Hardcore achievement in Army of TWO™: TFD


You need to complete the Game on Contractor Difficulty

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How to unlock the Hardcore achievement

  • JODAWJODAW284,027
    30 Aug 2010 30 Aug 2010 06 Sep 2010
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    ok this is not so much a solution for getting the contractor cheevo its more of a solution to help you out trying to get it if its glitched on you ie because of the DLC. Ok so this is what happened to me i ran through the game on normal then stupidly i bought the DLC got those cheevo's then decided to run through on contractor, i got to the end fairly easily but no contractor cheevo popped for me. So this is what i done, i decided to transfer all my game saves and DLC content over to a memory stick, the reason why i done this was just incase it didnt work i could then transfer it back over to my hard drive. Anyhow once i had cleared everything i then started to play through the contractor difficulty again on Co Op with a friend. After going through the first or second checkpoint on the 1st chapter the contractor cheevo popped for me.
    Now i wont say this will defo work for everyone that has had this glitch on them but its defo worth a try to save you running through all the game again or even doing the DLC on contractor. So please do not leave negative if this doesnt work for you as i am not a 100% it will but its something you can try as it worked for me strangely enough.

    If you need me to run through anything about this solution if i havent explained it very well please send me a message on live but i dont accept random friends request.

    If this solution does work for anyone can you please send me a message just to let me know it worked just handy to know feedback

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    MatchedCloud079This worked well for me also. I finished the first 4 missions in split screen with a friend and finished the rest with an AI partner because I was having trouble working with him, but when I got to the end, it didn't pop. I was pretty sure it was because I downloaded the DLC and needed to complete Missions 8 & 9 before getting the achievement, but I decided to try this method first because it seems like it'd bypass the DLC missions. It definitely worked. I'm guessing it's because the Xbox couldn't find the DLC files. Pretty awesome.
    Posted by MatchedCloud079 on 19 Jun 14 at 08:32
    JODAWGood to see it's still working
    Posted by JODAW on 27 Jun 14 at 18:02
    Muddy GrundyWorked like a charm!
    Posted by Muddy Grundy on 20 Jul at 21:26
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  • ProtiumProtium1,335,871
    27 Mar 2010 27 Mar 2010 07 Apr 2011
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    If you have not unlocked Hardcore before you have downloaded the Chapters of Deceit DLC, you will likely find that this achievement will not pop when it should (at the end of Chapter 7, assuming you started from the beginning on Contractor).

    Do not worry, you CAN still get the achievement (it is not glitched).

    To unlock it, you must complete all of the regular game on Contractor (Chapters 1 to 7), as well as completing both of the DLC chapters on Contractor (Chapters 8 and 9). If you have completed all of the levels in order, Hardcore will unlock at the end of Chapter 9 on Contractor.

    I had to go through Contractor twice before I figured out to try the DLC, but it worked.

    *** I assume a patch may fix this issue, but until then I hope this helps those who are having the same issue. ***
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    XeNomORpH811where do you find 8 and 9?
    Posted by XeNomORpH811 on 01 Jan 12 at 00:30
    ProtiumThey are on the far right of the chapter select menu, as long as you have the DLC downloaded.
    Posted by Protium on 01 Jan 12 at 03:01
    AndreFlash83Got it too, just made like the solution above and it didnt work, so i just went trought the dlc and got it thank u dude, and btw i got 1 cheevo of the dlc, the one for save the doctor and i've ever done the mp cheevos, very weird.
    Posted by AndreFlash83 on 03 Mar 12 at 13:12
  • PXAbstractionPXAbstraction214,782
    06 Feb 2010 31 Jan 2010 09 Feb 2010
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    A few words of warning if you're going after this: Make sure you don't start another game (even in another slot), change players or switch your existing game between solo and co-op play until this is awarded. A friend and I went through the entire game on Contractor (which was very frustrating, particularly towards the end) and while the Softcore achievement for the halfway mark did unlock, this didn't. At one point, I started another save to try out different guns and this is what we theorise broke the achievement. The game will not tell you or warn you ahead of time that these things will break the achievement.

    UPDATE: The game does in fact remember what checkpoints you have completed on Contractor if you start levels over again. I started playing from the halfway point in single player and midway during the second last level, the achievement popped. Unfortunately, the game won't tell you which checkpoints you're missing but if you have the Softcore achievement, you can start from the zoo mission. Wifelikedrip also pointed out that if you make only negative moral choices in the game, it apparently makes it easier, though I haven't tested this myself.
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    elgydiumto finish this game in one session, well, i'll say I will definitely kill myself with a knife.
    Posted by elgydium on 05 Jan 11 at 12:25
    PHARREAL87how long does this take to beat? thinking of setting up a gaming session and wondering how long it will take
    Posted by PHARREAL87 on 30 Sep 11 at 02:18
    OH NO GAWDZIRRAI figured I would add my experience to this guide as the other guides address DLC issues.

    I started the game couch coop the other profile being local only, I had not downloaded the DLC and I followed this guides suggestion of never starting a new game, changing to solo, or changing player(I was always Rios) while attempting the achievement. I also was trying to follow Yuhans suggestion of never quitting mid chapter. Each time we started up the game i signed in the other profile selected local coop and selected continue.

    First time we played only made it through chapter one, quit out to the main menu after the second chapter loaded enough for us to move.
    Second time we played until the start of chapter five, ran around the beginning and died twice(never hit a checkpoint) quit out to the main menu
    Third time we played until mid/late chapter six where you kill the 3 enemies prompting the helicopter crash scene. When that scene attempted to load the game froze...... I had to restart the xbox and chose to continue. We ended up getting halfway through the final chapter, where you open a door their are two enemies facing away from you and a temporarily unmanned machine gun right before the step jump over the chain link fence to where "guys on the roof are helping". My coop partner was then too drunk to continue at that point so we had to quit out to the main menu.
    Fourth time we selected continue and finished the game. Both profiles got the achievement.

    Thanks for the guide!
    TLDR: follow the suggestion of never starting a new game, changing to solo, or switching player
    Posted by OH NO GAWDZIRRA on 10 Jul 13 at 18:27
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