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Reviewing the Dailies in Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! (EU)

Reviewing the Dailies21 (20)

Correctly answer every Movie Clip question in one Puzzle Block.

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Posted on 07 May 11 at 07:30
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Answer all 3 questions in Movie Clips. I made a list of many moveies, it might be handy,

40 Year Old Virgin
Name of the Movie? 40 Year Virgin
Who directed? Judd Apatow
What fragrance's billboard? Eruption

Name of the movie? Airplane
A big building where generals meet? Headquarters
Name the character in bed. Ted Striker
Rob & Dave reunite in what? Superhero Movie

Airplane 2 The Sequel
Name of the movie? Airplane 2
What is the name of the commander? Murdock
What does the lunar base lack? A Tower

Alvin & The Chipmunks
Name of the movie? Alvin & The Chipmunks
Name of chipmunk in glasses? Simon
What was the first line spoken? "We're sorry, Dave."

Name the movie Bedazzled
What is the first line spoken? I need to talk to God.
Who plays the Devil? Elizabeth Hurley

Black Knight
Name of the movie? Black Knight
Word on Martin's tunic? SKY
What nickname does Martin give self? Sky Walker
Name the actor Martin Lawrence
Martin & Will Smith buddy cop? Bad Boys
Debut in Spike Lee Joint? Do The Right Thing

Catch Me If You Can
Name the actor. Leonardo DeCaprio
Leo plays fed marshall…? Shutter Island
Cashier's check from which bank? New York Savings & Loan
Name the movie. Catch Me If You Can
Name the male character. Frank Abengale Jr.
How much $ does he get back? $400

City being destroyed? New York City
When are choppers taking off? Oh Six Hundred
What year was film released? 2008

Name the actress. Alicia Silverstone
97 Superhero Flick… ? Batman & Robin
First line in scene? "oops, my bad"

Dangerous Liasons
Name the movie. Dangerous Liasons
Name the actress. Glenn Close
96 Family Flick… skunk haired…? 101 Dalmations

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Name The Movie Dodgeball
What shape is the necklace? The Letter "G"
Forclose on what gym? Average Joe's

Dr. Doolittle
Name the movie Dr. Doolittle
What does nobody like? A drunk monkey
Who plays the daughter? Raven Simone

Enter The Dragon
Name the movie. Enter the Dragon
Actor with no shirt? Bruce Lee
NOT a movie w/Bruce Lee? Curse of the Dragon
What is on display in the case? Weapons
What color are the weapon stands? Red
How does Lee Infiltrate? By entering a tournament

Evan Almighty
Name the movie. Evan Almighty
What is the third reason for transform? Attacked by werewolf
Who plays God? Morgan Freeman
Who does Rita page? Security
Name the actor. Steve Carell
Plays a bumbling spy in what? Get Smart

Fatal Attraction
Name the actress visiting a patient. A.J. Cook
Stars as J.J. in what? Criminal Minds
Who appears in Final Destination 2? Ali Larter

For Your Consideration
Name the bearded actor. Micheal McKeon
Plays David St. Hubbins in what? This Is Spinal Tap
Used to write for what medium? Stage

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Name the movie 4 Weddings & A Funeral
Name the actress Kristen Scott Thomas
Received an Oscar nom for what? The English Patient

Get Smart
Name the movie. Get Smart
What just came out of the oven? Rolls
Works for which agency? CONTROL
Comfortable what in the back? Flour Sacks
Control agent assigned? Agent 99
Who plays 99? Anne Hathaway
Evil organization attacks headquarters? KAOS

Ghost Town
Name the movie Ghost Town
Name the actor Ricky Gervais
Plays Ferdy the Fence in what? Stardust
Name the actress Kristen Wiig
Unusual Occurance? He briefly died.
What does he do for a living? Dentist

Name the actor interviewing Vinz. Harold Ramis
What sign is Vinz waiting for? Gozer the Traveller
What form does he take? Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man

Marcus Aurelius holds what title? Emporer of Rome
Name the actor Richard Harris
Plays which character in Harry Potter? Dumbledore
Name the movie. Gladiator
First line spoken? How was your journey?
Who plays Lucillia's Brother? Joaquin Phoenix

Guess Who
Name the movie. Guess Who
How does Percy find out? From his credit report.
What does Percy do for a living? Loan Officer
Name of Percy & Marilyn's daughter? Theresa

Name the movie Hairspray
Name of Mr. Pinky's Clothing store? Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway
Who plays Tracy's Father? Christopher Walken

Harold & Kumar Escape Guantanomo
Name the actor in the car Neil Patrick Harris
Plays Barney Stinson in what show? How I Met Your Mother
Rob Corddry played correspondant? The Daily Show

Johnny English
Name the movie Johnny English
How many times does he click the pen? Twice
Has an appointment with whom? Pegasus

The Karate Kid
Name the movie The Karate Kid
Name the teacher Mr. Miyagi
Throws 1st punch during defense form? Wax On Wax Off
Name actor w/headband Ralph Macchio
Ralph Macchio's character? Daniel Larusso
Name of rival school? Cobra Kai

LA Confidental
Name the movie LA Confidental
Who is Jack working with? Ed Exley
Who won an oscar as a call girl? Kim Basinger
Actor sitting at the table? Kevin Spacey
Spacey's character? Jack Vincennes
Twisted serial killer in what? Se7en

Ladies Man
Name the movie Ladies Man
Ladies Man's name? Leon Phelps
How many times did nun say Missionary? 3
Where is nun travelling to? Bangkok
Asked what river? Yellow River
What year was this released? 2000

Money Pit
Name the movie The Money Pit
What color is Anna's shirt? Green
What kind of tool does Walter drop? Hammer

Music & Lyrics
Name the movie Music & Lyrics
What was Alex Fletcher's Band? Pop

Must Love Dogs
Name the movie Must Love Dogs
What is ironic about the title? She doesn't own a dog.
How old is Sarah's dad? 71
How does he ride a bike? Meandering
Name the actress Diane Lane
Plays a recent divorcee in what? Under The Tuscan Sun

Napoleon Dynamite
Name the movie Napoleon Dynamite
Name the female character Deb
Tina starred opp Kevin Costner in what? Waterworld
Name the character in the glasses Kip
What color is Deb's fanny pack? Pink
What year was this released 2004

Office Space
Name the movie Office Space
Actor who plays Peter? Ron Livingston
When was this released? 1999
Who directed the movie? Mike Judge
Creator of what long-running series? King of the Hill
Name of the SNL Animated Short? Milton

Pink Panther
Name the movie The Pink Panther
Steve Martin's Character? Inspector Clouseau
Actor who played original? Peter Sellers

Pump Up The Volume
Name the movie Pump Up The Volume
According to Hard Harry… ? Friends
Who plays Nora Diniro? Samantha Mathis
Name the actor Christian Slater
Journalist Daniel Malloy in what? Interview with a Vampire
Character is secretly a what? Radio Shock-Jock
Inspirational Message? Talk Hard
What year was this released? 1990

Road to Perdition
Name the movie Road To Perdition
Name of Micheal's brother? Peter
Who plays Harlen McGuire? Jude Law

Rumor Has It…
Name the movie Rumor Has It
500 miles to where? San Fransisco
Who directed? Rob Reiner
First line spoken? Mrs. Richelue...seducing me?
Name the actor Kevin Costner
Played fable good-doer in what? Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Rush Hour
Name the movie Rush Hour
Vases saved? Three
Character is inspector in what city? Hong Kong
Banner behind vase? Tang
Actor in bow tie? Jackie Chan
Starred in which Jules Verne classic? Around World in 80 Days

Name the movie Superbad
Female Character? Becca
What type of alcohol? Vodka

Name the actor who plays Superman Christopher Reeves
Who directed the movie? Richard Donner
Who plays Superman's father? Marlon Brando

Name the actress flirting with the tree Molly Shannon
Molly's Character? Mary Katherine Gallagher
What color is the headband? Red

Name the movie The Terminator
What is the 4th Installment? Terminator: Salvation
Who plays Sarah Connor? Linda Hamilton
Name the actor shopping for guns? Schwarzenegger
Cameron & Arnold reunite where? True Lies
Asks for what type of weapon? Phased Plasma Rifle

The Big Lebowski
Name the movie Big Lebowski
Actor in vest & dog tags? John Goodman
Cartoon Icon? Fred Flinstone

The Birdcage
What is the birdcage? A drag club?
What type of function? A dinner party
Who Smears? Men

The Rocker
Name the movie The Rocker
Name the actor Rainn Wilson
What instrument does he play? Drums
Nickname used for Rob? Guppy
Plays Dwight on what? The Office
Jane plays self-obsessed what? 30 Rock

Throw Momma From The Train
Name the movie Throw Momma from the train
Loosely based on Hitchcock what? Strangers on a train
Who plays Owen? Danny Devito

Tropic Thunder
Name the movie Tropic Thunder
Actor who gets slapped? Robert Downey Jr.
Name of Character? Kirk Lazarus

Name the movie Twister
2nd vehicle that crashes? Tractor
Who plays Dustin Davis? Philip Seymour Hoffman
Name the actor Bill Paxton
Names the device what? Dorothy
Plays Chet on what? Weird Science

Uncle Buck
Name the movie. Uncle Buck
Word not said? Goiter
Who plays the nephew? MacCaulay Culkin

Young Frankenstein
Name the movie Young Frankenstein
Name the actress Teri Garr
Plays Caroline in what '83 movie? Mr. Mom
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