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Solid Gold in The Saboteur

Solid Gold107 (50)

Complete all gold level perks.

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Posted on 17 August 11 at 21:00, Edited on 06 May 17 at 10:46
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A quick tip before you read on, you have a free perk unlock for a silver and gold perk of your choice. I suggest using them on Mechanics unless you plan on collecting every type of vehicle in the game. Using the free perk unlocks does NOT disable the achievement.

*As pointed out by Jayour, this achievement is missable if you kill all generals before getting the "Brawling III - Grim Reaper" perk.*

This map should prove useful while going for the perks:
*link broken, not found a replacement yet. If you find one please comment, thanks!*

Complete Perks Guide:

Brawling I - Fightin' Irish

Objective - Knockout 2 Nazi's.
Reward - Unlock 'Haymaker' attack.

How: Just hold cn_RT and hit cn_A, cn_X or cn_B to attack someone.

Brawling II - Sucker Punch

Objective - Execute 10 stealth kills from behind.
Reward - Unlock 'Sucker Punch' attack.

How: Sneak (hold cn_LB) behind a nazi and hit cn_Y or cn_X when prompted.

Brawling III - Grim Reaper

Objective - Stealth kill 5 generals. - MISSABLE
Reward - Unlock 'Touch of Death' attack.

How: Sneak up behind 5 generals and hit cn_Y or cn_X when prompted.

Hardware I - Gunslinger

Objective - Kill 5 Nazi's using bullets.
Reward - Reduced recoil for automatic weapons.

How: Kill 5 nazi's with guns.

Hardware II - War of Terror

Objective - Kill 5 Terror Squad Nazi's.
Reward - Unlock .44 Pistol in the shop.

How: You should get this by doing story missions, or you could raise the alarm up to 4/5 to encounter some. These guys are the big ones who carry Terror Shotguns/MG/Flamethrowers and can take more damage before dying.

Hardware III - Paint the Town Red

Objective - Destroy a Zeppelin and a Wulf tank during the same Nazi alarm.
Reward - Unlock Panzershrek in the shop.

How: Progress through the story until you get the Siegfaust Mk2 or the Panzershrek (Perk reward). Its also a good idea to have the Terror Scoped Rifle (Perk reward) with the full 200 ammo.
Now you need to find an AA gun of some sorts, preferably on a rooftop. Take control of the gun and raise the alarm. Use the AA gun to take out Zeppelins and when Wulf tanks appear at alarm level 5, take one out with the Siegfaust Mk2 or the Panzershrek. Make sure you hit though.
Warboy925 recommends doing this with the AA gun on the SW corner of the big building in Palais Royal.

Pystynen gives us his take on completing this perk:
Enter a wulf tank, get an alarm going and blow up the tank. Next drive with alarm on (should not be too much a problem with lvl 1 or 2) to a location you know has anti-air gun and blow up a zeppelin.

Sniping I - Marksman

Objective - Kill 5 Nazi's with a sniper scope.
Reward - Reduced drift while using a scoped rifle.

How: When you get a scoped rifle, kill 5 nazi's with it.

Sniping II - Eagle Eye

Objective - Score 15 headshots using a sniper scope.
Reward - Reduced recoil while using a scoped rifle.

How: Use a scoped rifle to kill 15 nazi's with headshots.

Sniping III - Longshot

Objective - Score 10 'Double Kills' using a sniper scope.
Reward - Unlock Terror Scoped Rifle in the shop.

How: Line up 2 nazi's that are standing close together and shoot them with a scoped rifle. If you do it right one bullet will kill both.

Explosives I - Cheap Thrill

Objective - Kill 10 Nazi's using grenades.
Reward - Carry additional grenades.

How: Kill 10 nazi's using grenades. Does not have to be 10 at once.

Explosives II - More Bang For Your Buck

Objective - Kill 5 Nazi's in one explosion.
Reward - All explosives half price.

How: This should not be any trouble. Just look for groups of 5.
An easy way is to rig a car with explosives and drive it into a group of enemies. Checkpoint bridges usually have 5 guards on every side.

Explosives III - A Real Hellion

Objective - Kill 10 Nazi's in 10 seconds with RDX or dynamite.
Reward - No knockdown from explosions.

How: Can be a bit tricky.
When you get the book burning mission from Margot (Ma on the map), rig a car with explosives and drive it into the large number of nazi's. You might even be able to sneak up behind them and plant a bomb on the ground (i never did that).

It can also be obtained on the mission 'Loose Lips' where you are sent to kill an ex-girlfriend turned nazi informant and collect a locket. Disguise yourself as a Nazi and slowly walk around planting bombs in the crowd in front of the stage. After you have placed a few bombs, get to a safe distance and set them off. You need to have done the perk 'Sabotage III - Urban Renewal' to plant bombs without being suspicious.

If you have progressed past those missions you could look for places with at least 10 nazi's that are not too far from each other. An example of that is yellow checkpoint bridges (shorter bridge is better). Just rig RDX on the outside of 2-3 cars and place them close to the soldiers, then take another car to go through the chechpoint and do the same on the other side. Finally boost another car (never tried to pass a checkpoint without a car) and go back but stop in the middle of the bridge. Now you just have to plant another RDX somewhere there and then trigger the explosion.

Suggested by MacDOfGlasgow:
I got this easy by going to the River between the Isle de La Cite and Marais. Set up 16 RDX near the bunker at the bridge. Put them all so you will probably cause a cascade of explosions. Then kill some folk and get at least Alarm 2. Go inside the bunker and wait until you see a lot of dots, or a few dots and a truck. Detonate it and easy perk. This is probably a fair bit of overkill, but it got the job done for me.

Demolitions I - A Nasty Surprise

Objective - Blow up 3 Nazi vehicles using dynamite.
Reward - Unlock trap functionality for dynamite.

How: Use dynamite to blow up 3 nazi vehicles.

Demolitions II - Mad Bomber

Objective - Destroy 5 Nazi vehicles with dynamite in 300 seconds.
Reward - Unlock RDX in the shop.

How: Collect a nazi vehicle so you can spawn it at the garage. Blow it up and get a new one at the garage. Repeat.
Or just drive around and plant dynamite on 5 nazi vehicles (easier if they are standing still) within 5 minutes.

Demolitions III - Blockbuster

Objective - Destroy 3 Wulf tanks using RDX or dynamite.
Reward - Unlock Super RDX upgrade.

How: Go to the location on the map at the top of this solution (red dot to the south east), drive the tank back to a garage to collect it. Blow it up, get a new one from the garage and repeat.

IMPORTANT: To be able to store tanks you have to unlock the "Mechanics III - Wheelman" perk.

Sabotage I - Short Fuze

Objective - Destroy 2 Nazi installations.
Reward - Improved planting speed for explosives.

How: When you recieve the dynamite just go around blowing up the 'Freeplay Events' (white dots on the map).

Sabotage II - I Fell Towers

Objective - Destroy 10 Nazi towers.
Reward - Carry additional explosives.

How: Blow up 10 nazi towers.

Sabotage III - Urban Renewal

Objective - Destroy 4 Nazi train bridges.
Reward - Planting explosives while disguised is not suspicious.

How: This can only be done after the misson 'Rolling Thunder'. That mission will unlock the special bridge-kit explosives. Once you have finished the mission you will only need to blow up 3 more.
The bridges you can blow up are surrounded by barb wire on your map.

*It seems that for some the see-through icon of where to plant the explosives doesnt always show up. If this happens to you, try reloading the game and make sure you have the special bridge-kit explosives.

Mayhem I - Throwing A Party

Objective - Throw 5 Nazi's to their death.
Reward - Unlock 'Crowd Clearer' throw.

How: Just hold cn_RT and press cn_Y to grab an enemy, then just move the right analogue stick in any direction to throw him. If he doesnt die the first time, repeat. Remember that you cant grab/throw stronger enemies. If youre having trouble grabbing enemies, try sneaking up on them from behind.

Mayhem II - Road Rage

Objective - Run over 20 Nazi's with a vehicle.
Reward - Unlock Aurora nitrous upgrade.

How: Run over 20 nazi's with any vehicle you feel like.

Mayhem III - The Right of Way

Objective - Destroy 20 Nazi vehicles with 1 vehicle.
Reward - Unlock Aurora machine gun.

How: Get a tank from the map at the top of this solution. I recommend the wulf tank, or if you dont want to get it, the Panther mk. III.
Now destroy 20 nazi vehicles. If you keep getting blown up before your goal, try an area where you can easily escape the alarm, like the countryside. That way you dont have to deal with heavier enemies.

* Quarantane reports that AA guns count as vehicles, which might make this one a bit easier. I can not confirm it though. You could go for destroying a wulf tank and a zeppelin while you're at it.

* Rhyolitic adds: It can also be done pretty easily in the bit where you rescue Veronique from execution. When you get down to her, you'll get into the back of an armed Bauer. You'll go through quite a distance shooting vehicles. If you think you are getting close to the end (there'll be several fighter planes strafing you), go into the menu and go back to the last checkpoint. You'll start at the beginning of the truck run, BUT you'll keep your # of kills and can continue to get more towards the 20.
I'm not sure why it works, but I THINK it's because you never exit the vehicle even though you are redoing the check point. The check point is when you are in the back of the vehicle and not on the ground. I'm also thinking that you have to keep firing at the vehicle until it explodes, not just when it catches on fire.

Racing I - Leadfoot

Objective - Win the time trial.
Reward - Unlock Silver Claw in the garage.

How: Some time after missions take you into area 2 you will recieve a message saying there is a race available. Check your map and its a checkered flag outside Margots (Ma) hideout. This is a simple point A to point B race with a time limit. Be sure to have a fast car, i used the altair.

Racing II - Speed Demon

Objective - Win Country Race 1.
Reward - Unlock Skylar's Drake Custom in the garage.

How: You should be able to start this race when you have completed the first race, this one is a two lap race againts opponents. To make it real easy, before placing your car at the starting line, point your gun at each of the other drivers and they will get out of their cars.

Another way to get them out of their cars is to enter them yourself, just make sure to save the car in front of your intended position for last since entering that car will start the race. However pointing your gun is a faster way.

Racing III - Godspeed

Objective - Win Country Race 2.
Reward - Unlock Silver Claw Mk II in the garage.

How: Same as the last race but 5 laps. If you want an easy race just point your gun at the other drivers and they will get out of their cars.

Mechanics I - Joy Rider

Objective - Collect 5 different Civilian vehicles.
Reward - Unlock a race car in the garage.

How: To collect a car, steal it, drive it to a garage and exit. It should now say that a new car was collected.

Mechanics II - Hijacker

Objective - Collect every Nazi vehicle.
Reward - Free vehicle repairs in the garage.

How: Very time consuming and boring. I recommend using the 'unlock silver perk' from gun shop. If you want to collect everything, check the video with locations at the bottom of the solution.
Thanks to TheRoyandre for the video.

Mechanics III - Wheelman

Objective - Collect and store all Civilian, Race and Military vehicles.
Reward - Garages can collect and store APC's and tanks.

How: Very time consuming and boring. I recommend using the 'unlock gold perk' from a gun shop. If you want to collect everything, there is a video at the bottom of this solution to help you out.
Thanks to TheRoyandre for the video.

Evasion I - Fugitive

Objective - Escape from Level 2 Alarm 5 times.
Reward - Unlock Getaway Strike.

How: You will either get this while doing the storyline or just causing chaos. You should easily be able to outrun a Level 2 alarm. If not, use hiding spots dotted around the map or use a car and drive to the countryside to easily escape the Nazi's.
You will escape well over five alarms while playing the game so this should come naturally.

Evasion II - Escape Artisit

Objective - Escape from Level 3 Alarm.
Reward - Ability to select Getaway Car at any garage.

How: Again this will come while you are playing the story or just causing chaos. To make it easier, use hiding spots dotted around the map or use a car and drive to the countryside to easily escape the Nazi's.

Evasion III - Europe's Most Wanted

Objective - Escape from Level 5 Alarm.
Reward - You can use hiding places at Alarm levels 4 and 5.

How: An easy way is to go up the first elevator of the Eiffel tower with a lot of ammo and preferably a scoped rifle (Terror scoped is the best). Now get the alarm going and get it up to level 5. Then simply take the next elevator further up and inside the bar you will be able to escape the alarm.

I strive to make my solutions the best they can be so please leave a comment if you have any feedback, good or bad, and i will try to improve it. And again, thanks to TheRoyandre for the video.
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Just some tips for a couple of the Gold perks.

For the "Score 10 double kills with a sniper scope" perk:
Go to La Havre and head to the docks. On the last dock there will be 2 Nazi's standing guard. There are also 2 more on the dock itself that are standing right next to each other. Just line them up in your scope and shoot. I recommend using the scoped Steiner.
Escape the alarm, rinse and repeat. You'll get it in no time.

For the "Escape from a Level 5 Alarm" gold perk:
I waited until just before I went to the final area in the north eastern portion of the map Because I think u have to be so far in the game before u can get a level 5 alarm.
Go to the South Eastern part of the map where there is a small grey area. You will find an empty Wulf Tank. Take the tank to a garage so u have it stored and then head towards the Eiffel Tower area. Then just start blasting away. Once u hit level 4 and the Zeppelins start coming, takr a Panzerschrek Rocket launcher OR an AA turret and shoot them out of the sky. I only had to shoot down 2 Zeppelins before I hit level 5. After u reach level 5, immediately run to the elevator and go into the Eiffel tower. Go up until you reach the bar. Hit Y by the green marker and BAM, you escaped a level 5 alarm. EASY!

For the "Kill 10 Nazi's in 10 seconds with Dynamite or RDX" gold perk:
During the mission when u have to assassinate the General under the Arch de Triumph, there will be a ton of Nazi's standing in rows in front of the General. Well over 10 of them.
Just run up behind them, plant an RDX and blow it up. They will all die.
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most of the perks are easy to achieve.
for the racing gold perk you need to collect all the citizen, military and racing cars, 38 in total.
you do not need any tanks.
the citizen are all to find in the streets (tractor in normandie),
the military cars;
zp750 - countryside
armed zp750 - raise alarm and hijack it.
sturmwagen - paris area 3.
armed sturmwagen - raise alarm 2 and hijack it.
bauer - paris area 3 / when you see someone to be deported, hijack it.
armed bauer - in the dark square in picardie.
bauer fuel truck - West Picardie, go north into a rocket base.
gestapo cruiser - raise alarm 3.
gestapo gs - left of gare saint lazarre, near the station.
kaiser - in the area between champs elysees and opera district occupation.
kaiser convertible - in the area between champs elysees and opera district occupation.
kaiser bulletproof - in the middle / north area of trocadero.
the racing cars;
all racing cars are to get by doing the 'quest' races, but there are 3 cars, beta romero, beta romero 12c and delgado, to be found in saarbrucken, near the start of the race track.

hopefully this will help some people.
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This map should help you with the location of some rarer vehicles. I didn't make it, I only found it on google.

Hope you find it useful.
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Here's a Solution for the sniping gold perk - it will help people like me that have played the storyline first.

Between Eiffel and Trocadero is a Bridge with 3 or 4 guards. Just take a fast car and park right in front of them. Shoot the two that are standing behind each other and jump in your car. Drive south until the road goes sharp left. There is a hideout in the corner. Hide and wait until the alarm is over and then start it again.

The good thing is that there are more of this guarded bridges if you drive along north that road. You can start at one bridge - drive south to the next to escape the alarm - and then simply do the next bridge.

Hope this will help!

A little hint from "rockinroosters": sometimes the hideout has been spotted so you can not use it, if however you travel straight ahead onto the field (at the sharp turn), in your car the Nazis never follow.
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