Legendary Form achievement in Darksiders

Legendary Form

Collect the Abyssal Armor Set

Legendary Form0
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How to unlock the Legendary Form achievement

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    Abyssal Armor Shard Locations

    Twilight Citadel-
    After you raise the 3 angelladies +swords and are back in the courtyard, climb up on the box, climb up and use the crossblade against the vine, box in the next room contains first shard.

    Once your receive your chaos form, towards the inside of the building(south) and there will be an upper level with a bomb on a red block, throw your throwing weapon to blow it up, climb up the colomn and collect your next shard.

    Enter Drowned Pass, go straight ahead enter the water, turn left and go down, youll come to an area
    (north east corner of the map) with a chest containing your 3rd shard.

    4th - After earthcalling and freeing the rock giant door in the drowning pass area you will receive this shard.

    5th - The Hollows, after the first room that has the 3 vents either side of the room, there will be a dual rail track and youll get block in. You will fight one of the dragon looking mobs with the fire hands and some fishy crawlers. Once you beat them, the walls they crash through, both contain a chest one has another armor shard.

    6th - Iron Canopy
    After you get the abyssal chain, youll come to a room with 2 teeth plant a beholder door and a blue swing orb with some growth infront of it, climb up the growth, swing across the next blue swing orb, then R3 look up and grapple up to the orange orb, collect the chest inside this room

    7th - Black Throne
    once you go down the spiral staircase (heading toward 3rd power golem), use the void on the wall and the spinning rock, to get to the other side. Place a new void on the wall, and make sure void still on spinning rock.
    Timing is everything here, use the abyssal chain on the bomb, throw it throw the hole, when the spinning rock is facing the red puzzle door. Then use the void when it is facing the next portal design on the wall. Open chest, abyssal armor shard yours.(this is right next to the beholder key puzzle)

    after you use the shadow mask to cross the bridge(directly after the War vs war fight. Head east, there will be a passage on the map that goes behind a water fall. Make sure you still have your shadow mask turned on. Open chest and gain another abyssal armor shard.

    9th - you need to have the shadowflight form to be able to get this one.
    Goto Scalding gallows, right next to Vulgrim is a small wall then a huge hole looking directly over to where Samael's prison is. If you look down there is a tiny ledge.
    Take a run and jump then activate the wing glide down, follow this path up and the 9th shard is yours, only 1 more piece to go.

    10th - and final piece.
    About Half way up on the eastern side is a patch of land (sort of looks like a boot). Head to the north end and turn on your shadow mask.
    Shadow flight up onto the platform, run to the end, and there will be some abyssal chain orbs, use these and swing across. Run on ahead and turn right to face the drilling, you should notice another orb.
    Stand right on the edge of the ledge, and Abyssal chain over, walk around the top of the platform to collect your final piece.

    This achievement is now yours and the Abyssal Armor allows you to take more damage.

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    AdeuszCan I go back and get no. 6 after I left Iron Canopy?
    Posted by Adeusz on 04 Mar 11 at 22:33
    Alexandros86Adeusz, you can! You can follow the same way you have done the first time you went in the iron canopy.

    Number 7 semms to be missable beacouse, after defeating Straga, the tower, where is located the dark throne, will collapse.
    Posted by Alexandros86 on 08 Mar 11 at 00:42
    Phil0s0pherNumber 7 not missable, you can get back to Black Throne through Samaels portal in Scalding Gallow.
    Posted by Phil0s0pher on 02 Feb 12 at 09:23
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    this might not be the best guide. But i saw that there was nothing else up at this time, and well i found this has helped me so far.
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    Big Dibs theDogThank you for not deleting - just cos some jerk put one negative !
    Posted by Big Dibs theDog on 19 Jun 11 at 10:14
    Epsilon ThetaYou have to give credit where credit is due!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 07 Sep 11 at 17:27
    InugamiTheHoundif I miss any pice can i go back and still get them? I know some of them I might need a certain weapon or power to get that piece of armor
    Posted by InugamiTheHound on 24 Apr 17 at 03:52
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX463,246
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    "All In One" I Get All Collectibles + Only Missable Achievements During The Video
    i am starting from scratch i have nothing at all. so i will picking up lifestone, wrath shard + cores, armor piece, pretty much everything i can pick up that Gives me the achievement in order you find them

    Example. Lifestone 14, Highflier achievement, wrath shard 6

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    That505GuyThank you for this
    Posted by That505Guy on 02 Mar 13 at 09:12
    Laiizanthis is an awesome guide! thanks mate smile
    Posted by Laiizan on 15 Apr 13 at 13:33
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