Full Power achievement in Darksiders

Full Power

Collect the maximum amount of lifestones

Full Power0
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How to unlock the Full Power achievement

  • OnsidicOnsidic829,791
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    Library, under the water.
    After vulgrim, blow horn to open rock dude door, enter into library, go up the stairs, jump down into the middle.
    Swim underwater to find single chest.
    Once chest is open you will receive first life stone piece.

    After fighting in the choking ground for a while a chest appeared next to where we moved the large gravestone for the artifact, this containted a life stone.
    Im unsure whether it was a triggered effect or from killing X amount of creature in the area.
    Confirmed triggered by destroying gravestones.

    Broken Stair - head down into the subway, head south, swim under the water collect chest/life stone.
    (close to vulgrims shop in the broken stair area)
    Broken stair - once you shadowflight over to the highway, walk up the top fight the bats and zombie, then double back on yourself, there will be a chest behind a bunch of cars.

    Full lifestone
    Received after beating Tiamat.

    5th- drowned pass, head west while swimming between the 2 homes. Hit the switch. The swim west from the second house you'll go up a ramp, jump on a newly raised platform and jump across gaining yet another health shard.

    6th - the hollows, where the final beholder door (long corridor with 3 gas pipes a red puzzle door and two trains, slip behind the trains to find the life stone

    Full lifestone
    Received after beating Griever

    The Dry road, pretty much the middle of the southern part of the map, hidden behind a wall, close to the artifact and Vulgrim's place.

    The ashlands, after the 3 teeth plant + lots of growth + 1 wire room, climb out of the hole look west for a blue puzzle stone(smash) life stone part behind this.

    The ashlands, after dropping down the hole into the water, youll come across a room filled with teeth plants hanging from the ceiling, use the shadowflight to get up to the legde with the chest in the middle of the room, next piece is yours.

    Full Lifestone
    Received after beating Stygian

    Full Lifestone
    Received after beating Silithia

    Black Throne
    as your head to the second power golem, youll complete the 3 lifts+2 blocks puzzle, youll then use a shadowflight, run to the first few step and turn around(180) look up and void walk the first, 180 and continue back up the stairs and void walk the marker on the floor.(do not power up these void) Use the void, then climb up the ledge on the right.

    Full Lifestone
    Received after beating Straga

    11th- Use the serpent hole to goto Twilight Catherdral when you get to the shadowflight orb and the exit is on the left, instead use the shadowflight orb and go straight ahead, follow to the end for another lifestone shard chest
    (Note: you should not have left the serpent hole)

    12th - Enter the twilight catherdral, cross the lava and go left through the door, use the chain maximum distance on the bomb, run and throw it at the red puzzle door. Collect chest/lifestone shard.

    13th - Enter serpent hole to Drowned Pass, once out, straight ahead is an Abyssal Chain orb, swing across and receive a lifestone

    14th - The Choking Grounds - house at northern end, go up to the third level, use the tremor gauntlet on the blue puzzle wall and collect your life stone.

    15+16 Both received when handing in last two artifact at the same time.
    Believe it when he receibes all the artifacts of one type, receives all the Soldier Artifact, and one for all the Champion Artifacts.

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    CuteAzzNo.11 - You should clarify your solution. It is IN SERPENT HOLE when going to cathedral. I spent over an hour trying to find it in cathedral location.

    xDEEVIUSx - you don't need Abyssal Chain. You need mask of shadows.

    Beside no.11 - really good solution. Thumbs up!
    Posted by CuteAzz on 20 Dec 11 at 01:42
    KretheanFairly sure I just got number 12, and I got the first 4 on this run (haven't beaten Tiamat yet). You don't really need anything, just press the right stick to aim and lob it at the red crystal. War chucks pretty hard so where you aim is likely where it will go. Pretty much what xDEEVIUSx said after for the rest of it.

    Good guide.
    Posted by Krethean on 31 Mar 12 at 05:09
    spxyu02Had to use this for the one in the serpent hole. Wanted so badly to do it w/o a guide, but never thought to check my map in serpent holes. Great info.
    Posted by spxyu02 on 09 Nov 13 at 04:18
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  • RaTheArchitectRaTheArchitect230,214
    26 Jan 2010 26 Jan 2010
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    Not my video but it certainly helps. Just remember this is the order you can obtain them in not necessarily ordered by where they are.
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX463,299
    08 Sep 2010 03 Feb 2013
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    "All In One" I Get All Collectibles + Only Missable Achievements During The Video
    i am starting from scratch i have nothing at all. so i will picking up lifestone, wrath shard + cores, armor piece, pretty much everything i can pick up that Gives me the achievement in order you find them

    Example. Lifestone 14, Highflier achievement, wrath shard 6

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    UmbrellasRejectAmazing Guide stop the annoyance of have 7 tabs open clap
    Posted by UmbrellasReject on 25 Jan 14 at 05:46
    WebManExcellent guide. Thank you!
    Posted by WebMan on 12 Mar 15 at 02:39
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