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Improvised Kills

Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment

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18 November 2019 - 7 guides

Achievement Guide for Improvised Kills

  • hatchywatchyhatchywatchy115,713
    21 Mar 2010 25 Mar 2010 17 May 2010
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    A lot of people mention having trouble with this achievement after progressing through the game (as I did) based around the fact that once an object is used, it doesn't always re-spawn.

    Well the only reliable item which will always re-spawn is the Bomb. It's Classed as an environmental object which can be thrown, along with causing plenty of damage each time.

    The place I got this achievement is after beating Silithia. Once you return to her lair catch the lift up to the top and head through the webbed door.

    Follow the path back and keep going through the doors until you are back in the room with the bomb. It's a 2 floor room which you will enter on the top floor - there is a lift with a movable block and a bomb on top.

    Lower the bomb to the ground floor and jump down the hole, use the bombs to destroy the spiders. I believe there are 14-15 spiders in this room

    Once they have all been defeated, exit the room on the ground floor. Take a sharp left and head to the stairs.

    Get to the bottom of the stairs - turn round and walk back up to the bomb room you were in before.

    You'll find the spiders have reset and you can repeat the bomb killing!

    You should have this achievement in no time at all; and don't forget, you can use this same room to level up your weapons too.

    Just a couple of points from some of the comments left below.

    - Leave this as one of the last achievements you get, but keep it in mind as you journey through the game (make use of kills from normal object throws and finish up with this technique).

    - The kill will only count if the bomb throw kills the spider, not the flames from the explosion, so you will rack up more than 150 kills before it pops.
  • LordHinesLordHines78,700
    21 Jan 2011 21 Jan 2011 27 Aug 2011
    35 3 7
    This achievement is actualy very easy, all you have to do is from the very first time you get to play as war, which is in the apocalypse.
    Immediately start killing all of the humans with sign posts or cars and, as for the actual enemys beat them down untill you can use the "B" finisher go grab a environmental item and throw it at 'em.

    By the time the apocalypse is done you should alredy have about 75 kills towards the achievement, then when u get stripped of all your powers and your going to find Vulgrim kill all the "zombified" humans with chairs of whatever u can find, do this until u reach your goal.

    With this method the Achievement Popped for me before i even got to Samael, so fairly early on. Now you can enjoy the Combat without having to deal with picking up stuff all the time and tryting to bash some demons head in with it.

    I hoped this method works for you guys too.
  • OnsidicOnsidic769,406
    09 Jan 2010 09 Jan 2010 15 Oct 2014
    22 4 9
    If you dont have this achievement before you go towards the final boss, there are a couple of good places and things to do for this achievement

    First make sure you have Ravager equipped to Chaoseater.

    The Crossroads/Scalding Gallows.
    Goto the Crossroads, start hacking and slashing till things have the B above their head then use the environment objects on them repeat this for everything in this area, should be around 20ish mobs.
    If you run out of environment items dont worry too much.
    Use the serpent hole and goto Scalding gallows, repeat the same process of knocking them down till the B shows up then using environmental objects on them. Once everything is dead go back to the Crossroads and keep repeating till done.

    Now to clear up some confusion with the items respawning.
    Items do respawn, but says there is 50 environment object in an area, and you use all 50 whether to beat down or destroyed.
    Once you leave the area and come back a very small amount of those 5 will be respawned, maybe 5-10 of them.
    (Have tested this multiple times in game)

    Needless to say doing the "start hacking and slashing till things have the B above there head then use the environment objects on them repeat this for everything in this area" in every area you possible can, cuts out a lot of headache later on.

    NOTE1 : Two ppl have said that human kills do count.
    NOTE2: Someone said that the environment items weren't respawning for them. (This guide was written before TA crashed and had to revert to previous save file for guides. This guide may have been edited slightly before that.).
  • TheEpicPandemicTheEpicPandemic320,964
    21 Jan 2010 26 Jan 2010
    16 2 0
    Ok first off this is very difficult and tedious to do on a completed
    game, so I suggest to start a new game.

    The biggest advantage of starting again, is you can go through
    an area where you can get at least 100 of the kills, which is
    Seraphim Hotel. As soon as you get sent back, the main enemy
    you will fight are zombies, which are slow and weak, and most importantly there are lots of them.

    Once you finish Seraphim hotel you have two options, for the final 50 or so kills neither take long.

    1. Crossroad runs

    This is the most common method to doing this, simply use the cars or tables to take out zombies, exiting the area will reset the enemies, however it will not reset the enviromental weaopns, be aware of this.

    2. Broken Stair Hotel

    In Broken Stair, to get on top of the freeway you have to go through
    the hotel. Inside this hotel are around 15 zombies, and a fair few tables. Just use the tables to take out clusters of them.

    From Seraphim Hotel, it takes around 30 minutes with the crossroad runs, maybe around 40 for broken stair runs. Hopefully this helped.

    Good Luck!
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    The best way to do this is using the throwing ability, you should get to grips with the grab and throw technique right away, in the first area through the city your first achievement should be 'Open air parking', grab a car with the cn_B button then depress the cn_RSc to initiate 'Aim Mode' and take out the Helo.

    The same principal should be employed throughout the game with every 'grab-able' object you can find, but only use them against zombies and later Duskbats because harder enemies will take too long to die and the object will perish. Grab-able objects include: cars, trucks, buses, lampposts (street lights), parking meters, dustbins, tables, chairs, bookshelves, bombs (they count) and a few other miscellaneous things lying around throughout the campaign.

    Do not kill any zombies or Duskbats unless it’s with one of these objects and this should unlock by the end of the Broken Stair level, very early on.

    Also there are a few areas with a lot of zombies and objects, you can if u wish kill them all then die and rinse and repeat, kills will stack up even after death.
    15 Jul 2017 15 Jul 2017
    1 0 0
    I would just like to add that I can CONFIRM this achv DOES IN FACT carry over to your 2nd playthrough!

    I worked HARD to get this on my first and gave up. On my 2nd playthrough to get Apocalyptic difficulty, I got this achv hella fast (still in Crossrroads for the first time). So it MUST be counting the kills from my first game!
  • Alphadrago10Alphadrago10332,010
    23 May 2013 23 May 2013
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    Like everyone else has said start on this from the first time you control War. When you are working your way to the 4th boss you`ll come across a room where you`ll get swarmed with broodlings. Start picking up beds and make sure a big group is coming, target them and throw you`ll rack up kills fairly quicly by doing this.
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