Come On Down! achievement in Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

Come On Down!

Collect all the pachinko coins in the game.

Come On Down!0
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How to unlock the Come On Down! achievement

  • MtldMtld2,236,732
    02 Jul 2013 02 Jul 2013 25 Sep 2014
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    OK, so I see that the previous guide has only received a negative vote, so I'm gonna try to help here.

    First of all, all of the locations posted in cra x360a's guide are correct. However, I went through the game 4 times before the achievement unlocked, and I noticed that some crucial informations are missing.

    1. You have to play solo. If you play co-op, the Pachinko coins that your friend collects do not count for your profile (contrary to the game cartridges, which can be collected by either player and count for both).

    2. You have to get them all in 1 playthrough. You cannot come back to any missing Pachinko coins by using Quick Play (again, contrary to the game cartridges).

    3. If you die while collecting the coin (e.g., you kill the enemy that should give you the pachinko, but die before collecting it), you will have to restart the level. You CAN restart a level during your playthrough. I did it one time on the second level on my successful playthrough. Always make sure you are at 10 coins before completing the level : if you are at the boss fight and you are missing some coins, restart the level.

    4. Sometimes, you will collect 11 Pachinkos in a level. This should not be a problem. The achievement pops in-game, as soon as you collect your 80th Pachinko.

    5. AKA Swede confirms that you can do this during multiple game sessions (e.g., Play a few levels, turn your Xbox off, then come back and complete the game). I did it all in one sitting.

    There! With all these info and the location guide, you should be able to collect all Pachinko coins, and this (glitch-fest) achievement.

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    AKA SwedeI can confirm that you can do this during multiple game sessions (e.g., Play a few levels, turn your Xbox off, then come back and complete the game). I also made sure not to finish a level unless I had all ten coins.
    Posted by AKA Swede On 25 Sep 14 at 14:13
    MtldOK thanks, updated!
    Posted by Mtld On 25 Sep 14 at 14:32
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  • craxidecraxide724,065
    10 May 2010 10 May 2010
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    Found on Originally posted by Jordbrett

    The Hate Boat (lvl 1) deck of ship guy on the very top level
    2.after tennis court three levels of guys top level with 4 red pillars inside ship shoot into middle of screen
    4.wood box right after that part before the "big daddy" the theatre left side guy ducking down
    6.up the screen you'll see something that says jalbert's in the middle guy on the right
    7.after the guys repel into the screen shoot the next part into the screen a guy should have a coin and another a collectible. Before the ramp with the balcony above you.
    8.rising water room at the top left side where you can get crushed by big pipes shoot diagonal it's the third guy who is just off screen. You can hit him even if you can't see him.
    10.sleeping guy at machine shoot into the screen.

    Booty Call (lvl 2)
    1. At the first canon, guy on top
    2. Guy on top of spiked wall
    3. Up top after entering 2nd area last guy
    4. Where the guys repel in off ropes
    5. After falling floor part guy on platform
    6. Behind the wall shooting in screen before shooting down bridge
    7. On the bridge where guys repel down in a skeleton
    8. skeleton before crushing spikes
    9. Skelton on the shooting cannons part 3 of lvl
    10. guy on top of the mast first area of ship (silver)

    Oh, Canada (lvl 3)
    1. 2nd elevator area bottom left
    2. 1st rapel area outside
    3. blue construction area 1st guy that climbs up
    4. before jumping on the elevator up guy climbs up building
    5. 2nd repel area left side
    6. chopper after first maple syrup jump
    7. guy sleeping on railing after syrup
    8. after rocket door
    9. ice rink repel guys
    10. 2nd chopper on the treadmill

    Dismember the Alamo (lvl 4)
    1. 1st guy on top of wooden deck on top of no tresspassing sign
    2. 2nd room with fall down ramp
    3. wookie at first Mario part
    4. repel part with out houses and bean stalk
    5. giant red oga sign shoot into screen
    6. first Wookie thing after you stand on that thing with the weird oga appearing box
    7. It's just as you are about to get on the train. There is a notice sign with a blue stripe on it and there is a guy with an invisible cloak leaning up against the wall. Very easy to miss. (thanks to filter x360a)
    8. 2nd chopper 2nd train car
    9. second set of choppers after TNT barrels (5th chopper)
    10. train 53082 3 guys

    Well FU, Too (lvl 5)
    1. after the river jump first guy
    2. after first group of snakes
    3. firework potters shoot into screen guy at bottom door
    4. after first water snakes guy on top
    5. right after previous coin 2nd river snake area gold ninja
    6. 2nd water snake last guy in background shoot into screen
    7. 1st balcony after going up the stairs red bow and arrow guy
    8. when you see the flying ship, DON'T shoot it right away wait and guys will repel down. Guy on the right
    9. arrow guy right before the ramp with the rolling barrell
    10. after the floor opens the guy right above you shooting arrows tough to him go slow after jumping down

    Whose Mine is it Anyway (lvl 6)
    1. make sure you drop down and after snow mountain
    2. bats after dropping down in elevator
    3. giant e when the stairs come up
    4. stay up on glass last guy up top has one
    5. yeti after floor rising room
    6. 2nd elevator down bat in the room
    7. heading down the stairs right side behind box
    8. yeti at bottom of the stairs
    9. 2nd yeti downstairs after screw door
    10. yeti after you drop

    Zoom, Pow... (lvl 7)
    1. after first countdown left side
    2. same area during countdown right side
    3. after countdown right side
    4. during countdown right side
    5. after shock beams guy floating
    6-10. 5 coins during space part they automatically come to you the Moon (lvl 8)
    1. first wave of enemies
    2. 2nd set of flying bad guys
    3. first guy on top of platform you jump up to go up
    4. top of the thing you jump up first guy
    5. guy underneath you room with fireball and pushing things
    6. same room guy at the end
    7. after fake boss meeting first guy right side
    8. jump up the left ramp hovering guy right side
    9. next area second yeti
    10. same spot above the yeti white scientist looking guy
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    MattiasAndersonAn Awesome guide were they are! But the other guide is also needed to know of the things that can ruin this achievement.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 14 Jan at 23:28
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