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22 Nov 20
31 Jan 21

Curse of the Llama achievement in Tropico 3

Curse of the Llama

Survive 10 Hurricanes and Earthquakes

Curse of the Llama+0.1
23 January 2021 - 3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Curse of the Llama achievement

  • Necromancer2k8Necromancer2k8585,182
    14 Jan 2010 14 Jan 2010
    32 1 22
    I agree with MastaGus on using the Cursed Island campaign mission. What I will do is give a bit more detailed information on making it somewhat easier to get done.

    As a major side note, save after every event you get. I ended up with roughly 15 different saves on this one game.

    1st thing is to make sure you set all your avatar attributes to something to help increase farming (speed & production). On your initial start go and create 4 tobacco farms just above and to the right of the palace (you can see the darker green section and throw the 4 in a general circle putting each farm near the outside corners so they farm the middle green sections). This will get you a pretty good steady flow of cash to build up stuff to keep people happy enough while you go through the 25-40 years it will take for this cheevo. Make sure to connect the 4 farms to the main road leading to the palace so the teamsters can get the stuff to the dock quicker.

    Next thing is to make an immigration office (making sure you have enough cash not to go into a nagative balance, make sure to have around 3-4k left after its built) and set it to open door as soon as possible. Just hire 1 foreign HS person for it initially. By this time you should have had your 1st event (I had mine in 1953) and possibly lost 1 or 2 things. Replace what you lost (if needed) and at the earliest chance (without going into negative cash flow) put an armory next to the palace and hire at least 2 foreign generals to defend since your approval ratings will be in the toilet.

    At this point throw down another tobacco farm and possibly 1-2 more corn fields. I increased all farmers only wages to 7 to make sure they stayed filled and busy. By the 8th year (and my 2nd event - 1957) I was pulling around 15-30k average per freighter

    Once your around 110-125 people close up tropico to foreigners and just work on building up the infrastructure.

    Once your around 1960 you should be pulling in good amounts of money and now you will start putting down apartments, some small entertainment and at least 1 clinic & church (hire people for them or build a high school and train people to fill in the spots). Doing this will allow you to make sure people don't hate you too much and try and boot you out of office by rebellion or uprising.

    I only suggest doing this initially since you will need to have a good flow of income to get to the 1975 or so needed (without a coup, rebellion, etc) to get the 10 events.

    I'm not making a big deal about housing, entertainment or religion for the 1st 7-10 years since I didn't make a difference to me either time I went through the senario with the above method.

    Once you hit around 1962 you should have had your 3rd event
    (I had my 3rd at 1960 but it is completely random as I will explain below) and now the fun part starts. This is where you will get bored but this is the best and easiest method I have found.

    Starting around 1964 make sure your generating a large positive cash flow and you have a good amount of the general buildings done and being used (apartments, high school, possibly a college, 2 clinics, at least 2 teamster offices, 2 restaurants, 1 church and possibly a cathedral) and an above average military/police presence since your not going to be doing much to mess with your city after this. Guard towers are handy as well to put near the farms you built since that is where the rebels will more then likely go to start trouble.

    When your all set with this you will start running the 3 year saving/reload game. If you do not have your 4th event by the end of 1967 reload your saved game. You will have this main save done with at least 3 events and all your above stuff built so you don't need to mess with anything at all when you reload it. Keep doing this until your get an event. Once the event hits (no more then 3 years after this main save) replace any buildings and then save it again. I ended up getting events in 64, 66, 67, 70, 71, 74 & 76 to get the cheevo (it popped as soon at the 10th event started for me).

    You may not need to do as much as I put above but it made things easier since I could let it run 3 years and not need to worry about doing anything except wait for the event.

    Hope this helps and since the game is really random, things may be different for you but this worked the 2 times I did this.

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    zoidberg1339Haha, finally got one in 1998 and that was the 10th!

    FUCK YEA 1000g
    Posted by zoidberg1339 on 18 Feb 14 at 02:02
    LGS I HitmanI finished with 12 only ever saving after i got a disaster.
    Posted by LGS I Hitman on 28 Aug 16 at 17:04
    Sebastien2018J'ai eu le dernier en octobre 2027 sans recharger ma partie.
    I got the last one in oct 2027 without reloading my game.
    Posted by Sebastien2018 on 28 Sep 20 at 09:05
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  • SSCPSSCP837,442
    01 Sep 2010 01 Oct 2010
    8 2 2
    The 10 are not accumulative over multiple playthroughs, they all need to be got whilst playing 1 scenario

    This seems the best done on The Cursed Island as there are quite a few diasters that occur.

    Start out building your island as normal,attempting to get a stable economy and your people fairly happy. Then wait for you first disaster (usually after a couple of years.If it doesnt occur restart your scenario)
    Rebuild the destroyed buildings and then save your game,if the 2nd hasnt happened after 3-4 years reload your previous save and keep doing this untill your achievement unlocks. I was unable to load my saves for some reason as it kept crashing my xbox. And it took me many hours to get 10 in 1 go.
    I have been told by a friend that the reloading save does work as the events are random. There are a couple of options you have during the course of this scenario that will guarentee ( supposedly) earthquakes/hurricanes. But i never really noticed a change.

    A Voodoo woman approachs you,trying to lift the curse - Kick her off the island
    A group of extremists believe the end of the world will start from your island - Settle them to your island

    There were other choices but cant remember them off the top of my head
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    SSCPIt does work, but this achievement is annoying. I spent along time on this as like i said in the solution as my save wouldnt load. Have you tried waiting a little while longer for your first to occur? What is actually the problem you are having?
    Posted by SSCP on 17 Feb 12 at 12:58
    kirchroa rjcoke thnx for the solution i works good now it takes some time you need to reload every 3 years your save game if you dont have a earthquake or hurican otherwise its gonna be hard
    Posted by kirchroa rjc on 20 Feb 12 at 00:31
  • AngelBubblesAngelBubbles56,009
    23 Jan 2021 23 Jan 2021 23 Jan 2021
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    I followed the tips and directions from those that came before me, and they worked for the most part.

    One major tip I would give for this achievement would be to follow the 3 year/reload method. However, I found a couple times that reloading after 3 years wasn't enough, and I was only able to move on once I gave up. I highly recommend reloading only to a certain point, don't stress yourself out or overdo it. I reloaded at least 20 times after both 66 and 70. Not worth it. Start upping the increments after a while; just make sure that you have 7 events logged by 70ish, that way you have 20 years to get your last 3, you'll need the breathing room.

    53, 54, 57, 59,
    66, 70, 70
    76, 82

    Most of my events early on were triggered at the beginning of the year, during January. Later on I got a couple hurricanes, alternating with earthquakes. At some point you get to reinforce your buildings during construction, but until then its pretty pointless to build garages. They basically Insta collapse during earthquakes.
    Later on most of my events were triggered after July.

    Use the top area to build tobacco fields, build several cigar factories, scatter pineapple and coffee farms in the lower fields, and build several canneries.
    After a certain point you'll be able to snowball your economy into massive gains from your industries, so don't be afraid to upp wages for uneducated workers a dollar at a time during elections, doing that is almost certain to turn an election for you.
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