 Sep 13 at 06:21
    DesmodiaYou sir are a genius! This is a great way to do it. Managed it first time!
    Posted by Desmodia On 16 Sep 17 at 09:13
    benjammin15831st time try! Took 45 second
    Posted by benjammin1583 On 11 Jan 18 at 01:31
  • CyberMartyr88CyberMartyr88329,516
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    I found it easiest to get this achievement once you are on the 'The Cowl Does Not Make The Monk' mission as the guards here don't counter your counters...I'ts not too far in to the game and without giving spoilers, this mission will be available once you have been in an out of Tuscanny a few times for the story-line missions. The mission start is located outside the monastary at the bottom right of the Tuscany map.

    One thing that I think helped me on this achievement was the purchase and use of the Florentine Falchion (sword).

    Once you have accepted the mission, climb on to the monastary roof and listen in to the conversation - which soon becomes aparent that it is your target that you can hear.Wait in Eagle vision for the convo to end, once it ends, your target will start to leave. Identify him through eagle vision then jump down and assassinate him before the guards know whats going on. Once your target is dead; lock on to a guard and throw up your guard. I had exactly ten guards attacking me without even trying to gather them up - however, if you dont have 10 guards there (the monks with swords) - run around to gather more. Here's why this guide is the most easy - simply counter the guards attacks using the Florentine Falchion mentioned above everytime a guard attacks you (You have to press the counter button - hold 'RT' and press 'X' - just as they raise their weapon to attack you). As I mentioned earlier, the guards here don't counter your counters...Counter 10 times and you will have 10 deaths. Simple!
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    GremlinLord615I was signing on to post this! Ha. Great guide! Exactly where I got the achievement. Just block and counter. It was very simple. Thanks! +1
    Posted by GremlinLord615 On 17 Aug 15 at 09:24
    Warboy925++++++++1 from me!!!! OMG it was so easy!!! For some reason, the "mission giver" "gave" me the smoke bombs but I had 0 in I just decided to use my sword and counter....well, I got hit after the 2nd guy, I got a little pissed, and decided to "abort memory", I ended up right outside the abby and redid the mission.....cheevo popped after the 10th guy!!! But instead of escaping to end the mission, I decided to "abort memory" again, redid the fight, and I ended up with..........
    Assassin's Creed IIMesser SandmanThe Messer Sandman achievement in Assassin's Creed II worth 16 pointsStun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face.
    Posted by Warboy925 On 06 Apr 16 at 08:44
    Yep double blade and smoke bombs, no need to even lock on with LT
    Posted on 08 Apr 21 at 15:28
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