Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

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Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

Big Tournament achievement in Borderlands

Big Tournament

Reach the end of each of the 3 larger challenges with one character

Big Tournament0
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How to unlock the Big Tournament achievement

  • Darksky602Darksky602121,519
    07 Jan 2010 04 Jan 2010 06 Jan 2010
    151 4 51
    I just wanted to post this up for people that want to do the achievement on their own. You can set up a local splitscreen match if you use a second controller and profile. Have the extra profile start up as a level 1 character and have your level 50 character that you normally use join that game via splitscreen. Run through the opening to the game takes about 2 minutes (with your level 50). The first travel point "inside" Fyrestone near the doc's place will allow you both to travel to the Underdome. Once there use your level 50 to role over the opposition. I timed each round takes 8 minutes to complete on average so your looking at 40 minutes each for the small challenges and 160 minutes per large challenge. I did this with a Berserker so your results may vary based on your character. There are great choke points available because some of the waves later can be overwhelming.

    Gully: rocks on lower level far left of the stage can be hidden behind by jumping through rocks or jumping off cliff to get there. Great for level 15-20 horde waves.

    Hell-burbia: far left of the stage use the crates at the top of the stairs to jump on top of the building (thanks indigoX00)... avoids enemies spawning next to you and avoids horde waves.

    Ruins: to the far right of the stage in the middle of the board use the ramps. If facing the ramps use the left ramp, here you can jump up onto the ledge just above the platform to avoid horde waves. Also the bottom of this ramp obscures enemy line of sight and is a good place to regen shields if you get caught off guard.

    Final tips: Take in class mods that regenerate health depending on your class or just use your berserk (for you Berserkers out there), this helps deal with the ever annoying double modifier given out by Moxxi of vampire (constant life loss but killing an enemy regens health) and no shields... this can be deadly to a single player, if the enemies spawn far away from each other.

    Lastly since you are the only player you can pause the game and take breaks doing it this way

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I have tested and confirmed a level 1 character can travel to the Underdome. Here is how: Step one sign in a secondary profile as controller 1 and start up a splitscreen match. Then have controller 2 join as a level 50 (or whatever level that has fast travel ability). Start the beginning of the game... use the level 50 only and go into Fyrestone passed the opening sequence. Use the fast travel post in front of the doc's place once your INSIDE Fyrestone. Only the level 50 can start the fast travel process, but once you do, it takes both the level 50 and level 1 to the Underdome. The enemies will still be roughly level 12-15 starting out. Hope this helps clarify have a great day everyone.

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    SongleikrThat was a fckin nightmare !
    Posted by Songleikr on 06 Mar 21 at 18:35
    CheezatinoStill works (June 2021)
    Posted by Cheezatino on 22 Jun 21 at 00:30
    xArjenRobben10xGood solution. The difficulty is zero here but it's so tedious I'm not looking forward to doing this 5 more times(2 more on here and 3 on the 360 version)
    Posted by xArjenRobben10x on 06 Mar at 17:10
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  • Nyght87Nyght87181,241
    01 Jan 2010 18 Jan 2010
    47 8 0
    One thing i would like to add is if you enter into someone's game in the middle of one of the tournaments you will still get the achievement even if you join in on the last wave of the last round.
  • Alex WhiskersAlex Whiskers77,531
    07 Oct 2010 24 Mar 2010
    48 18 11
    There's also a giltch that I found at that will help you skip some rounds entirly. Using this method I completed Angelic Ruins in two hours. Credit goes to who ever posted this on the Borderlands Wiki.

    "There is in fact a way to skip a few of the rounds.

    What you will need:

    1. Eridian Shotgun(Thunder Storm)
    2. 2 players(one must be a low leveled character, the other a high level)
    3. Timing

    The steps

    1. Run through the first 4 waves(The round skips can only be done at the boss wave)
    2. Before the boss wave starts, position yourself aiming at the center of the stage(this can be marked by the ramp(the middle of the three sections of the ramp)

    * Immediately upon the boss spawning, shoot and kill him with the thunder storm

    1. Do not kill the henchmen yet.
    2. If you see the curtains close while the henchmen are spawning, this has been executed correctly, otherwise you will need to wait until the next round.
    3. After the curtains close, you will need to wait a few seconds until a countdown timer starts from 10.
    4. After continuing out of the end of round stats, kill those henchmen.
    5. Wave 1 of the new round will start.
    6. A few seconds later, the countdown from 10 will start.

    o After the countdown you will get the end of round stats. Continue, and the new round will start.
    * The boss needs to die before his henchmen spawn. ie. Nine Toes would need to die before his dogs spawn

    o You will still need to kill wave 1 of the prior round that you skipped.

    Why do I need...

    The thunder storm - Because regular bullets will only do 1 damage to the enemy, whereas the thunderstorm does a great deal of elemental damage fast enough to take out the boss.

    To wait before killing the henchmen - The programming that was done appears to be that if there are no enemies the boss wave on the field after the first one appears, end that round. By killing the boss fast enough, you make this true. The henchmen still spawn, making it so that when you kill them after the next round starts, this is true again.

    This basically saves you 4 rounds each time, as you will still have to fight wave 1 of the previous round. It will still save you the additional time, as wave 1 of the next round will spawn while you are still fighting that previous wave.

    Note: Some boss waves this will not work with. Their spawn time is delayed or they have extreme recharge on their shields upon spawning. So basically you'll be able to get, within the 20 rounds, 3-5 of them skipped, which can save upwards of 1-2 hours depending."
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    VegaDark541I was about to create this solution myself, just discovered this method on my own after skipping a round and realizing what exactly it was that I did to accomplish that.
    Posted by VegaDark541 on 10 Feb 13 at 05:00
    x RepoUK xAs an added bonus, if you manage to clear the 1st wave of the next round off quickly enough then it jumps to the next round. I spammed where I thought the respawn was going to be with rockets. This happened twice in one game, e.g. I glitched the boss on 13/5, skipped to 14/1 and then skipped to 15/1 and then 17/5, 18/1, 19/1! I can also confirm that it works with Hanzz and Franzz; just don't kill Franzz until after the countdown.
    Posted by x RepoUK x on 26 Mar 16 at 19:52
    LuckyKantYou don't need a second player or the elemental shotgun. I got this to work multiple times on Hell-Burbia, solo and with randoms joining my game.
    You can use a modded weapon, especially the common shotgun that does 99,999 damage.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 22 May 18 at 15:07
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