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Accomplished Dictator achievement in Tropico 3

Accomplished Dictator

Lead 10 different islands to prosperity in Campaign mode

Accomplished Dictator+0.1
24 January 2021 - 2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

How to unlock the Accomplished Dictator achievement

  • Dancing RobDancing Rob152,532
    10 Sep 2011 14 Sep 2011
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    Noticed there is no solution as yet, so I've a very general guide on how to complete most of the campaign missions.

    1 - pick a suitable El Presidente for the mission

    eg If it's an oil based campaign, select oil tycoon. If it's a tourism based campaign, select travel agent.

    Hardworking / Entrepreneur / Diplomat are generally decent traits to have

    Cheapskate / Womaniser / Flatulent are all decent flaws to take, with little drawback

    2 - Begin by getting a cash generating crop going

    The exact crop will vary from island to island, but mines (iron / bauxite / gold) are relatively cheap and easy to start with, as are coffee / sugar / tobacco farms. Check using the overlays tab to find your best option.

    3 - Build a high school

    The most important step of all. You can't develop industry / a middle class without one. You'll usually have a high school educated islander who will become the first teacher, so don't worry about hiring a foreigner (but check the almanac to make sure)

    4 - Start an industry

    Time to start making some money. Build a suitable industrial building, depending on which cash crop you have gone for. Rum Distillery / Cannery / Cigar Factory / Jewellery Factory are all good options.

    At this stage, you'll also want a diplomatic ministry to keep the US / Soviets off your back, and depending on the map, an immigration office may also be useful.

    Around this time, you'll also want to build a church to keep the religious happy. Ideally, you can also issue the 'USSR development Aid' edict to give you a discount on housing, and then build a few tenements / apartments to keep the people happy.

    5 - Build your defences

    By this stage, you'll probably have some stroppy rebels and / or a coup looking likely. Increase the wages of your soldiers, and build a college. You'll then usually need to hire a college graduate from abroad. As soon as the college is complete, build an armory, and a couple of guard posts which should prevent any immediate dangers. An Army base and the 'military modernisation' edict will then pretty much guarantee your long term safety, and allow you to go on and win the game

    6 - General points

    Pay your builders / dockers well, as them going missing is a bad thing.

    Make sure you have enough garages available, so you don't have resources left untransported

    As a food guideline, 1 farm / ranch / fishery per 50 people isn't a bad start. Remember any 'extras' will be exported, so you aren't wasting anything.

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    LastikThis is a strategy that will do you good on just about all campaign islands (well it has so far with me though I've done only 6 islands so far). I would just like to add a couple of things:

    -Like Dancing Rob said, it's important to set up a cash flow early on with the farms mentioned and the mines. There's however advantages and disavantages to both though, farms can be built on just about any island but it will take some years before they start cashing in (the crops got to mature). The mines on the other hand start producing imediatly but not every island has ore deposits, thus the overlay is your best friend throughout the game.

    -There's a trait that gives you a free diplomatic ministry. While you might not have college workers to staff it (I think) at the beginning of the game, you only actually need to build it to enact the USSR development edict. It's a good way to cut the housing prices right at the start of the game.

    -Never, EVER ask what happened to Antepenultimo. Penultimo doesn't like that one bit :P

    Happy regimes people ;)
    Posted by Lastik on 30 Sep 11 at 23:22
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  • Rusty Nail zhRusty Nail zh1,013,644
    08 Feb 2013 04 Feb 2013
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    I had a lot of troubles with the Viva Tropico mission. But I used below video guide and I really learned how to be "El Presidente"!
    There are videos for all campaign missions. If you get stuck on one, just take your time and watch the videos. More important are the comments, he writes now and then.

    (Credit goes to laojze from
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