The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

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The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

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Ned's Undead, Baby

Actually kill Ned

Ned's Undead, Baby0
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This achievement will unlock if you join the game of someone who has already earned it.

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  • ZendelaiZendelai53,139
    25 Jan 2010 26 Jan 2010
    55 0 0
    Just a little advice for those having difficulty with Undead Ned.
    I could give you the general advice of shoot for his head, having some healing kits, etc. etc., but this is what really helped me.
    I died when I was fighting Undead Ned, and it spawned me at the top around where I killed Dr. Ned. When I was going down to where Undead Ned is, I fell until I was one level above where Ned was. It's pretty hard to miss this as you fall through a fairly small area to fight Ned. From this vantage point, I could easily get head shots on Undead Ned, and yet he couldn't hit me at all. I took him down in about a minute while standing there but he couldn't do any damage to me.
    Hope that helps, and happy achievement hunting!
  • The Major GMThe Major GM161,838
    24 Nov 2009 24 Nov 2009 08 Dec 2009
    48 5 3
    ** SPOILER WARNING** (though im sure most dont care)

    to add a little more detail to Kouerson's "Solution", these two achievements are for killing doctor ned (1g) and his zombie version(49g).you fight both one after the other at the end of the zombie island DLC. i got this within a few can just rush the missions you get involving dr. ned and avoid side missions to speed the process further.

    killing things in borderlands is simple enough just point and shoot, neither of the bosses have special critical zones other than their heads.if you're level 50 playing on playthrough one you shouldnt have any difficulty.

    though if you are having trouble bare this in mind.

    - playing with friends will make it easier (unless your friends are retards and many levels lower than you)
    - if you have completed one playthrough when asked to load playthrough 1 or 2 selecting 1 will make it easier (enemies are lower levels. and the loot/money isnt as good).

    SomersetTerror has mentioned a possible glitch:

    "I was playing spilt screen with a friend (two different profiles don't know if that matters) and we fought Ned together.
    I got the achievement ned's undead, while the other player got night of living Ned achievement. We playthrough again on play1 and neither of us can unlock the other achievement while I know that I personally have killed live Ned twice and undead Ned twice
    I am about to try with another character on the same profile. Will let you know if that unlocks it but if it does then the achievements will be out of order. Alittle worried about that :("

    Many Thanks to ConvictedGreek who has a solution for the above glitch (it is in the comments but for convenience i moved it here).

    "i have a way to fix that glitch the same happend to me. All you have to do is save in pandora, exit out and then reload your save. After that teleport to jacobs cove and it should just give you the achievements right there =) but only do this in single player."
  • South Park TFBWSouth Park TFBW400,802
    04 Oct 2012 07 Oct 2012
    20 0 0
    Going by the main story,this is the tenth and final mission of the DLC.Here's a list of the missions before this-
    1)Welcoming Committee
    2)Is The Doctor In?
    3)House of the Ned
    4)There May Be Some Side Effects...
    5)Secrets and Mysteries
    6)Jakobs Fodder
    7)Hitching A Ride
    8)A Bridge Too Ned
    9)Night of the Living Ned
    **************10)Ned's undead, baby, Ned's undead***********
    Dr. Ned killed... again: 0/1
    *This DLC took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete
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