Survival of the Fittest achievement in Army of TWO: The 40th Day

Survival of the Fittest

Versus: Complete all 16 rounds of an Extraction game in a public match

Survival of the Fittest+0.7
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How to unlock the Survival of the Fittest achievement

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    So the aim of the game is to survive 16 rounds of Extraction.

    The main points:

    *You cannot do this game in a private lobby. It HAS to be public.
    *You MUST be in the pregame lobby to get the achievement.
    *THE HOST MUST STAY IN THE GAME. You will not get the achievement if he/she lags out or quits.

    To get around the lobby problem:

    2 people sit in the Versus lobby. 2 people search for Extraction games so: Versus -> Quick Play -> Extraction.

    Once one person is in a lobby by themselves, they must get the game invite out ASAP. You have just under 40 seconds to send the invites out & get yourselves in the lobby.

    If one person doesn't join in time, you must start the process again. When you're all in the lobby in the pregame countdown it should say 4/4 or 0/4 the last /number must be a /4! Because this shows how many are in the game.

    OK, so it's pretty straight forward once you're in the game session. Sit tight through the rounds. You'll need some patience, it could take up to 4 hours. (It ran this way with my sessions: 4 hours, 3.5 hours 2.5 hours - although at that point we knew exactly what to expect!)

    There is a particular level - Crossroads - where you fight 2 Rocket Launcher Heavies (LRH) & then 2 Grenade Launcher Heavies (GLH). (It's usually the last level you do but sometimes they get jumbled up)

    When the 2 RLH appear, run back to where you spawn/started the game (near the stairs leading down to nowhere) They will both go around in circles at the top and shouldn't pose a problem at all if 2 people hide toward the back of the stairs (leading to nowhere) and 2 people sit up front behind a very small wall/concrete roadblock. 1 RLH will walk around in a circle from the left and another will walk around behind the lorry/truck (which is right ahead of you when you're behind the concrete road block) on the right throw grenades at this guy for good measure. Keep an eye out for the Commanders that come from the right.

    Once you've downed the last RLH, the 2 GLH will appear with the rest of the Commanders and Elites (10 in total. 2 GLH & 8 Commanders & Elites). The Commanders and Elites will be spawning right behind you so run forwards back up to the top of the stairs and finish off the rest of the Elites & Commanders before you tackle the GLH. Once you've only got the last 2 GLH left, run back to the spawn point again and it's the same grind as it was with the RLH except this time you have to avoid grenades.

    ***When you're tackling the last 10 and if you're driven back toward your spawn point area, please keep in mind you'll have Commanders and Elites spawning behind you, to the right of you and to the left of you***

    I hope this makes sense. I write this guide from experience - it took 3 sessions for me and 2 of the guys I boosted with and even more for one of them.

    Special kudos & mentions to Darken81 for solving the problem of that pesky map.

    It sounds easy when you read it but don't be fooled it; IS fustrating but with some buddies and a good sense of humour, you'll get that thing to 'pop' in no time. Good luck!

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    dalope24I can confirm that you can finish a Map downed and still get this achievement; I was dead when my group finished the 16th round and I was still able to get this achievement.
    Posted by dalope24 on 07 Mar 11 at 23:35
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  • SombraGotHacksSombraGotHacks140,437
    14 Apr 2012 01 Aug 2013 02 Aug 2013
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    In addition to this solution I offer my help to anyone who has difficulties with this. I've finished it over 100 times and play it every now and then anyways.
    An Extraction game is basically a horde mode which consists of 16 rounds across 4 maps (Zoo, Aftermath, Crossroads, Temple) in which the enemies slowly increase in damage, accuracy and health. Zoo is the easiest map and Crossroads the hardest. So if you want to make it easier you can keep hosting until you get Crossroads on the first 4 rounds. I would advice to do this with a minimal of 2, but 4 people will offcourse make this a lot easier. Make sure that everyone that wants the achievement is in the match BEFORE the first round starts and make sure the host doesn't disconnect. Also note it doesn't matter if you are downed or dead when you finish it.

    - Use your partner reloads. Not only when your ammo is running out, cause a new grenade never hurts. They are infinite so go wild.
    - Know that the spawning of enemies is scripted. So if you've played a map or a round a few times you should know where the enemies come from.
    - When an enemy gets too close melee him. No matter what round, a melee is always a one-hit kill (except for heavies offcourse).
    - Don't feel shamed of hiding or walking out of the firing lines for a sec when you're health is low. Needing to revive you is a bigger issue then not having your bullets fired for a few seconds.
    - Remember that unlike the other game modes, you CAN shoot when downed. If you do shoot make sure to finish the enemy off or they will finish you off.
    - Don't go to far from your teammates. Offcourse it helps for quick partner reloads, but is also good for reviving teammates and is most tactical when overloaded with enemies.
    - When a Heavy dies you can pick up their special weapon (except for the Assault Rifle Heavy which is also a weapon in a kit), which is pretty sweet. You can even carry it over to a next round on the same map. Say you finish round 3 and picked up a RPG, you will start round 4 with a RPG in your hands.

    As for heavies this is what to expect:

    First Round: No Heavies.
    Second Round: No Heavies.
    Third Round: 1 RPG Heavy and 1 Assault Rifle Heavy, both on Squad 4.
    Fourth Round: 1 Assault Rifle Heavy on Squad 3 and 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 4.

    First Round: No Heavies.
    Second Round: 1 Assault Rifle Heavy, Squad 5.
    Third Round: 2 RPG Heavies, 1 Assault Rifle Heavy, all on Squad 4.
    Fourth Round: 2 Assault Rifle Heavies on Squad 3 and 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 4.

    First Round: No Heavies.
    Second Round: 1 RPG Heavy, Squad 5.
    Third Round: 1 Assault Rifle Heavy and 1 RPG Heavy, both on Squad 5.
    Fourth Round: 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 3 and 2 MGL (Grenade Launcher) Heavies on Squad 4.

    First Round: No Heavies.
    Second Round: No Heavies.
    Third Round: 1 RPG Heavy, Squad 4.
    Fourth Round: 1 RPG Heavy on Squad 3 and 2 RPG Heavies on Squad 4.
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    Kuraimaru13A great in depth guide and SOULxBREAKER69 also helped my get this and the Bound for Life achievement without a hitch. Couldn't ask for a better player.
    Posted by Kuraimaru13 on 22 Mar 14 at 21:25
    maguzzoloMany thanks to SOULxBREAKER69 for these great tips and for helping me getting to the end of this, would never have succedeed without his help!
    Posted by maguzzolo on 28 Apr 14 at 07:39
    J4CKA1Is soulxbreaker69 now sombragothacks?
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 15 Dec 18 at 12:19
  • mossfan563mossfan563792,090
    07 Sep 2012 07 Sep 2012 25 Mar 2013
    8 1 12
    If you vote negative, please tell me why in the comments!!

    To add on to the 2 current achievement guides,

    You DO NOT have to finish all 16 rounds in 1 session.
    I CAN confirm this because I did a session where me and 3 other people went through the rounds all the way to round 16.
    I ended up being host from the beginning and I lagged out and froze on the 2nd squad of round 16. :( Didn't get the achievement that night.

    Today, 9/7/12, I was invited to join an Extraction game by a friend and joined in at Round 13. We finished the remaining rounds and I popped the achievement as did everyone else.

    I can't say as to if you need to continue on the round you left off on but to be on the safe side, you should start at the beginning of the round rotation. For example, if you lagged out at round 11, you should restart your run at round 9.

    I know there's no way of starting at that exact round but what I'm saying is you don't have to stress yourself starting all the way at round 1 again. :)

    EDIT: You need to be in the game 1 wave before the wave you actually have to start at. For example if you need to start at wave 9 you need to be in the game between waves 1-8. Being in progress during wave 9 will most likely not count towards the achievement.
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    Phoenix C64mossfan, if crossroads is your last map, you either have a super-team or you're screwed. rocket launcher wave: go back to spawn. after that lots of shotgun guys and 2 grenade launchers. you need to go upstairs QUICK after rocket launchers and all 4 players focus on 1st grenade launcher. i've spend more than 5 hours on this last thing alone without success. in the end it was quicker to start from scratch and make sure to get crossroads first.
    Posted by Phoenix C64 on 03 Apr 13 at 17:40
    J4CKA1So if I have a group of 4 and we have to quit for the night after 4 hours, can we start right back where we were in the next session?
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 06 Nov 18 at 16:12
    mossfan563If you all quit out, then you start back at wave 1. I believe if you have at least one of your team in, it will keep resetting the round rotation when you fail.

    Can't 100% confirm this though because I don't have the game anymore.
    Posted by mossfan563 on 07 Nov 18 at 16:28
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