Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

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Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

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The Collector

Complete a crazy request for Tannis

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  • BusyRichBusyRich176,135
    28 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010
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    Anyone familiar with the Braaaaains achievement from the Zombie Island DLC will have a fair idea of what is in store for this achievement!

    The first mission you are given in the Revolution DLC is from Patricia Tannis. She wants you to collect 6 Claptrap Parts which are scattered around the Hyperion Dump nearby. This is simple enough as each of the items is marked up on your radar. You'll come across a few enemies to kill as you make your way around the dump but nothing too taxing.

    Take these back to Tannis and you are given a second mission, which is to collect a further 42 Claptrap parts from the dump, except rather than being marked up as collectables, these ones are simply obtained from dead claptraps... that you have killed. Much like the brains in the zombie DLC.

    Head back to the dump and head left to the area marked on the map (where the 6th part was from the original mission), and you should find around 50 claptraps waiting for a fight. Most of them will give up a part (be it Wires, Gears or Motherboards) when they die, so if you are lucky you should be able to score all 42 in one visit (if not see below).

    When you turn in the mission.... you've guessed it. Tannis wants you to go and get another 75 parts, then another 100, then another 150! After that you're done.

    The technique I used to speed (sort of) through these missions was simply to head to the dump, kill everything in sight and collect the parts (usually between 35 and 40), then save the game, exit and reload, guaranteeing a fresh set of claptraps each time. This method allowed me to get the 75 parts in 2 reloads, the 100 in 3 reloads and the 150 in 4 reloads.

    By the time I had cashed in the last mission I was down to just 6-7 minutes per reload, so I guess the whole thing may only have taken just over an hour using the above method. Having said that, I did have a very helpful Bloodwing (with Level 5 Explosive Wing) who did most of the killing for me while I just ran round and picked up the parts.
  • CookedPickleCookedPickle178,059
    06 Jan 2011 05 Jan 2011 05 Jan 2011
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    Better yet...

    In the back right-hand corner of the Minac fight zone, there is a room with a green garbage can in the back. Jump behind the bin and walk away from the game. Each time I attempted this, after 3 hours I had some 500 odd pieces, be they something mundane, like motherboards, or something quite more exotic, the elusive pizza. Works everytime.

    ****One Important Caveat****
    - can NOT be accomplished using a wireless controller
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    I chose to combine BusyRich's method with a MINAC grind for maximum efficiency.

    By first visiting Hyperion Dump, you can net ~45 quest items in close proximity to Tannis (the quest-giver). Then, move down into Tartarus Station and move east along the wall to enter Wayward Pass. Battling through this area will bring you to the MINAC boss battle in the Arid Badlands.

    Rotating between these two areas will ensure you utilise your time efficiently, while also allowing units to respawn in one area while you are traveling to or fighting in the other.

    Some ***KEY*** notes for fighting MINAC:
    -shoot out all turrets and play it close so the eye laser cannot hit you
    -CL4P-TP units actually spawn inside the larger MINAC unit. You can kill them by firing into the opened doors. By doing so, you are killing them while they spawn (and are thus not moving)... this allowed me to get 20-30 quest items each time MINAC's doors opened.

    This method allows you to net quite a few quest items from the dump and then gather the remaining quantity in the MINAC battle before returning to Tannis. Remember to return to her when your quest is complete! You are moving too quickly if your second sweep through Wayward Pass has no mini-boss battles-- you may need to exit and start the game again.

    Having difficulty picking up quest-only items out of those piles of loot? Stand in the middle of a large pile, hover over a quest item and hold X-- you will pick up all nearby money and quest items.
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