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Into the space in-between spaces

Complete all Bonus Levels in Skull 3 Hub.

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How to unlock the Into the space in-between spaces achievement

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    04 Jul 2013 01 Jul 2013
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    This level entrance is the cave in the cliff face just below the starting area. You'll need the Ugha Warrior to get inside. Climb the rope or slide down it from the starting area. Jump over to the ledge on the left. Throw a spear into each of the sockets flanking the doorway. Then hang on each spear to lower the spikes blocking the entrance.

    The entrance to this Bonus Level is found on the island in the lily pad pool just below the large UFO. You'll need a female character to high-jump onto the roof of the little building. Pick up the LEGO head and place it on the green plate on the side of the building to open the door.

    Use Ugha Digger and head for the area near the top of the map between the 2 stone bridges. Dig up the ruined stone circle to open the level entrance.

    This level's entrance is located near the start of the Jeep Race and the stone circle at the bottom right edge of the map. Use either female character to jump up onto the ledge above the door and pull the lever to open it.

    You'll need a female character plus the Ugha Warrior to get into this Bonus Level. Swim or drive the Car Boat around to the far left side of the map. Climb out on the wooden dock below the cave. Throw a spear into each of the sockets on the wall. Then use the girl character to jump up to the cave. If you like, she can punch the ladder to extend it so the other character can climb up, but this isn't strictly necessary, since you get new characters inside the level anyway.

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 3 – Super Bonus Level
    After completing all Treasure and Bonus Levels, you will have collected 10 Artifacts. These can be found in a circle surrounding the spaceship on the upper right side of the hub map. Smash the golden treasure chests to turn them into piles of LEGO pieces. Use these to repair the large UFO and then walk up the gangplank to enter the Super Bonus Level.

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  • GunflameGunflame461,844
    22 Jun 2018 25 Jun 2018
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    Hey everyone, have a video showing how to get 100% on the third skull hub overworld, and it includes the achievements They were Archaeologists!, Into the space between spaces, Do svidanya Dr Jones, and What are they Spacemen? Hope the video helps!
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