Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

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Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

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It's so realistic!

Collect 5 3D glasses

It's so realistic!0
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  • Fire Hawk DFire Hawk D1,298,291
    28 Sep 2010 03 Oct 2010 18 Feb 2011
    50 1 3
    To get all the collectable achievements in Claptrap's Robot Revolution, just kill the Claptraps and they'll drop the needed items periodically. They are classified as 'quest items', so they're green. Sadly, unlike quest items, there is no way to track how many you've collected in-game. Also, some drop more often than others, with the 3D Glasses being the most common and the Bobbleheads the rarest. Even then, the drop is ridiculously low and even after you have the achievement, the items for that achievement still drop. Persevere and collect the needed amount and you've got it!

    The Rebel claptraps, Mega Samurai claptraps, Divine Wind claptraps, the Cluck-Trap mini-boss claptrap, and MINAC have all dropped at least one of each. MINAC and the three -Trap bosses all spawn plenty of Divine Wind claptraps. So, there's not much to it. It's just a huge grind. Also, make sure you're killing the actual robots. Not the creatures they've interfaced with.

    The best places to go for this are the Hyperion factory and surrounding town in Dividing Faults and the small Hyperion outpost on a hill in the Hyperion Dump. By clearing the area out and then saving/reloading, the location in Hyperion Dump is definately faster.

    (GLITCH: [fixed 11/04/2010]: There was a glitch related to this achievement, but it's fixed by a LIVE update.

  • Chris8875Chris8875481,712
    04 Nov 2010 14 Oct 2010 22 Dec 2010
    38 0 2
    Originally there were two issues in relation to getting any of the four collectible achievements linked to the Claptrap DLC.

    The first one was a bug that is stopping a number of the collectable achievements:

    A: “What a party!”
    B: “It’s so realistic”
    C: “Bobble-trap”
    D: “The Lubricator”

    Popping when they are achieved. Gearbox released a patch to fix the problem in late 2010 so this is no longer an issue.

    The second issue is that the drop rates for a number of these items are obscenely low.

    The best way I have found to deal with this problem is to "actively farm" MINAC - the final boss at the end of the DLC.

    Now, many people are getting to MINAC, going to hide in a corner where MINAC and the Claptraps it releases can't get at them, and going away to do something else. After 3-4 hours they come back, kill MINAC and collect a tonne of items from around the area.

    This I consider to be "passive farming". I have found, after much testing, that "actively farming" MINAC is immeasurably more rewards and prompts drop rates 3-6 times better than "passive farming" on all items.

    "Active farming" involves dying a lot, to be blunt. But you aren't losing money when you do so, and MINAC doesn't return to full health if you do so (unlike Crawmerax) so there's no disincentive in dying.

    To "actively farm", you need to shoot out all of MINACs turrets - not his "eye", but everything else. Once that is done, you can attack a bit more confidently.

    Follow MINAC when he is on the move, but stay behind it so the "eye" can't get you. When MINAC stops, it will release Divine Wind claptraps - and this is when you attack.

    Actively kill the claptraps from close to medium distance. What happens when you do so is that MORE and MORE spawn from MINAC.

    For example, if you get in and kill the first tow claptraps to emerge from MINACs doors before those doors close, more claptraps will spawn. If you kill them, 2 more will spawn. And so on.

    What happens is that instead of 2 claptraps emerging from the doors every time MINAC stops, 6-8 emerge.

    Also, I found that with these extra claptraps emerging (and the greater number of dropped items which naturally appear), actively hunting them down seems to increase the chances for special drops.

    In 90 minutes last night, I gathered 10 sets of 3D glasses, 6 Clapfish, 8 pink panties, 6-8 oil cans, 6-8 bobbleheads and 5 pieces of pizza. In just 90 minutes!

    Once you're finished farming, kill MINAC and gather the rest of the items. But yes, get out, chase the claptraps and actively farm - its more fun and hugely more profitable.
  • NorrisMMNorrisMM242,958
    14 Nov 2010 18 Nov 2010 07 Feb 2011
    26 0 0
    These are pretty common and you don't have to collect that many, it should only take a few runs using method 1.

    There are two easy way to get collectibles.

    1. In the hyperion dump, north of the entrance.
    2. Farming MINAC.

    For method 1 just go to the hyperion dump, head north and kill all of the claptraps surrounding the fort. Collect any rare-drops and then save and quit. Then resume game and you will be back at the entrance and you can do it again. This is not terribly difficult but rather time consuming. I was only getting 1 or 2 rare drops in a run.

    For method 2 go to MINAC and immediately run forwards and to the left. On the left hand side of the road (after the really big rock) there is a smaller rock you can hide behind. From the road looking at the rock there is a red chest to the right of it. From this position you can avoid MINAC and the DW claptraps. Pop out once and a while to destroy all of the turrets. Once you've done that it is relatively safe to go out from your hiding spot. Here is where you have some options. You can either stay in your hiding spot for hours, or you can go out and chase MINAC around killing the DWCTs quickly. The faster you kill them the more of them spawn.

    I decided to use a combination. After sitting for awhile I would run out, collect items and chase MINAC around. When I got bored I just went back into hiding and walked away and did something else. I was a little hesitant to leave it over night without testing it first.

    On my first run I wasn't close enough to the rock and eventually some DWCT got to me and killed me. If you are situated correctly you could die a lot if you leave it over night.

    Once you've left it run for a while hop out and collect your loot and then kill MINAC. The longer you let it go the more loot there will be. I only had to leave it going overnight (8hrs) to get the remaining items.

    Loot Rarity
    Oil Can
    Claptrap bobble-heads
    3D glasses
  • QuanticJusticeQuanticJustice1,143,329
    20 Oct 2010 28 Oct 2010
    26 4 0
    Chris8875 has a great solution for finding the collectibles by farming MINAC.

    Here is an additional trick to make things easier on yourself while farming:

    Delete the Secret Armory of General Knoxxx DLC from your hard drive.

    This will reinstate the game's level 50 cap system on the enemies while allowing you to keep a level 61 character/weapons.

    Now, tearing through all the bosses en route and destroying the gatling cannons on MINAC will be a cinch. It's just a matter of farming MINAC for the drops.
  • ZalsarZalsar181,505
    02 Oct 2010 03 Oct 2010
    24 6 1
    How to get this achievement with one playthrough even with the recent bug.

    *This guide will NOT help you if you have already got some of the achievement, it WILL help you if you are about to play and are worried about messing it up"

    A: “What a party!”
    B: “It’s so realistic”
    C: “Bobble-trap”
    D: “The Lubricator”
    E: “Tourist”

    The order i got them in was,
    B, C, A, D, E

    Well when i got the 3D Glasses achievement, as soon as it popped (so did i in anger as i tried to get A first), I hit the X Button and quit to dash (effectively not saving the game), I carried out getting achievements, repeating every time they popped.

    I dont know how or why, but this seems to be a work around for this bug.

    I hope it helps you in this frustrating time.
  • CroSnakeCroSnake213,808
    30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011
    17 3 0
    I would just like to add that if you play in co-op every player has to collect the full amount of collectibles. Collecting any of the collectibles does NOT count for all players in the game.
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX449,913
    04 Nov 2010 07 Nov 2011
    16 4 0
    Borderlands farming Method

    all the guides above are really good.
    this is just a video show you where to go and where to sit at
    hope this helps

    Click Here For More Guides
    . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . .
  • l s1l3nt ll s1l3nt l250,918
    30 Sep 2010 05 Nov 2010
    17 6 0
    for those who want to be lazy with this achievement as it is no longer glitched, go to the MEGA INTERPLANETARY NINJA ASSASSIN CLAPTRAP and sit ontop of a rock, as long as you destroy the guns off the MINAC it wont kill you or message me and ill give you and invicible shield. just simply sit on the rock, and leave you game to go as the claptraps that selfdestruct come out and blow up below you and wont hurt you at all. once done simply either kill the MINAC and collect your items or collect wait for achievements to pop and repeat
  • XeivanXeivan76,593
    05 Jun 2012 29 May 2014 18 Jan 2015
    8 2 0
    All the solutions here have good tips. When I was doing my run I came across this little glitch that allows you to be in the open and not take any damage. This passive farming technique is great since you are in the open and that allows the Kamikaze Claptraps to see you and explode faster. I found doing the other safe spots won't net as many Claptraps since they won't always see you to explode and thus you get less drops.

    This video is me showing you just how to stand in the right spot for the glitch. I'm not collecting the items since it's pretty obvious what to do when enough time has passed to collect the item drops.

    Edit: I did find this glitch on my own. However it seems there are videos like mine I did not come across before posting this solution.
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