Legendary Dark Witch achievement in Bayonetta (Xbox 360)

Legendary Dark Witch

Complete all Chapters on ???? Difficulty.

Legendary Dark Witch+0.3
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How to unlock the Legendary Dark Witch achievement

  • wvu76wvu76338,556
    24 Jan 2010 18 Jan 2010
    111 2 32
    I found another cheap but effective alternative to beat the game on hard and climax. If you beat the game on easy or super easy, it enables you to buy the Immortal Marionette for 100k at the Gates of Hell on higher difficulties. If you enable this for your hard and climax run it will make your life tremendously easier. Basically you just mash Y and it strings together a bunch of combos. You only get half the combo points but so far playing on hard with it enabled is like playing super easy. And yes, you will still get the achievement with this enabled.

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    wvu76Glad to help!
    Posted by wvu76 on 12 Jul 14 at 16:56
    SiRFaPaLoT420This is the whole point of hunting achievements. I’m not above glitching a game if it works the way the developers happend to make it, and the accessory was specifically made so achievement hunters would keep playing the game.
    Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 03 Jun 18 at 09:57
    EthigyStrange you don’t unlock the ability to purchase it for beating the game on normal. Good thing there’s a really OP glitch cause I was not looking forward to playing through two more times.
    Posted by Ethigy on 17 Dec 19 at 19:05
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  • memofoca2memofoca295,599
    13 Oct 2010 17 Feb 2010
    72 5 8
    Another way to beat game on hard and climax is using the Infinite Magic Flute Glitch, basically you set some flutes on left slot of the pad and use it from menu, not the pad; this way you have unlimited flutes doing massive damage to angels and even bosses, your score on combos will always be stone but time and damage will be platinum so you basically get gold every verse.
    And the best thing is is that those flutes used this way doesn`t count towards items used in the verses.
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    The SCHWARTZ 00Best tip by far. Combine this with the Kilgore exploit and some yellow lollipops and Infinite Climax turns into a joke.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 17 Aug 17 at 00:23
    EthigyIncredible find, using this glitch I was able to fly through hard and Climax with ease. Saved me a lot of time.
    Posted by Ethigy on 18 Dec 19 at 02:08
    flubberfudge@The SCHWARTZ 00 Can you tell me more about the Kilgore exploit? I just unlocked it.
    Posted by flubberfudge on 05 Jan at 05:19
  • General JouryGeneral Joury373,742
    09 Apr 2010 10 Apr 2010 14 Jul 2012
    46 5 6
    Non Stop Climax difficulty isn`t as hard as it looks, I completed this difficulty in 4 hours. This was my strategy:

    I created 2 Weapon Sets, Weapon Set 1 had a Light Saber (Don`t know the name) and Odette. Odette lets you walk on lava without getting damaged, so it is very usefull in the first 4 Chapters.
    And the Light Saber is the strongest weapon in the game, you can unlock it in two ways, beat the Game at Climax Difficulty, or use the Cheat. If you have The Light Saber it probably makes the game 3 times easier. Just use the charge attack alot, that means holding Y for a couple of seconds untill the sword gets longer. If you then release the attack it will destroy 3/4 of Gracious/Glorious life.
    For weapon set B I had this: Kulshedra (Whip) and the Bazilions. I only used the Whip when I encountered those flying fish with stun-tails. It will kill those suckers in less then 10 hits and it lets you hit multiple targets at once. The Bazilions are also usefull against flying targets.

    Now the Accesories :
    The Evil Harvest Rosary, is the strongest accesory in the Game, when you dodge an attack, it leaves a purple bomb behind that deals massive damage to enemies, and because Witch Time is disabled, this is one of the best items. There is also an item that automatically recharges your Magic Gauge (Forgot the name), use that one. You can use Torture attacks more often because it recharges two of the segments.

    Now the guide : >[ WARNING SPOILERS ! ]<

    I strongly suggest you have over 25 Little Yellow Lollipops and alot of the Red ones. Seriously, the Lollipops are a God sent item. The Yellow one gives you invincibility for around 30 seconds, in that time you can kill most enemies with the Light Saber. The Red ones will increase your attack power by two, what means Jeanne will be dead in no-time when using those two Lollypops. When you encounter Gracious and Glorious, activate a Yellow Lollipop and charge the Saber. It`ll kill them in two hits. When you encounter those flying Kinships, also use a Lollipop, jump on top of them and Charge, kill them and then quickly jump to the other.

    Guide Fortitudo:

    The Best way to kill the Two-Headed dragon, use a BIG Yellow and a Red Lollipop, keep holding the Y button till it grows, attack him and keep on Slashing. He will eventually destroy the Bridge, but that doesn`t matter because you can walk on Lava with Odette. Just keep using the Lollipops and he will die in no-time.

    Guide Temperantia:

    He will first use one of his hands to hold the rock, Charge up and damage his hand! When you`re in the air when he destroys the rock, keep attacking, you can still Damage him! After both his hands are gone, you have to attack those body-nipples of him, just keep slashing and when he attacks, DODGE, the bomb will damage it as well.
    When you destroyed all of the nipples, his head will come out, use a BIG Yellow and Red Lollipop and first hold Y to charge, then release and keep slashing him, he`s dead in less then a minute.

    Guide Lustitia:

    This one is a pain in the ass, you have to destroy 3/4 of his life on one of his heads. Then you have to walk on his arms towards his head. Dodge the incoming projectile/thingies and just use the Saber slash with the Yellow and Red Lollipops, and one of his various heads will die in no-time. Then you can jump on and reach his body, execute him (slash his tongue in half) and proceed to the next one. Just rinse and repeat and finish him.

    Guide Prudence:

    This one was one of the hardest for me, You first have to destroy the 4 faces on his legs, (Any effective way you want) then you can do a Climax, you must guide him towards the Infernal Demon, he`ll bite his face and expose his weak red spot, attack the spot! Then he will dive underwater, pretend he's Jaws and he will try to bite you, just dodge at the correct timing and you`ll be ok. Just keep attacking his weak red spot on his nose to do another Climax, then he will create a sort of water tornado, just proceed down and try to dodge his Lasers. When you are all the way down, use both the Red and Yellow Lollipops, and attack his red spot. It takes a few attacks before he dies, but he will eventually.

    Guide Jeanne:

    Amazingly hard without Lollipops, so you better have alot of them! First use a little Yellow and Red Lollipop and hold Y. Her health should almost be deminished, just destroy her remaining life. After that, you`ll both be standing on a airborne Missile, just repeat 1st method. When you land on solid ground, use a BIG Yellow and Red Lollipop and try to hit her with the Y slash. It should take a couple hits with it and she will die. Piece of cake.

    Guide Father Balder:

    This one is the easiest so far, by a mile.
    Just use both the Red and Yellow Lollipop and charge the Saber, release it and destroy his remaining life. Do a Climax, and just repeat the method. After that you have to guide the Lipstick-Bullet to his head, pretty easy, as long as you don`t touch the Glass. Once the Bullet hit's his head, it's over for him.

    Guide Jubileus:

    This one is also pretty easy, keep destroying her hair-weapons, and when you destroyed all of the worlds (Lava, Ice and Thunder) You have to use a BIG Yellow and Red Lollipop. When she attacks you with her hands, Charge up! Once she hits you (You will not get any damage due to the Lollipop) release it at her hands, it`ll destroy half of her health.
    When you defeated her, you have to guide her towards and into The Sun.
    Thats was the most annoying part on the game, the camera changes and you will be unable to see the planets, and the gravity will suck you towards any passing planet. My tip is to look at the distance, and see how far the next planet is so you know where to go to avoid it. Then you have to destroy that Big Statue, also very easy but I suggest using a Big Red Lollipop, just try to keep hitting those weak-yellow spots until the statue collapses.

    After that, you`ll see the credits. You have 3 fights to go and they are very easy. It does not matter if you die or kill them!

    Congratulations, you have beaten the Game on Climax.

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment.
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    General JouryThe best weapon for Non Stop Climax when you begin ?
    That would be the Saber, or do you mean something else ?
    Posted by General Joury on 18 Nov 10 at 06:53
    Gokuu LegendFantastic guide, thnx
    Posted by Gokuu Legend on 13 Jul 12 at 06:40
    General JouryGood to hear this still helped someone :)
    Posted by General Joury on 14 Jul 12 at 19:00
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