The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

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The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

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Kill Crawmerax the Invincible

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How to unlock the Vincible achievement

  • Darksky602Darksky602118,218
    01 Mar 2010 01 Mar 2010 02 Feb 2015
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    HOW TO BEAT CRAWMERAX WITH ANY 2 PLAYERS. Including splitscreen with using 2 controllers.

    I was tired of seeing that you had to have a siren or two hunters or four level 61 players to beat this guy, so I went out and looked up this method and added a few things to it. Most of the credit needs to go to HaloHunter72 and the glitch's originator HelterSkelter. Also I want to thank Katiahnya for the screen shot of where you need to stand.

    First you will need a reasonably powerful sniper, (nothing huge) or a very accurate scoped weapon. Also you will need a smg, assault rifle, sniper or anything with a scope that can REGENERATE ammo (higher the fire rate the better)...or for soldiers and hunters a class mod.

    Once you have your weapons set you and your other player go to the elevator to Crawmerax. One person goes up and the other decoy stays at the bottom of the elevator. Now facing forward move to the left closest angle to the front of the elevator and head on up to Crawmerax. As soon as the elevator gets to the top RUN LEFT to the ledge and DUCK DOWN (crouch) against the wall.

    Link to a screen shot of where to stand to freeze glitch Crawmerax posted by Katiahnya over in the Gearbox Forums

    Only crouching enables the glitch and this does take a few tries each time to get Crawmerax to freeze glitch, it doesn't work every time.

    In this spot Crawmerax will glitch and freeze and not attack you nor will his little worm buddies. He will sit there and roar over and over while you shoot all of his critical points. (This does take awhile depending on your level and how proficient you are with your gun the regens ammo) You will eventually blow off his 4 arms and pop his eye, but you have no angle to shoot the weak spots on his back and if you move you WILL die. Now here comes the decoy's job. Player 2 that was waiting at the bottom of the elevator comes up the elevator and Crawmerax will turn to attack him exposing his rear weak points to you. Make sure to stay DOWN and crouched in the glitched spot and snipe or aim well with your long range weapons and crit his rear weak point. (when the other player comes up you are no longer safe while he is alive so stay where you are.) If your partner dies and you stay in the glitched spot Crawmerax should not attack you and turn to face you and start roaring again and all his buddies should freeze. (make sure your decoy does not run towards you, have him run to the right when he leaves the elevator. Rinse and repeat with your decoy coming up the elevator and you sniping the final weak spot. When he pops enjoy the achievement and the massive amount of loot he drops.

    (((Again I cannot stress this enough... if your decoy or decoys are just downed and dying you are still VULNERABLE even in the glitched spot, take you shots quickly and have your decoys force respawn by pressing X. Most of the time Crawmerax will go back to being freeze glitched.)))

    This tactic is a great way to farm legendary and pearl weapons on either playthrough. I also recommend if you do have more than one decoy this would be easier. Just have the one player go up and freeze glitch Cramerax and once only the rear weak point is left bring up the rest of your team and crush him, but keep the one guy in the glitch spot just in case.

    Finally I did this as a lvl 61 Berserker using a scoped ammo regen smg that had about a 30% increased fire rate... (it really wasn't that powerful of a gun and I found it in the knoxx armory on playthrough 1) and a legendary orion sniper for the final rear critical point it did about 900 damage a shot even though my sniper proficiency is only a level 9, my partner was a level 52 hunter THANKS Anaxaminder !!!!

    DOING THIS ALONE via SPLITSCREEN is just a matter of timing.

    If you decide to try this you can use any two characters still but I recommend your decoy be a soldier so you can level him up to about a lvl31 ish and equip soldier class mods that team regen ammo just in case you haven't found any regen ammo guns. (Do any leveling in the knoxx DLC because it goes super fast, or (SPOILERS) the area near the vault with all the guardians.

    Splitscreen works the same as the solution above except when you send your decoy up make sure to keep your main character in the glitch spot and take a quick shot maybe 2 or 3 depending on your long range fire rate, then RESPAWN your decoy quickly because Crawmerax will turn on you even if your decoy is just downed. Once you force respawn the decoy as long as you in the glitched spot Crawmerax will re freeze glitch and you can rinse repeat.

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    No 1 RichyThe glitch still works and hasn't been patched (Dec 2018). However it didn't go to plan for quite a few attempts - the nearest worm kept nailing me. Returning after some levelling up I could easily kill the nearest worm and boom! I was left alone on the ledge to execute the deed.
    Posted by No 1 Richy on 29 Dec 18 at 13:58
    VirusTk GaMBitDoes it still work?
    Posted by VirusTk GaMBit on 17 Aug 19 at 12:04
    M1DNYT3There's actually a little improved solo way with splitscreen I did last week.
    You don't need to be close to level 64 on 1st playthrough, tho you need to have a second account with soldier who has class mod with ammo regen. For your main character the strategy is same as described many times.

    1) Main character P1 - class: actually any, but I'm playing with hunter. My level was 51 during my attempts. But you may deal enough damage on 48-ish. I had wild equalizer revolver (with ammo regen) and gunslinger mod (also pistol ammo regen), and a decent shield ofc (800-1000 at least). And the most important: Rocket Launcher with very high accuracy (95-98), shooting 1 rocket at a time, it'll be okay if damage starts from 700 and so on, but I highly recommend to find at least around 1300 points of damage.

    If you're all fine with part one:
    2) Second character P2 - class: soldier, level is no matter, but need to fit the lesser requirements to be able equip a class mod. You need to find a class mod which regens ammo for your team. Doesn't necessary to have high ammo regen, you just need to have it, that's all. Weapons? No, you don't need any.

    P2 stays at the beginning of the level and doesn't need to go anywhere. You need him just for buffing up your main with ammo regen (for all the weaponry).
    P1 does all as usual: heading to the glitchy spot between N and NW, glitching Crawmerax and his goons, shooting off all the weak spots of the Crawmerax and when it's done, there goes the hardest part, but not if you met P2 requirements.

    Off-topic note:
    You probably have seen how in some guides people says: "Just aim for the spike at the back and shoot the rockets, you'll figure out the timing and it's done", well, not if you're level 49-59, cause no matter how cool your launcher and how much damage it'll say it deals, you'll probably just waste more than a half of your ammo aaaand end up with not dealing that much damage. Noice, we've wasted half of an hour (or more) to come out like a losers and just die.

    Continue to strategy:
    That's where P2 soldier does his job. You may shoot as many rockets to Crawmerax back spike as you need and non of them will be wasted, cause it'll regenerate. So now no matter if your hit deals 100 or 500 damage, you now have the guaranty that you'll kill that Crabbarmax before you ran out of rockets (cause you can't ran out of them).

    Then *Boom* you'll find yourself with cheevo popping up and a great pile of high level weaponry raining from the above, which you probably won't be able to equip cause you're level 49 or around that, but you might save some goods for future if you want.

    - Found just perfect Rocket Launcher with 1500 dmg and 98% accuracy somewhere in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC, closer to the end of main story or even after it. It was 2nd playthrough.
    - Can't remember when I found a wild equalizer, I also had raw equalizer which has less accuracy, but that'll also do the job.
    - You may probably do that with soldier in singleplayer if it's your main, but I dunno which equipment will fit him. You have to find our that yourself.
    Posted by M1DNYT3 on 07 Apr at 11:45
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  • rusty guy500rusty guy500142,196
    07 Mar 2010 18 Apr 2010
    55 12 2
    This is easily done by having more than one person and each having different mods to help you get this.

    The video below shows a glitch where he gets stuck and you can shoot him as much as you like.

    Our weapons didn't do as much damage but we were still able to kill him using the same method just took a little longer.

    Thanks to xNecris666x for the video
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    RELEB4When and where do you get the mission??
    Posted by RELEB4 on 07 Aug 11 at 01:01
    rusty guy500The mission is called "You. Will. Die" you can obtain it from the T-bone junction bounty board. I believe it appears once u finish the story of General Knoxx's armory, so after the credits roll.
    Posted by rusty guy500 on 08 Aug 11 at 05:33
  • KojiiriinKojiiriin26,931
    02 Jan 2011 02 Jan 2011 06 Jan 2012
    43 9 7

    This can be done by ANY class, regardless of level or skill point setup. I recommend using a soldier with a decent Supply Gunner mod, because you DO go through a lot of rounds here and I'd hate for you to run out. It's never a problem with me (I usually go in as a Rifleman or Heavy Gunner, personally), but ammo is the ONLY thing you have to be concerned about in this.

    -Lots of ammunition
    -Decent weapons that can hit the mark at long distances (nothing fancy required)
    -LEVIATHAN (It rises!)

    The technique is to do essentially what most others have outlined (and what you see in the video below). If you go up the elevator to Crawmerax, turn left toward the cliff and go all the way along it to the big cliff that makes the back side of the arena. Hide on the other side of the ledge there.

    From there, just start unloading on his weak spots. Unless you've already beaten him (or a friend's given you weapons FROM him), you're probably not going to have anything powerful enough to take him out quickly. So, you'll want to find good timing and aim for your shots to maximize damage dealt without wasting too much ammo.

    Once you've destroyed his eye and his four arms, you'll need to take out the weak point on his back. This is where Leviathan comes in. You'll want to aim above him so the rocket arcs and comes back down on the back side of his body. It'll probably take about 50-60 hits to take him out, but you WILL get it done! This is better than other rocket launchers because it hits more directly and does much more damage that way. I was doing 12-50 damage per hit with other launchers, but 225 with a Leviathan that had lower damage rating than the others.

    With enough patience, you'll have yourself a new achievement (or possibly two) and a TON of new weapons to sort through!

    NOTE: I recommend either only having what you NEED in your inventory when you go at him, or else having a second character logged in and chilling at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Crawmerax drops a LOT of loot, and it's easiest to sort through if you don't have to while it's on the ground. The more you can just pick up and move along, the better.

    Video by xNecris666x.
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    Tsuke35Thanks for the Leviathan tip! That helped me to get this! I took a short video of the shot angle although I kind of missed the point where the critical hit was made but you'll get the point

    I had Berserker equipped with launcher ammo regeneration class mod
    Posted by Tsuke35 on 25 May 16 at 19:43
    MutantFergusLike others, the minions kill me before I can get a shot off on Crawmerax... didnt see any minions on your run.
    Posted by MutantFergus on 28 Feb 18 at 22:32
    Jamone the AfroJust tested and it still works. I had really bad gear and I was at level 51, it took me nearly two hours to beat this with this method.

    For those of you with the minion problem, it’s a case of getting to that corner ASAP, sometimes the minions may get to you first but don’t give up, keep trying till they all stay where they are and you’re not taking damage from anything, then as long as you stay in the same spot, you can damage the boss. Although don’t jump, I tried to be cocky and use my turret to damage away but I got killed for this!
    Posted by Jamone the Afro on 20 Mar 19 at 08:52
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