Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

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Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

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Big Tournament

Reach the end of each of the 3 larger challenges with one character

Big Tournament0
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How to unlock the Big Tournament achievement

  • Darksky602Darksky602118,208
    07 Jan 2010 04 Jan 2010 06 Jan 2010
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    I just wanted to post this up for people that want to do the achievement on their own. You can set up a local splitscreen match if you use a second controller and profile. Have the extra profile start up as a level 1 character and have your level 50 character that you normally use join that game via splitscreen. Run through the opening to the game takes about 2 minutes (with your level 50). The first travel point "inside" Fyrestone near the doc's place will allow you both to travel to the Underdome. Once there use your level 50 to role over the opposition. I timed each round takes 8 minutes to complete on average so your looking at 40 minutes each for the small challenges and 160 minutes per large challenge. I did this with a Berserker so your results may vary based on your character. There are great choke points available because some of the waves later can be overwhelming.

    Gully: rocks on lower level far left of the stage can be hidden behind by jumping through rocks or jumping off cliff to get there. Great for level 15-20 horde waves.

    Hell-burbia: far left of the stage use the crates at the top of the stairs to jump on top of the building (thanks indigoX00)... avoids enemies spawning next to you and avoids horde waves.

    Ruins: to the far right of the stage in the middle of the board use the ramps. If facing the ramps use the left ramp, here you can jump up onto the ledge just above the platform to avoid horde waves. Also the bottom of this ramp obscures enemy line of sight and is a good place to regen shields if you get caught off guard.

    Final tips: Take in class mods that regenerate health depending on your class or just use your berserk (for you Berserkers out there), this helps deal with the ever annoying double modifier given out by Moxxi of vampire (constant life loss but killing an enemy regens health) and no shields... this can be deadly to a single player, if the enemies spawn far away from each other.

    Lastly since you are the only player you can pause the game and take breaks doing it this way

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I have tested and confirmed a level 1 character can travel to the Underdome. Here is how: Step one sign in a secondary profile as controller 1 and start up a splitscreen match. Then have controller 2 join as a level 50 (or whatever level that has fast travel ability). Start the beginning of the game... use the level 50 only and go into Fyrestone passed the opening sequence. Use the fast travel post in front of the doc's place once your INSIDE Fyrestone. Only the level 50 can start the fast travel process, but once you do, it takes both the level 50 and level 1 to the Underdome. The enemies will still be roughly level 12-15 starting out. Hope this helps clarify have a great day everyone.

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    VoragaHere is a question I have. I went to underdome in single player with my main character to start the 3 small tournament mission and I completed it with a group of people online and the host turned in the quest completing it for everyone getting us the achievement for that. I go back to underdome with my main character and the 3 small tournament quest was there uncompleted.

    So I go into splitscreen with a low level alternate account to do the quest on that charaacter to try and allow me to do the larger tournaments myself and on my main character it shows the quest completed on the screen without the "TURN IN!". I try to see if I can turn it in and the job board is red but shows the little use pop up. So if I complete the large tournaments with my main character online will I get the big tournament achievement?
    Posted by Voraga on 10 May 16 at 20:09
    Tsuke35This must be the worst DLC I've ever played.. I've completed 2/3 now and each arena has taken ~3hours to complete.. Just pointless grinding without any gameplay satisfaction.. Only positive thing is that I haven't faced any crashes during gameplay (now that I mention it, it'll propably happen in the last arena).
    Posted by Tsuke35 on 14 May 16 at 22:56
    AkaiERAAm I missing something? I completed 1 Big Arena (got the achievement for it), but now the curtains are not opening and the smaller Arenas are also having a red panel. I can't access any of the Arenas.
    Posted by AkaiERA on 20 Sep 16 at 11:11
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  • Nyght87Nyght87170,933
    01 Jan 2010 18 Jan 2010
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    One thing i would like to add is if you enter into someone's game in the middle of one of the tournaments you will still get the achievement even if you join in on the last wave of the last round.
  • knight0fkh0nshuknight0fkh0nshu488,568
    27 Sep 2010 23 Jan 2010 24 Jan 2010
    34 6 3
    The easiest way I have found to do this will require you teaming up with at least two more people whom have characters at level 50.

    The best thing I've found to do is for the host to be a level 5 (you could be lower as well) character and your friends bring in a level 50 character or the highest level character that they have.

    The game scales the enemies to the host so if the host is level 5, then all the enemies will be level 5 making it easier on you because your friends are higher up than you.

    The main thing is for the level 5 character to stay out of harms way for the most part. I'd suggest keeping one of your friends close that way if you get downed they can easily heal you.

    I'm using the Siren so if I get in a bad spot, I can phase out and run to a safer spot, hence the reason I suggest being level 5. All in all each arena should take you around 1-5 hours to complete. Hope this helps, good luck.
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    forced2changeWhat happens if you are playing solo and you die? Do you get to continue and if you do, do you still get the achievement?
    Posted by forced2change on 05 Mar 10 at 05:45
    IyerbethYou start at wave 1 of the round before if you die, you do get the achievement if you continue through.
    Posted by Iyerbeth on 04 May 10 at 11:09
    Sindarin EagleThere's no need to keep the level 5 character safe. Just let them die if you want. They go to the penalty box, but that doesn't make any difference as long as the level 50 character stays alive.

    If, however, you want to do something as the low-level character instead of just watching your friends clean everything up, I highly recommend bringing in a level 11 character or so. It doesn't take very long to level a new character up to level 11, it doesn't make the enemies any harder (they're still level 12), and then you're actually capable of killing things and contributing a little bit, so you don't have to just play games on your phone while hosting. If you go in as level 5, the enemies are essentially impossible for you to kill.
    Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 06 Jul 13 at 03:57
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