The Beast achievement in Army of TWO™: TFD

The Beast

You need to kill 6,666 people in Campaign

The Beast0
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How to unlock the The Beast achievement

  • Subjugator 22Subjugator 22240,524
    11 Feb 2011 11 Feb 2011 13 Feb 2011
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    *D.L.C. ONLY*

    I have a method that will net you 100 kills in about 5-6 min. You'll need a second controller as this is done in split screen co-op. It can be done with just you and the AI, but you will get between 70-90 kills in about 3-4 min. instead. Weapon customization and loadout is important to achieve the best time, so I will list the optimal settings as well.

    Start a split screen game on casual difficulty and use the chapter select to load "The Saboteurs" chapter checkpoint (second to last checkpoint of Chapter 9), the mission will begin with a short cutscene detailing the objective to stop the train. Once this is done, move both you and your partner into the small alcove directly behind you and enter the weapon customization menu. You will either want to upgrade the M416 (primary) or the AK-47 (primary) but they both have equivalent stats when maxed out properly.

    Equip the following:
    Primary - AK-47/M416
    Barrel - SC-4 TITYOS
    Stock - HL Reflex Core
    Cartridge - AK-47 30 Round Mag.*
    Front mount - Slanted G5 Grip
    Suppressor - E3 Muz. Enhancer
    Scope - Red Dot [3X]

    Secondary - Desert Eagle (DE-0.44)
    Suppressor - SV5 Muz. Reducer

    Special - You probably won't ever need to use, just in case pick your favorite snipe.

    *although your clip size is smaller your damage is increased which is much more essential, and you still will have the same overall amount of ammunition.

    Now that the customization is done, exit (don't worry about customizing your partner, his kills don't count toward your total) and quickly move your partner behind cover of the first column to the right, outside of the alcove you are standing in. Then you will want to move yourself outside of the alcove to the stack of boxes on the left. (MAKE SURE TO STAY ON THE DOCK!)

    From here I recommend switching to your desert eagle and using it to snipe the enemies in the alley in front of you. There are other enemies across this section, but you will want to focus on the ones directly in front of you to maximize the time spent. Time your shots carefully and you should only need one well placed round to take down an enemy. Every so often an enemy will get on the turret so be sure to take them out as quickly as possible, also occasionally an enemy will run and hide behind a tall stack of boxes to your left. Be sure to keep an eye out for this and try to shoot them before arriving there as it can be difficult to shoot them while they are in that position. Feel free to alternate between your primary and secondary at your leisure, just be sure not to use ammunition frivolously.

    You can check how many enemies (per session) have been killed by pressing start at any time and looking at the bottom right of the screen. 100 is the maximum that can be killed in this area, so once you have hit this number you will simply want to restart the checkpoint and repeat. When you do this however your changes to your weapons are reset, so you can remedy this by having your partner step jump you over the wall and getting a checkpoint first and then you will need to quit and select the chapter over again. After doing this once the changes are saved and you can restart when you get done killing 100 enemies.

    Sorry for the long read, I like to be detail oriented. Hope this helps!

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    T1PP3RN4T0Rno apologies needed being detailed helps alot, i will try this out tomorrow :) cheers man
    Posted by T1PP3RN4T0R on 20 Jun 11 at 15:47
    WiizKiinThis is a great spot for getting those kills up, well done bud.
    As you shoot them back to their spawn point, dont be afraid to lob a grenade at the alley opening and catch them as they run out
    Posted by WiizKiin on 23 Jan 15 at 18:35
    EhrenfriedWhen I got to the spot I was wondering because it looked like they spawn infinite.
    This method workes best and I will do the Beast with it.
    Posted by Ehrenfried on 10 Jul 15 at 11:53
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  • A Man in FlamesA Man in Flames197,779
    23 Jan 2010 22 Jan 2010
    32 8 2
    I would like to add to Mumbo Jumbo UK's post by pointing out that if you shoot any barrels to kills off any soldiers, it does NOT count as a kill. Stupid as that may be, it does not add to your kill count. Also, as mentioned, doing this in Split-Screen allows you to get all the kills which on average can range from 50-60+. My personal record on this was 63 kills all in which only takes 2:10 per run.

    I'm going to argue that this is the fastest way to get kills. The chapter checkpoint is called "The Fastest Way Down", in chapter 2.
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    tragik1978I agree with 'a man in flames', but i did not discover that the drum kills didn't count till the last 500 i needed.. my record was 70 kills for me and 8 for AI.. One thing i found was once you get on the platform, arm your upgraded (special) nade launcher. run to the right of the platform and you send 3 nades down on the guys running out. Then run to the other side (left) and throw two more nades at the guys running down below. Then run back to the right side again and you can get off another 3 more nades all before the back to back starts. I have gotten 12- 15 kills (AI -0) before back to back starts up.
    Posted by tragik1978 on 04 Feb 10 at 16:19
    fritzscrollI am going for this chevo but left many of the ones found in the campaign(ie finding all cats, all radio's, etc) for later runthroughs so it didn't seem like such a grind to kill all the enemies as I was also going for other chevo's in the later campaign runs. Just a thought to any who are still grinding
    Posted by fritzscroll on 10 Mar 10 at 15:52
  • JODAWJODAW280,026
    20 Aug 2010 19 Aug 2010 27 Aug 2010
    22 3 3
    if you have the DLC just load chapter 9 act HORNETS NEST, kill first wave of enemy and then jump down into next section and kill all enemy that keep on spawning you should get about a 100 kills in a few mins of playing. Rinse and repeat.

    Just a little update for this kill grinding solution once you have killed the 1st wave on enemies on the upper level, once you jump down the ladder to go into the warehouse section hold your AI partner so he doesnt steal any of your kills. After killing the 2 easy shotgun heavies, what i done was to take cover behind the forklift truck and you can see them keep spawning through the big shutter door infront of the forklift truck.
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    DeceptiveTengreat guide!! If you stay behind the boxes to the left of the forklift they keep respawning i got 143 kills.they stop spawning after i got the 143 kills it takes about 10 -15 min to get the kills
    Posted by DeceptiveTen on 20 May 12 at 15:27
    DeceptiveTenbtw that's top and bottom...on the top part when you go through the gate hold you partner shot the first two guys then run left and camp there by the door shoot heavy in the face and hang there till there's nobody left
    Posted by DeceptiveTen on 20 May 12 at 15:33
    DeceptiveTenrun to the right NOT LEFT
    Posted by DeceptiveTen on 20 May 12 at 16:15
  • iM3RKxYOUxiM3RKxYOUx347,299
    19 Aug 2012 19 Aug 2012 19 Aug 2012
    13 0 1
    2mins. 90 kills.
    Follow the video (below). It will show you what to do. In summary all you need to do is enter chapter select and choose "The Sabateurs" its one of the last or the final checkpoint on chapter nine. (note this is only on the DLC (chapters of deceit)!

    Stay behind one of the boxes and keep killing until the enemies stop spawning. Don't walk anywhere near the mounted gun otherwise the baddies will stop coming! Once the wave is over you should've gained at least 80-100 kills. If you want more you can simply play split screen and hide the 2nd controller in a corner. This will prevent the AI from robbing you of your precious kills.

    I highly recommend the grenade launcher. Its great for knocking out a few kills and will help bump your time down so you can finish the wave faster. Its all down to personal preferance but i found the loadout described in the video to be the most effective (for me anyway).
  • Mumbo Jumbo UKMumbo Jumbo UK362,053
    19 Jan 2010 26 Jan 2010
    25 12 4
    This obviously counts through all of your playthroughs and will take you about 5-7 total playthroughs to get this many kills. You could potentially find a spot with a lot of enemies and just keep killing them, and reloading the checkpoint (it will save your kills regardless of hitting a checkpoint or not). You can check how many kills you have by going into the start menu and going to statistics then looking for "Enemies Killed".

    *I take no credit for this solution, I give full credit to IIII epic III for the solution*

    This is my own findings:

    I know off one spot you can farm kills. Near the end of chapter 2 after saving Murray, you will end up been lowered by a crane (done by Murray climbing to the controls) with you and your partner standing back 2 back on a concrete slab attached to the crane cable. I got about 30 kills here, could have got more except for my AI partner killing a few. Once this sequence is over ie your at the bottom, just restart the checkpoint which is just before Murray climbs the crane. Rinse and repeat.
    As pointed out by fellow TA'er *tragic1978* you can plug in a second controller (splitscreen co-op mode) so that you get all the kills as the AI control will be overwritten.

    Another good place to farm kills is on the "Sink It' mission on Chapter 6. Once the ship blows up you will get a checkpoint save, to your right is a staircase which you go up. Ahead should be a wired fence with a wired gate shut. Put the AI on hold position and just aim at that gate and loads of enemies will run out in your sights. Some will sneak left but you should be able to get them inbetween and towards end as the enemy numbers dry up. A shotgun heavy will come too but I always got him before he kicked the gate open. I got about 50 kills here. Rinse and repeat, just restart the checkpoint once all enemies are dead and gone as it will take you back to just after the ship explodes. In other words don't proceed through the next revolving door as that will trigger a checkpoint.
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,183,881
    08 Jul 2014 06 Jul 2014 08 Jul 2014
    8 0 0
    The BEST METHOD for getting 6666 kills – 950 KILLS PER HOUR!!!!!

    1. You have completed the game. (Seriously, if you are thinking of getting this before you complete the game at least twice (as required) you are in need of help.
    2. Gernade Launcher FULLY upgraded.

    You are ready
    1. Start up chapter 3 – Solid ground
    2. Advance to the end of the chapter – to where you are ambushed.
    3. As soon as you pass the gate to the loading bay, BEFORE the ambush starts, tell your partner to BLUE hold position
    4. Pull out your grenade launcher and run BEHIND the blue crates on the loading dock.
    5. Now aim to the right corner and wait. The tall building will blow up and soon after 2 vans will arrive. Don’t worry about them. A guy will pop his head out. Shoot.
    6. Then swing to the left wall where the baddies are climbing over – shoot
    7. Back to the right shoot.
    8. To the left – shoot.
    9. To the right shoot.
    10. Left, right again.
    11. When the GREEN notice pops, press start and reload check point.
    12. Repeat.

    If you are fast enough you can get 19-20 kills and it takes 1.25 minutes INCLUDING LOADING TIME. That means average 98 kills in 6 minutes. Don’t worry about the AI, he protects you from being hit by grenades, and shouldn’t steal any of your kills if you are fast enough.

    HOLD LT the whole time to stay zoomed in and just pan over left right left right.
  • MatchedCloud079MatchedCloud07955,550
    20 Jun 2014 17 Jun 2014
    4 0 1
    This is a great way to farm kills if you don't have the DLC. Load up Chapter 7: Tourist Trap. After you Step Jump over the wall, clear a path along the right side with your partner to the Mounted Gun. Have your Partner watch behind you to the left and to your sides while you blast away the other enemies as they come in through the spawn points. Once you clear out all the enemies, two Shotgun Heavies will come in, one at a time. After finishing them off, you are finally ready to start.

    First, face the barrel end of the Mounted Gun to flip it around to face the fence. Focus on the right side while your partner makes sure no enemies make it down there from the left side with as little killing as possible (With an AI partner, just have them hold position next to you). Clear out any enemies running on or at the bottom of the stairs. Once this is done, point the Mounted Gun at the top of the stairs and kill any enemies you see. Enemies will be spawning from the left side in groups of about 5 and if you have all the aggro, they will be running into your view to try to get a shot off on you. I did this a few times and got over 100 kills each time before getting bored or having to restart from checkpoint. As long as you stay on your side of the fence and don't try to run up the stairs, the Gatling Gun Heavy won't spawn and the other enemies will keep coming.
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