The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

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The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Depot Demolition achievement in Borderlands

Depot Demolition

Destroy the Lance Depot

Depot Demolition0
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How to unlock the Depot Demolition achievement

  • SemanticV0idSemanticV0id245,345
    27 Sep 2010 27 Apr 2010 22 Aug 2012
    64 10 28
    For those who aren't aware, there is a glitch in the armory that allows you to have infinite time to get the guns. As you are walking towards the end of the hall past the code-locked door after Knoxx's fight, the last floor partition before you reach the red room is not solid. If you move around slightly you will glitch through the floor. You should see some blue checkered tiles as well. From here, just crouch and drop down into the room. The timers should be stuck showing about 2:33:86.

    Explore the rooms and if you get full and want to sell some guns, just use a rocket to kill yourself (you will lose money, but the guns should compensate) and you will respawn near the vending machines and from here you can just walk back to the armory, glitch through and keep looting. Even if you jump from the highest point you will not die, so don't waste your time, just use the rockets. There are about 4 levels so make sure you poke around to find all of them.

    You can also exit the game and restart when done to refill the chests, but you will have to kill Knoxx again, which is worth it in my opinion. Enjoy!

    This glitch is still in effect as of August 2012, any updates to say whether it still works after that date would be appreciated.

    If your Armory run is done on one of the quests that Marcus gives you (so anything other than the first quest into the Armory), don't go into the area under elevator as it will complete one of the objectives out of order and screw up your quest completion. If this happens, Dashboard immediately and then reload your game. This will reset that quest's progress and you'll be fine.

    NOTE: I understand that it is not a true solution, but I would like people to be aware of this (possibly intentional) glitch so they can better enjoy the game.

    Here is an example video with some extra tips, which I do not take credit for (credit goes to the cool British guy, DrSkelde):

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    liviaroStill works April 2016
    Posted by liviaro on 08 Apr 16 at 06:37
    KingRodedogStill works as of December 2016!
    Posted by KingRodedog on 18 Dec 16 at 06:17
    SupertrouserCan confirm it still works as of 8/1/2017 .
    Posted by Supertrouser on 01 Aug 17 at 20:18
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  • EaterOfSoxEaterOfSox432,817
    24 Feb 2010 24 Feb 2010 27 Feb 2010
    41 4 7
    Hey, 1st Guide hope it helps!!!

    make your way to road's end, head south to the place marked on your map, to make it easier though, have the Knoxxed Out mission active, at the end you should see the Crimson Armory door, head across to the markus guns and sell as much as you can, you'll know later, head through the 2 containers, up a short incline, go right a bit, through a corridor, use the elevator, short cut scene, then kill knoxx, you'll have devastators, medics, troopers to deal with, they are a pain, but you've dealt with them defore, so should be no probs, on your map head left, up some stairs, enter the code from the left: DARK BLUE, YELLOW, LIGHT BLUE, ORANGE. door opens, athena will talk to you, press the button, then you'll have about 2 minutes to grab as much gear as possible, sorted done, cheese mint comes up after credits!!!!,

    If i've missed anything sorri, had to remember after the cheese mint popped up, memory bad, old age you know how it is!!!
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    DreamSmasher XThis was kinda gay the first time I fought him, at the time I didn't know what to expect. I was kicking his ass up until the other devastators showed up and I needed to heal so I went and hide for a bit and while I was doing so 2 medics came out and healed Knoxx back to full health. I was so pissed.
    Posted by DreamSmasher X on 21 Mar 10 at 08:56
    EskimoletdinovMy cheevo didnt pop, after credits I went back and handed quest in at T-Bone Junction and still nothing.
    Posted by Eskimoletdinov on 13 Sep 12 at 16:44
    Claptrap NLI've the same problem as Eskimoletdinov. No achievement while 2 or 3 missions are related to this achievement.
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 04 Jun 13 at 09:28
  • RayCASH305RayCASH305187,858 187,858 GamerScore
    05 Aug 2013 06 Aug 2013
    14 2 3
    If you have been glithed out of getting this chevo I have found a way to get it. I will say it takes some time but for us that love to get 100% in our games it's worth it.

    1 you need two controllers and a dummy account.
    2nd have dummy account as main and split screen
    3 2nd account should be glitched one load high level player play t 1
    4 start game as soon as u can teleport to tbone j doit
    Your just going to run through all the Main missions as yr strong character. Make sure u have the weak one 1 have there missions active. A for example to rescue Athena weak player must talk to her. Once u get to fight Knox beat him with strong character have weak set code and expo munitions complete mission and at end of credits chevo should pop for both. Commet if neg so I know what went wrong it worked for me perfect in one try.
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    LordNyax360Is the dummy account just a guest account that you created when going for the achievement or a local guest account?
    Posted by LordNyax360 on 23 Jan 14 at 22:51
    RayCASH305I used a created account. You have to be able to load and save just in case it happens again.
    Posted by RayCASH305 on 24 Jan 14 at 02:11
    Zeh MarcossI do not know why, but every time I completed the mission, my game crashed in the credits, then in the third time, I had the "brilliant" idea of giving a "quit-save" just before the credits, because thought I would receive the achievement after delivering it to the NPC.

    Result: Not unlocked the damn achievement, and I will need to do all over again. facepalm
    Posted by Zeh Marcoss on 13 Dec 14 at 08:09
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