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Mad About Mascots achievement in Encleverment Experiment

Mad About Mascots

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Mad About Mascots0
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How to unlock the Mad About Mascots achievement

  • TheDude722TheDude722
    27 Aug 2012 04 Jul 2012 28 Jul 2018
    I suggest going for the Noodlaire achievement before buying all mascots. Otherwise, you'll be wasting time getting to 1 million noodles all at once after you spent noodles on mascots.
    Encleverment ExperimentNoodlaireThe Noodlaire achievement in Encleverment Experiment worth 94 pointsEarn 1,000,000 Noodles
    There are 60 total mascots in the game. You start out with a few bought already. The rest can be bought for a certain amount of noodles (earned by playing games: your final score X 10 = noodles earned).

    You will need a total of 1,485,000 noodles to buy every mascot.

    However, there are 40 mascots that are locked from being bought until you meet special criteria.

    Each of these criteria will unlock 4 mascots that can be bought:
    - win a multiplayer game
    - steal 500 points in one game **
    - win a multiplayer game without stealing points ***
    - win an online game between 12AM and 6AM (change your console's time zone if you have to)
    - win 20 standard games (single player Game Shows only)
    - play 20 Take-a-Test games (you'll get this while going for the High Marks achievement)
    - beat all Game Show opponents (this is the Quiz Master achievement)
    - perfect Game Show round: Welcome to the Jumble *
    - perfect Game Show round: Copy Cat *
    - perfect Game Show round: Herd Today Gone Tomorrow *

    * a perfect Game Show round = get 500 points in a round by 1) answer first AND correctly on all 5 turns in a round (these will piss you off because even the dumb AI buzz in first now and then) or if the AI buzzes in first and gets it wrong then you can buzz in and get it right; and/or 2) if you don't buzz first, hope the AI answers wrong, then buzz and answer correctly
    ** to steal 500 points in one game, in the final round of a game, get all 5 turns correct before the other player(s) do
    *** to win without stealing points: 1) have more than 1000 point lead going into the last round, then don't buzz in (for a real game, not boosting); or 2) have ALL other player(s) answer incorrectly all 5 turns while you have the lead
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    darkling1542I got the perfect game show round while being slower with a question but i still won it because the AI got it wrong. So don't have to be first just have to win all.
    Posted by darkling1542 on 22 Nov 17 at 15:37
    TheDude722Nice to know. Thanks.
    Posted by TheDude722 on 22 Nov 17 at 22:53
    A BANNED CRIBBI can confirm what Darkling said. To summarize, you simply need 500 points in a round. Right after you get your 500 points, thus ending the round, there will be a notification on the top of the screen alerting you that you unlocked a mascot.

    Thanks Dude for all the info about this achievement. Thumbs Up from me!
    Posted by A BANNED CRIBB on 27 Dec 17 at 08:52
    GrooweyI would love to get remaining achievements for this game. Anyone available for online match? Please msg me.
    Posted by Groowey on 06 May 20 at 12:57
    TheDude722Encleverment Experiment Boost

    check out that list and ask one of them if they will
    Posted by TheDude722 on 06 May 20 at 18:39
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