Wrath of War achievement in Darksiders

Wrath of War

Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores

Wrath of War0
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How to unlock the Wrath of War achievement

  • DraluntDralunt373,532
    29 Jan 2010 29 Jan 2010
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    Posting this for anyone looking for a visual representation.
    Used this guide myself and it worked perfectly.

    Kudos to MrKennyKRH for the great video

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    LRD SOTH+1 nice video
    Posted by LRD SOTH on 10 Jan 14 at 00:38
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  • OnsidicOnsidic829,894
    10 Jan 2010 10 Jan 2010
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    To get this achievement you need to collect all the Wrath Stones and Wrath Cores (including the ones bought from Vulgrim)

    First wrath stone
    Scalding Gallow-outside area
    Goto where Vulgrim shop is, climb up the wall behind and open the chest - first wrath stone.

    Second Wrath stone
    When you get to the room with the 3 lady statues that require the swords, head east after completing the 2 puzzles(cutscene with cog door opening) in to the room, the chests will disappear. Kill everything and you will get a beholder key and a wrath stone from the second chest.

    1st - Wrath Core
    After you raise the 3 angelladies +swords and are back in the courtyard, climb up on the box, climb up and use teh throwing blade against teh vine, box in the next room on the bottom level contains a full wrath core

    3rd wrath stone
    When you fight through with Ulthans, and you get to the part where you jump across and re-meet up. Instead climb up for a soul chest, and then use the growth again to move around the outside of the build to find a chest for your 3rd stone.

    4th Wrath stone
    The hollows, find the beholder door, swim to the end of the maze into a room containing the device to activate+2 chest, one of which contains the wrath stone.

    5th- the hollows, there will be an area just before you get to the griever which is outside and you have to raise the water level, close to the second blue puzzle door to smash, turn around jump across for another wrath stone

    6th- When you return to the big open area ashland, ride north, and directly under where you left the map earlier is a blue puzzle smashable door,( directly east of the circle with the 4-5 spikes on the map) behind this is a chest with wrath stone in it.

    7th -
    Iron Canopy, pass the first puzzle/big spider, cross the bridge that crumbles, just a little further up on the left side is a large wooden box you can destroy with a wrath stone chest.

    8th- Iron canopy, after you pass the beholder door, and come to the room with a single block, and the spider walking underneath you, Push the block so that the teeth plant picks it up, hit it, grab on, when its picked up, jump to the ledge (if u fall down, your probably jumping onto the wrong side) then work your way around the platform to the chest and next wrath stone is yours.

    2nd Wrath Core - when you hand in the artifact:overlord ot Vulgrim a full wrath core is yours as a reward.

    9th wrath stone
    As your making your way back from the second power golem in the black throne, youll come back to the room with a lot of floating/disappearing platforms, you have to activate a switch thats in a small section, next to the switch is a chest containing another wrath stone.

    10th wrath stone
    after defeating war (wav vs war) cross bridge, go up stairs to the first circle (on mini map) there will be a square off to the left, jump down, then head north up a small water ramp. The chest will either just be ahead of you or just off to the right (depending on where you jumped down)

    11th wrath stone - take the serpent hole to the dry road, as soon as you get into the nether turn 180, and follow the path to a wrath stone chest.

    12th - Serpent hole to Anvil's Ford, about half way through the worm hole there will be Abyssal Chain orbs off to the left, traverse the 3 orbs for another wrath stone.

    13th - Serpent hole to Anvil's Ford. Once you arrive at Vulgrim by using the serpent hole to get there, come out of vulgrims area and turn right, follow this all the way back till you see the blue puzzle/smashable object. Use the tremor gauntlet, head forward and then to the little hole in the wall on the left. Another wrath stone is yours.

    14th - Serpent hole to Drowned Pass when you arrive, jump down into the water and follow the U, smash the blue puzzle rock with the tremor gauntlet and collect your wrath stone.

    15th -
    The choking grounds - work your way up the house at the northend of the map, second level up (gas pipe and red blow up puzzle door level) is another wrath stone.

    16th- Go through Anvil's Fold backwards, when you get close to the growth part, there will be an Abyssal Chain orb, fight the tophat/cane zombie swing across, another wrath stone is yours.

    17th- Go to the Crossroads, enter the library, up the stairs, down into the hole and climb the growth on the right side (theres the pools of water you can swim through on the left). Do a 180, use the Abyssal Chain to swing up onto the ramp, 180again and swing across, through the door way, turn left and theres your wrath stone chest

    18th- Head west out of Scalding Gallows, in the corridor just before the at the end is a wall with a hole at the top. If you look up you will see a void design, place a void up there now make your way info the fan room and equip the Abyssal Chain. Instead of jumping off into the first area, there will be a small gap down below just to the left. Run and jump, jump then glide and use RT to use the Abyssal Chain. Use the shadowflight orb up, on the ceiling is another void design, place a void on it (this is right next to where you collect an Artifact. Once you place a void, jump back down and use the same shadowflight orb again to propel yourself through to the first void area and collect another wrath stone.

    19th - After you have the abyssal chain head to Ashlands Vulgrim portal. Come out and turn right down the ramp back to the room with the wire/growth and 3 teeth plants. Go back to the ledge where you found a chest earlier on. Look up and you'll see a abyssal chain orb. Go up and get your last Wrath stone. (thanks for the advise on this one Barider2085 who pointed this one out while i was in the very room, great timing)

    1 Purchaseable wrath stone from Vulgrim
    1 purchaseable wrath core from Vulgrim
    1 from handing in the Overlord Artifact
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    WhytePantherRegarding the 3 you can miss, no you can't. There are 19 findable stones, and one buyable, for a total of 20 stones. 20 Stones, 3 Cores, and the 2 you start with make a total of 10 cores.

    I just spent a bunch of time grinding souls to buy the full Core from Vulgrim, only to find out I'm still missing a whole core. I hope it's just the single one near the top of this list.
    Posted by WhytePanther on 24 Jul 10 at 18:44
    MugenKairoAre there any abilities which will point out collectibles on the map? Only just on my way to meet Ulthane so still early in the game.
    Posted by MugenKairo on 14 Jul 13 at 20:40
    spxyu02Had to use this for two in the serpent holes. Wanted so badly to do it w/o a guide, but never thought to check my map in serpent holes. Great info.
    Posted by spxyu02 on 09 Nov 13 at 04:18
  • AnubsethAnubseth643,216
    17 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011 07 Jul 2013
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    This is not a solution, but a warning:

    The 9th wrath stone in the guide above is known for being, sometimes, a pain to get. Why? A well-know glitch known as "The Elevator Glitch", when the elevator used to climb the second tower can make that part of the game inacessible, forever. My advice is: take this piece right when you climb the tower the very first time, so you can avoid this headache.
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    C0oK13 MoNsTawhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
    Posted by C0oK13 MoNsTa on 25 Jul 12 at 09:45
    Arachnicide*known...the word is known
    Posted by Arachnicide on 15 Sep 12 at 02:42
    AnubsethThanks Arachnicide!
    Posted by Anubseth on 17 Sep 12 at 13:40
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