Get on, Gramps! achievement in LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2

Get on, Gramps!

Unlock all of the vehicles in the game. (Single Player Only)

Get on, Gramps!0
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How to unlock the Get on, Gramps! achievement

  • Will072Will072269,045
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    Here is a list of all the vehicles available to purchase in the game, their areas and how much they cost. Some have certain requirements for them to appear such as completing races in other vehicles and levels or they need to be uncovered.

    Skull Hub 1:

    - Tricycle (5,000 studs)
    - Motorbike (20,000)
    - Army Jeep (30,000)
    - Hotrod (30,000)
    - Ice Cream Van (30,000)
    - Fridge Car (35,000)
    - Fire Truck (40,000)
    - Sabre Jet (250,000)

    Skull Hub 2:

    - Jungle Cutter (5,000)
    - Bicycle (7,000)
    - Bus (15,000)
    - Motorbike (20,000)
    - Nazca Drifter (25,000)
    - Nazca Racer (25,000)
    - Army Jeep (30,000)
    - Biplane (250,000)

    Skull Hub 3:

    - Car Boat (5,000)
    - Blue Motorbike (15,000)
    - Green Motorbike (15,000)
    - Civilian Jeep (20,000)
    - Ice Cream Van (30,000)
    - Jungle Jeep (30,000)
    - UFO Ride (250,000)

    Raiders Of The Lost Ark:

    - Snowmobile (15,000)
    - Blue Speedboat (20,000)
    - Green Speedboat (20,000)
    - Army Jeep (30,000)
    - U-Boat 26 (30,000)
    - Biplane (100,000)
    - Passenger Jet (100,000)
    - Flying Wing (250,000)

    The Temple Of Doom:

    - Scooter (20,000)
    - Tuk Tuk (20,000)
    - Rickshaw (25,000)
    - Short Round's Car (30,000)
    - Junk Boat (35,000)
    - Tractor (35,000)
    - Lao Che's Plane (100,000)
    - Stunt Plane (100,000)

    The Last Crusade:

    - Bike 'n Side (5,000)
    - Gondola (10,000)
    - Green Speedboat (25,000)
    - Venice Speedboat (25,000)
    - Army Jeep (30,000)
    - Staff Car (40,000)
    - Tank (50,000)
    - Biplane (100,000)
    - Zeppelin (100,000)

    If you have any questions about a particular vehicle, please let me know.

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    GodLike499You should add to your guide that some of these vehicles can be unlocked with cheat codes:
    BiPlane - 7VLKAF
    Stunt Plane - RM3E84
    Rolls-Royce: Phantom - BC5PTY
    Hot Rod - YLG2TN
    Alien - PXT4UP

    I found these at I don't know of there are others out there.
    Posted by GodLike499 on 31 Dec 19 at 01:38
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  • AParretteAParrette64,754
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    Raiders of the Lost Ark Hub:
    Army Jeep (30,000) - Dig the car up to the right of the second level.
    Passenger Jet (100,000) - Dig up the snow blocking the plane near the bar.
    Snowmobile (15,000) - From the bar go down the stairs and to the left, at the building use a guard to open the gate.
    Biplane (100,000) - Fly or swim to the top right island with an explosives character to destroy the chains holding it down.
    U-Boat 26 (30,000) - On the bottom right island use explosives to blow up the crate, smash the objects and take the key to the switch on the left, turn it and the boat appears in the water.
    Flying Wing (250,000) - Enter the military camp by using the Staff of Ra.
    Blue Speedboat (20,000) - Throw spears into the crane on the top right island to release parts to build an engine for the boat.
    Green Speedboat (20,000) - Same as the Blue Speedboat.

    Temple of Doom Hub:
    Junk Boat (35,000) - On a dock on the beach to the bottom left of the map, not to be confused with the super bonus ship.
    Stunt Plane (100,000) - Use a vehicle to activate the switch by the plane.
    Short Round's Car (30,000) - In the first area after doing the first level.
    Rickshaw (25,000) - Use a spanner to fix this vehicle in the first area.
    Scooter (20,000) - Win the plane race and then go to the right side of the bridge.
    Lao Che's Plane (100,000) - Use explosives to release the chains holding down the plane.
    Tractor (35,000) - Use explosives to destroy the gate on the pen in the village on the left side of the map.
    Tuk Tuk (20,000) - Win the Tractor race in the village and it will appear in the village.

    The Last Crusade Hub:

    Gondola (10,000) - On the small dock on the first area, the area at the bottom of a staircase.
    Venice Speedboat (25,000) - In the area where the road starts to the right.
    Green Speedboat (25,000) - In the middle of the river near the town.
    Bike 'n' Side (5,000) - After the second level buy it next to the building with the moat.
    Army Jeep (30,000) - Complete the Bike 'n' Side race on the right entrance to the building with a moat and then it is in front of the super bonus area.
    Staff Car (40,000) - Use the guard door to the left of the super bonus area on the road.
    Tank (50,000) - After the fourth level it appears on the top left island.
    Zeppelin (100,000) - To the left of the third level decipher the hieroglyphics.
    Biplane (100,000) - On the top left island use explosives on the weights on the red platform, turn the wheel a few times and the plane can be purchased.

    The Crystal Skull 1 Hub:

    Tricycle (5,000) - In the building near the start, the building has a sign with a female character on it.
    Hotrod (30,000) - Purchase near the ladder going up to the roof after the Cafe level.
    Motorbike (20,000) - Purchase near the building with the television sign after the Vehicle level.
    Fire Truck (40,000) - Fix the garage on the gas station and go inside.
    Sabre Jet (250,000) - Fix the runway in the open army base.
    Army Jeep (30,000) - With General Ross (Bazooka) blow up the locked door at the top of the open army base.
    Ice Cream Van (30,000) - Use Russian Digger to dig up a mole to the right of the closed army base, whack all the moles and then go to the gas station.
    Fridge Car (35,000) - Use Russian Digger to dig up the fridge across from the house with the television sign.

    The Crystal Skull 2 Hub:

    Bus (15,000) - Near the plane where you start.
    Motorbike (20,000) - At the right at the start, near a water tank.
    Jungle Cutter (5,000) - Unlocked in Story when you build it with Marion.
    Army Jeep (30,000) - Near the super bonus area's entrance.
    Biplane (250,000) - Use a bazooka character to blow up the chains holding down the plane.
    Nazca Drifter (25,000) - Complete the Raft Race at the top of the hill above the tents and it respawns on the LEGO man's outline's head.
    Nazca Racer (25,000) - Same as Nazca Drifter.
    Bicycle (7,000) - Collect all 10 treasure chests and go to the super bonus area to build and buy it.

    The Crystal Skull 3 Hub:

    Car Boat (5,000) - After the first level, walk to the left.
    Green Motorbike (15,000) - To the left of the four obelisks at the bottom of the map.
    Blue Motorbike (15,000) - At the top of the slope on the left of the map.
    Civilian Jeep (20,000) - Go down from where the raft respawns.
    Jungle Jeep (30,000) - At the bottom right of the map, left of four obelisks.
    Ice Cream Van (30,000) - Complete the Jungle Jeep race and it will be to the left of the super bonus area.
    UFO Ride (250,000) - On the bottom right, in the middle of four obelisks.

    I do not own, or pretend to own any information above, any information posted above by me is to be used only to help this community and for no other purpose. The original thread can be found here: along with the original author "KindredPOKER" a currently inactive member on x360a. Any questions please feel free to send me a pm, I am glad to help in any way that I can.
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    Hey everyone, here's a playlist for all the hubs 100% completion. If you do all hubs 100% you will get Obtainer of rare antiquities, you know how to fly don't you, Now you're getting nasty, and Get on Gramps. There are 6 hubs, and they vary from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. If there are certain hubs you need, just check out that particular video. Hope it all helps!
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