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Galactic Ruler

Achieve the #1 ranking in Extreme Battle in Super Battle Trial.

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How to unlock the Galactic Ruler achievement

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    I recommend use broly ssj3, adding as much as armor as you can then spam the grab move since the A.I loves sending your attacker straight at you, if you do this correctly you should also be able to use the super move sometimes to get a heavier attack but be careful of charging up since they all love firing random kai, Kamahameha at you.

    Also remember goku may be the hardest there is but if you use my trick then you will eventually defeat him but even if you fail you still can get a Dragonball match sometimes.
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    Zenn P This works. Thumbs up. For those wondering, the grab move Ronnie refers to is SSJ3 Broly's Gigantic Hammer, which is done by moving right on the R-Stick. I alternated between this move and his Gigantic Buster Ultimate. What makes the Gigantic Hammer such a powerful tool is, up close, it hardly ever gets reversed or punished. It also knocks the CPU into the air (after the attack animation) and while they fall toward the canvas, it allows you to charge Ki and set up for another Giga Hammer.

    Just make sure you're close up to the CPU when doing it. Vegeta and Goku were the only 2 opponents who didn't really fight close up, they mostly spammed Big Bang and Kamehameha supers. You can simply side step these and punish with Double Eraser Cannons if needed (Up on R-stick)
    Posted by Zenn P on 05 Mar 14 at 03:33
    ronnie42 Glad to see it worked for you. smile
    Posted by ronnie42 on 05 Mar 14 at 21:27
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