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22 Nov 20
31 Jan 21

You Saw Nothing achievement in Tropico 3

You Saw Nothing

Arrange 15 "Accidents" in one game

You Saw Nothing0
17 January 2021 - 4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the You Saw Nothing achievement

  • Inglorious YogiInglorious Yogi80,258
    21 Feb 2010 30 Mar 2010 04 Jun 2010
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    Firstly, you need to have secret police to be able to arrange "Accidents" you can do this by issuing the Secret Police Edict and transforming a building into the secret police hq. There is an acheivement relating to this and a good guide telling how to do it. Once you've established your force its time to get to work.

    You can create an accident by choosing an individual citizen and scrolling to the menu that allows bribery, execution, etc.
    and choosing the "Arrange An Accident" option.

    The problem with "Accidents" is that they can take a VERY long time to occur. Longest I've had is about 15 years later. After you establish a decent economy and a growing population rate just keep arranging "Accidents" until you get this acheivement.

    Edit: One way to speed this up appears to be to demolish the existing Secret Police and build a new one. (credit to The Globalizer)

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    DawkieYou can also speed this up by just firing the current secret police the new workforce will have the same effect as making a whole new secret police
    Posted by Dawkie on 04 Jan 11 at 11:14
    SyntrWow, I demolished the Secret Police HQ, and a glitch happened. All the number went Ape-shit. My population went from 400ish to 1830, I had roughly $1,500,000 now it's -$2,880,265, the election I was in wigged out to 775 votes to 916...
    Posted by Syntr on 08 May 12 at 19:44
    JodmeisterI'll second the suggestion by Dawkie; firing the secret police annually and hiring new ones gets this achievement quickly. Set the pay of the secret police to really high to recruit them straight away.
    Posted by Jodmeister on 17 Aug 12 at 23:51
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  • MadZacharyMadZachary106,925
    07 Nov 2010 08 Nov 2010 08 Nov 2010
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    This is a tricky achievement, but there is a way to get "accidents" to happen quickly and consistently if you understand how they work. Accidents have to happen at the target's home, which they don't visit all that often or for very long. The police also have to be in the house waiting for the target when they get there, which means they need time to get to the residence once the target starts heading there.

    So, the way to go about it is to set up your secret police building (e.g. a restaurant) in a spot with a bit of room nearby, then build 2 country houses right next to it. I recommend country houses because then you're killing uneducated workers that can be easily replaced.

    Once your buildings are set, watch the people who move in to the houses and mark them one-by-one to have an accident. It can still take a little while as the targets go about their work/food/church schedule, but you'll have it done in just a few years as long as there are new residents to move in. This method got me the achievement in less than 20 minutes.

    Note: you may need to adjust your immigration settings as you work on this achievement to get more people moving in to the "unlucky" houses.
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    JimmyTheKidd02This is the best advise here for this cheevo! Did exactly as you suggested and I had this within 5 minutes!

    Posted by JimmyTheKidd02 on 24 Oct 11 at 14:03
    JimmyTheKidd02One thing I did different was actually select the house and then select each or the residents from there instead of waiting for them to come & go! Much faster.
    Posted by JimmyTheKidd02 on 24 Oct 11 at 14:04
    Vor Calv 06There is an edict that makes the secret police more efficient 20% if I remember right. Esther this has any effect on them carrying out there duties or not is a different matter. It something to do with wire taping so its probable they'll know when there in if there bugging them so they might carry out there delightful duties quicker. ?????? Comment back coz I haven't done 50%yet an that's one that's missing.
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 21 Aug 12 at 19:09
  • JayourJayour909,542
    23 Nov 2010 04 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
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    For this achievement it's a good idea to build up a decent island, so play a sandbox game and make it as easy as possible, you want to do things like, set the terrain to flat, random events to none, vegetation to high etc.

    By the time you're going for this achievement the chances are you'll have played a few games of this and have an idea on how to set up a decent island so I won't go into loads of detail but here's some basics.

    Create a few tobacco farms, when you can afford it build a school to educate your workers, build a cigar factory and from there keep expanding, keep growing your economy, keep your population happy so they don't throw you out.

    Now, this may all sound long winded for an achievement which says; "in one game" but just disregard that, even once the the timer has run out you can choose to "keep playing" and keep working toward this achievement.

    Before you go for this achievement you might want to make a separate game save so that once you've got this achievement you can go back and work on another without having to keep setting your island up! (Be aware of the saving glitch though, see here; Tropic 3 Crash)

    Now, in case you haven't done so already you need to establish a secret police for this achievement, to do so you need to build a police station and for this method it's a good idea to build one in amongst a whole bunch of housing, once your police station is built, activate the "Secret Police" edict and then when it asks you to place a HQ for them pick the police station you just built.

    Now go around and keep selecting citizens and you'll be able to arrange for them to have an accident, without emptying your treasury do this to as many citizens as your comfortably can afford, the more the better. Keep doing this until you get the achievement, make as many saves as you want, just keep using that second save you made earlier and keep an eye on your population count, you don't wanna spend an hour on this achievement just to go and corrupt your save!

    It might take what feels like forever but you will eventually get the achievement!

    Right, just in case anyone was wondering why you should use this set up I'm going to explain a bit below.

    Why should I build up a stable economy and keep my population happy?;
    You want a strong economy so that once you go for this achievement you can just sit back and keep letting the money roll in, I was getting 120k+ per freighter export, this is also why you want a happy population, it's no good getting everything set up just to get overthrown at the last stage, you want it so you can just sit back and do nothing but focus on this achievement!

    Why should the secret police be amongst a bunch of housing?;
    Because accidents can only happen when the person is at home, having your secret police right in among a bunch of homes will make the chances of them being able to get in arrange the accident while they're at home that little bit higher!

    Right, that's all I have for you! Good luck going for this, just be patient, it will unlock eventually!
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