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Crowning Glory

Earn all the Leaderboard Crowns.

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How to unlock the Crowning Glory achievement

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    In addition to the 19 other achievements in the game, there are 26 mini-achievements called crowns. To unlock the final achievement you need to get all of these crowns. The crowns are usually level specific and require some out of the ordinary task to be completed. You can see these crowns by going to the Help & Options section of the menu and selecting Awards. The bottom row is unlockable content for your profile and is not required for the achievement.

    After you've completed a crown, it will be highlighted in the Awards section and will also appear next to your gamertag on the leaderboards. You need to be connected to live in order to get these crowns, as they must be on the leaderboards for you to get the achievement (This isn't confirmed, but I wouldn't tempt fate by playing offline). Cheats disable all achievements and crowns. Some of these crowns can be a bit glitchy as well, so if it doesn't unlock the first time, try it a second time before seeking an alternative solution.

    Level - Crown Name [Difficulty]

    1.1 dataDyne Central: Defection - No Help Needed [Perfect Agent]
    - Kill fifteen enemies with auto aim disabled.
    - Auto-aim is located in Help & Options > Settings > Controls. You must turn it off before you start the mission.
    - Any enemy counts. It should unlock right after you kill your fifteenth enemy.

    1.2 dataDyne Research: Investigation - Close Proximity [Agent +]
    - Kill three enemies with the Proximity Mine.
    - The Proximity Mine is located in the back of the radioactive room (where object one is located). The only way to get it is to run in there and grab it. Don't worry you won't get damaged that much.
    - You only get one mine so you have to get all three kills with it.
    - If you start the mission and run past everyone to the mine, then they'll gather between the doors that lead to the radioactive room. This makes an easy target for the crown.
    - Another place to get this is right before the three sets of lasers. There are four guards stationed here, so it shouldn't be hard to kill at least three.

    1.3 dataDyne Central: Extraction - Good Enough For Clint [Agent +]
    - Headshot eight enemies with the DY357 Magnum.
    - To get the magnum, you need to kill the first five enemies without being seen. The fifth enemy will drop the gun. Stand as far back as possible and the enemies shouldn't be able to see you in the darkness. Make sure you shoot them all in the head, because if you miss or wound them, they become alerted.
    - Once you have the magnum just headshot any eight enemies. You have more than enough shots, but still not enough to go crazy, so take your time and line up your shots.
    - I had to do this twice before it unlocked.

    2.1 Carrington Villa: Hostage One - Way Of The Assassin [Perfect Agent]
    - No scope five enemies in the head with the Sniper Rifle.
    - The Sniper Rifle is located in the bedroom on the 2nd floor. It will be next to a dead guard in the bathroom.
    - Headshot any five enemies. Remember you can't zoom in, so aim at head level and strafe to line up your shots.

    3.1 Chicago: Stealth - Quickly Does It [Agent]
    - Exact trigger isn't known.
    - Either complete the mission in under approximately 35 seconds or complete all objectives in rapid succession. Either way, it definitely has to do with speed.
    - Must be done in co-op.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - Once the mission begins, have player 2 head for the briefcase containing your equipment. The fastest way is by following the street towards the end of the level and dropping into the storm drain there. DO NOT pick the briefcase up yet. While player 2 is doing this, have player 1 retrieve the hidden Bombspy. This Bombspy is located in a dumpster in the small area with exploding barrels. To get it, push the dumpster towards the stack of three exploding barrels and then shoot them. The resulting explosion will destroy the dumpster, dropping the Bombspy. As soon as player 1 picks up the Bombspy, run towards the end of the level and using the Bombspy, blow up the four enemies guarding the elevator. You must kill all four of them, otherwise you will fail the objective. As soon as you detonate the Bombspy and complete objective two, have player 2 pick up the briefcase and player 1 run towards the elevator. If done fast enough, you both should get the crown.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster. This also helps with speed runs.

    3.2 G5 Building: Reconnaissance - Bow To The Audience [Agent]
    - Kill eight enemies with the crossbow.
    - Punch out the second invisible guard at the beginning and he will drop the crossbow.
    - Remember to switch the secondary lethal mode, otherwise you'll just be sedating enemies.
    - You'll get ten bolts, so missing shouldn't be a problem. You can also pick up bolts if they hit a wall or the ground.

    4.1 Area 51: Infiltration - Rapid Radar Shut Down [Special Agent +]
    - Destroy the air intercept radar in under 60 seconds.
    - You don't have a lot of leeway, so you better get moving.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - From the beginning just start running through the level as you normally would (just faster). Go past the watch tower and right before the tower, to your left there should be a chain fence. In the middle is an opening, walk through but be careful, this is a mine field. If you run a little to right of the middle, you should be able to make it through without going boom. At the end of the wall to your left, they'll be a small opening you can crouch through. Go through, take a right, drop down into the bunker, and plant the explosives. You can try to escape but you risk dieing before the explosives go off, so I suggest sitting in a corner and waiting. The explosives will kill you, but you should still get the crown if you did it in time.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster. This also helps with speed runs.

    4.2 Area 51: Rescue - Master Of Disguise [Special Agent +]
    - Find and use the lab coat in under 1:40 minutes.
    - Again this one is a toughie, so you have to move it if you want to get there in time.
    - DO NOT SKIP the beginning cutscene. Wait until Joanna says "Where are these explosives" and then skip the rest. The elevators run during the cutscene, so the first elevator will be opening right as you get to it.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - Leave the explosive crate and run straight to the first elevator. It should be opening as you approach (if you did the cutscene tip right). Once your in, manually close it (tap A) so you don't have to wait longer than necessary. Now head straight for the second elevator and call for it as soon as you get there. You'll have to play a little tug-o-war with the enemy above, so if the elevator starts going back up midway down press A again. With a little luck, you won't have to waste too much time on this little game. Get in, closing it manually behind you, and get ready to kill a couple people. As the elevator is going up, kill the four enemies waiting for you and take one of their Dragons. Take out the Dragon and switch to its secondary mode. Find the weak point in wall, through the gun down, and shoot it with your pistol. Wait for the explosives to clear, go through the hole and head right. Keep following the hallway until you get to the door that leads to the large room. Don't go through it, instead head through the skinny door to your right. Run back to the showers, kill the scientists, and pick up his uniform. Remember to put the disguise on before the 1:30 ends, otherwise you won't get the crown.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster. This also helps with speed runs.
    - A quick way to equip weapons/items is to press start, go to your inventory, and select the item there.

    4.3 Area 51: Escape - Easy Rider [Agent +]
    - Escape the base on the Hoverbike in less than 30 seconds.
    - At the end of the mission, you'll have two choices. Either let Jonathan open the hanger doors, or do it yourself and escape on the Hoverbike. To do the latter, wait until Jonathan starts to run for the consoles and run up to him. This will trigger another conversation, leading to you opening the hanger doors.
    - After opening both hanger doors, head back down to the Hoverbike. DO NOT get on it. Instead tap A once and you'll grab it. You'll be taking it with you, as you escape. Go through the doors where Elvis' "bed" is and head up the ramp. Follow the hallway until you get to the large room and go through the door at the far left. Follow this path until you get to the room with four weird pillars to your left. Go through this door and then hop on the Hoverbike. You now have 30 seconds to head through the last door in front of you. You can do it, I believe in you.
    - Using the above method, time isn't a factor, so you can take your time if you want.
    - Alternative method submitted by Psyladine: When you get to the point where Elvis and Jonathan are decided who will escape on the UFO, go grab the Hoverbike and take it up onto the walkway. Drag it over to the two consoles that open the hanger doors and wait for your two allies to finish their conversation. As soon as Jonathan goes to open the doors himself, open one of the hanger doors, hop onto the Hoverbike, and then open the other hanger door. As long as you aren't on the bike for more than 30 seconds you should get the crown.

    5.1 Air Base: Espionage - I Want To Be Sedated [Special Agent +]
    - Sedate six enemies with the Drugspy in less than 30 seconds.
    - As soon as the mission starts, immediately switch to your Drugspy and start sedating enemies. They'll be three in front of the main entrance, another three inside, and three more in the cave. Both the stewardess and secretary count. You only have eight shots, so try not to miss.
    - A quick way to equip weapons/items is to press start, go to your inventory, and select the item there.

    5.2 Air Force One: Antiterrorism - Presidential Prediction [Agent]
    - Complete objective three before objective one and finish the mission in under 1:12 minutes.
    - Must be done in co-op.
    - You must start on the upper floor. If you are starting on the bottom floor, you need to go back and beat the previous level by entering Air Force One through boarding (not up the ladder).
    - Another tough one, this will take some practice and luck. As soon as the mission begins, have player 1 head immediately to the President's room. Have player 2 knock out the guards in the cabin next to the starting point and have a timed mine ready to throw on the umbilical connector. The connector will appear after the cutscene, where the emergency escape hatch used to be. As soon as the the cutscene ends, have player 2 throw the mine and player 1 head downstairs. If done right, you'll see Objective Three Complete before you see Objective One Complete. Have both players use a combat boost and start working your way through the cabins, to the escape pod. Don't worry about the President, as long as you kill all the enemies on the path to the pod, he shouldn't die. Once you reach the escape pod, wait. DON'T go looking for the President, he actually runs faster the father ahead of him you are. Keep both doors open and if you are lucky, the President will make it in time.
    - Sometimes Trent will follow you downstairs. I don't know why this happens and if it does, there really is nothing you can do about it. Just hope he doesn't kill the President or get in his way.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster. This also helps with speed runs.
    - A quick way to equip weapons/items is to press start, go to your inventory, and select the item there.

    5.3 Crash Site: Confrontation - Magnum P.D. [Agent +]
    - Kill the President's clone with the DY357-LX.
    - To get the DY357-LX you need to disarm Trent, who is guarding the real President. There both located in the lighted area of the caves. You'll have to be quick though, because as soon as Trent spots you he starts to run off. If he gets away, you can't get his special magnum. There are also four robot sentries gaurding them, so I suggest getting their attention first, drawing them out and killing them, before going after Trent.
    - Once you have the LX, head towards the dark portion of the caverns. Switch to Night Vision when your there and look for the clone. He'll be the only one not holding a weapon and will have his arms at his side. As soon as he sees you, he'll begin to run away. Simply shoot him once with the LX and he'll be down for the count.

    6.1 Pelagic II: Exploration - Tick Tick...Boom [Agent +]
    - Kill four enemies with a N-Grenade.
    - Very easy as the N-Grenade is a devastating weapon, plus you start out with three of them.
    - Find a group of any four guards and throw one of these bad boys at them. The blast radius is huge, so I wouldn't worry about not killing them all.
    - The three officers on the bridge also count towards this crown, so if you want you can just run up there and bait a guard to join them.

    6.2 Deep Sea: Nullify Threat - Can't Touch This [Perfect Agent]
    - Reactivate the teleports without taking any damage.
    - Starting from the beginning of the level, you cannot get hurt until you complete objective one.
    - Take your time and let Elvis do most of the work. Go just far enough to trigger the enemies and then fall back behind Elvis. He has a Farsight and is pretty accurate with it, so he should one shot most of the enemies. Don't let him do all the work though, if you see someone lining up for a shot, don't hesitate to shoot. You'll have to take the last room out yourself though, so creep in just enough to where you can see one enemy at a time. Once you are in the room, just wait for Elvis to catch up and turn on the teleports.

    7.1 Carrington Institute: Defense - Run And Gun [Perfect Agent]
    - Complete the first two objectives within 1:30 minutes.
    - Must finish the mission.
    - You can have up to two hostages die. If a third one dies, you'll fail objective two.
    - DO NOT use the cloak function of the RCP-120, this will disable the crown. If you are doing this in co-op, then it will only disable the crown for whoever uses the cloaking function.
    - Theoretically this can be done solo, but your best bet is to do this in co-op. As soon as the mission begins have player 1 head downstairs to turn on the turrets, while player 2 goes to rescue the hostages. Whoever is rescuing the hostages, start upstairs, as the shooting range doesn't open until the turrets are all online. If you start with the room on the right and then the left, one of the hostage's will drop a Devastator if you save them all. This will help you to finish the mission. If player 1 finishes up downstairs, have him head up to help player 2. Rescue the other two rooms of hostages and you should be good to go. The time limit isn't too bad with two players, so it shouldn't be hard to beat.

    8.1 Attack Ship: Covert Assault - Against All Odds... - [Perfect Agent]
    - Kill the Skedar Captain with an explosive weapon in under 8 minutes.
    - There are two ways to do this. Either get the hidden Slayer or kill Elvis at the end of the level and take his Phoenixs. The Elvis method is much easier, as there are quite a few enemies between you and the Slayer, but you'll fail the mission if you kill Elvis.
    - If you would rather get the Slayer, it is located on the floor where you objective three is. After the Maians join you and you fight off a bunch of Skedar, head up the elevator, and go through the door. Kill the two Skedar here and keep going straight. Follow this path and it will lead to the Slayer. Be careful though, because there are quite a few Skedar here and if you don't die, there is a good chance Elvis will.
    - If you choose to take the dual Phoenixs from Elvis' make sure you switch to the secondary explosive shells.
    - The Captain is the middle Skedar on the bridge. He'll be holding dual Maulers. Just kill him with one of the weapons listed above and you should get the crown. You don't have to finish the level.

    9.1 Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine - Rocked [Perfect Agent]
    - Identify the three temple targets in under 30 seconds.
    - This one is a test of luck, patience, and practice. Since there are five possible pillars, with three being randomly chosen each time, you'll have to keep retrying until you get the proper setup.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - As soon as the mission starts, turn on your R-Tracker and switch to your Target Amplifier. The proper targets will be labeled as a yellow dot on your radar. If the first pillar isn't one of your targets, then restart the mission. If it is, throw and amplifier on it and continue through the level, again just running past enemies. The second pillar will be on your right when you come to the first fork. Hopefully it will be labeled and if so, throw an amplifier on it. Now here is the tricky part. If the fourth pillar (the largest of the pillars) is labeled, then you can tag it from the second pillar. Standing to the right of the second pillar, aim just above the wall towards the fourth pillar. Don't throw it too high, as the upper portion of the pillar isn't solid and the amplifier will go right through it. Get this throw down and the crown shouldn't be a problem. If the third pillar is your final target then you might have enough time to get to it, but you'll have to be fast. You'll also have to kill the enemy with the Reaper standing between you and the pillar. If the fifth and farthest pillar is one of your targets, then you need to restart.
    - If you're lucky your targets will be the 1st, 2nd, and 4th pillars. Otherwise, it is going to be tough to make it in time.
    - The crown will unlock as soon as all three pillars are marked and you complete the objective. No need to finish the mission.

    10.1 Mr. Blonde's Revenge - Invisibility Factor [Special Agent]
    - Beat the level without using the Cloak.
    - There is no special trick to it and the Cloak isn't required for any specific objective. Just don't use it and beat the level.

    10.2 Maian SOS - Magnum Forced [Perfect Agent]
    - Force the guard with dual DY357-LXs to kill 5 allies.
    - On this level there are two special guns, the Psychosis gun (not to be confused with the Tranquilizer) and two DY357-LXs. Basically you need to shoot the guard holding the LXs with the Psychosis gun. This will make him go crazy and he'll start running around shooting his allies.
    - At the beginning of the level run through the only door available and there will be the Psychosis gun on the desk. DO NOT use it yet, as you only have one shot. Instead take a Falcon from one of the two scientists (they'll both pull out one, once alerted) and use it to blow up the floating gurney. The explosion should shatter the glass, allowing you to escape. Proceed through the next room killing the guards. Once you get to the hallway, take a right and go through the door. Kill the guards in this room and take the door on your left. Pull out your Psychosis gun and shoot the guy with dual DY357-LXs. If he isn't already running at you, he'll be to your left when you go through the next door. Now just follow him as he runs around killing his teammates. His guns kill with one shot, so it shouldn't take long. Be careful though, because the other guards will shoot back and if he dies you have to start over. So don't be afraid to defend your new ally if necessary, there are plenty of guards for him to kill. The crown should unlock once he kills five people.
    - I had to do this twice before it unlocked.

    10.3 WAR! - Three Kings [Perfect Agent]
    - Headshot all three kings in under 1:38 minutes.
    - One of the toughest crowns, in my opinion. You'll have to be fast, lucky, and accurate.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - You'll need to turn off auto-aim if you want to easily headshot the kings. You can swap it on/off throughout the mission, only turning it off when facing the kings, but honestly I found it easier with it off the entire time.
    - The doors are entirely random. Some open right away, while others don't. Frustrating I know. It is hard to believe that an advanced alien race that threatens the galaxy can't even make doors properly.
    - As soon as the mission begins, switch your Phoenix to its secondary function and begin running through the level. The enemies are hard to predict in this level and how many you fight depends on how fast you are, so I can't really help you there. However, I suggest switching to a Mauler and using the secondary charge function as I find it is much faster when killing Skedar (headshot = kill). The level is pretty straightforward as there is only one way to go, so just follow the path, and kill the kings as you come across them. A charged Mauler shot to the head will kill them instantly. The first king is in front of the God of War shrine, the second is in the stasis room, and the last one is located in the final room (where you fight the final boss).
    - I don't know if a body shot on one of the kings, will disqualify you for the crown. Even if it doesn't kill him, I would be careful to avoid it.
    - The time requirement is still being ironed out. Please comment if you still get the crown and have a time above 1:50.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster. This also helps with speed runs.

    10.4 The Duel - Perfect Head [Perfect Agent]
    - Headshot all three enemies in under 25 seconds.
    - Sorry, but there is no real strategy. You just need to headshot all three of them, one at a time.
    - Auto-aim is automatically off, so you'll just have to practice until you get it.
    - You can miss, as long as you kill them with a headshot.

    Overall - Ninja
    - Thank you everyone in the comments!
    - Nothing concrete has been discovered.
    - Most evidence points towards obtaining all multiplayer awards in the combat simulator.
    - There are 19 awards total and a list, including how to get each one, can be found at
    - My theory. It is a combination of several requirements. A certain number of assassinations and multiplayer awards.
    - Try the following scenarios.
    - 1-hit kills, no weapons, against 8 Meatsims. Kill limit is up to you. Try to assassinate (hit in the back) as many as possible.
    - Only knives, against 8 Peacesims. Kill limit is up to you. The sims won't bother attacking you, so try to stab as many in the back as possible.
    - Remote mines, against 8 Peacesims. Kill limit is up to you. Use the remote mines and try to get quad kills (4 kill at once).
    - Try any of the above methods against a dummy account. Not a guest, but another actual gamertag. Either on live or local. This is what eventually got it for me. Oddly enough, I was playing as my dummy account instead. The match ended with my main profile getting stabbed in the back 10 times and I still got it somehow.
    - There have been reports of it unlocking in singleplayer and the combat simulator.
    - This award really is a mystery. It could be one of the above or a combination of all the above. It could have several other requirements that no one has noticed or it could just be very glitchy.

    Overall - The Name's Dark...Perfect Dark.
    - Beat all missions on Perfect Agent with auto-aim turned off.
    - This includes Duel and the other special assignments.
    - Auto-aim must be turned off before entering a mission, in order for it to count.
    - There is no way to keep track of what levels you have completed with auto-aim off, so you'll just have to remember.
    - This seems to be a bit glitchy, as some have reported it not unlocking. Unfortunately, if it doesn't unlock the first time through, the only thing I can suggest is to try again.
    - Another good source for speed run information is
    - Some believe headshots are a factor as well, so I would suggest getting as many as possible.
    - Avoid using the Laptop gun's sentry mode, as there have been reports of this disqualifing their progress.

    Overall - Bronze [Agent]
    - Beat all missions on Agent in under 48 minutes.
    - This requires pretty much requires speed runs, which is when you try and beat a level as fast as possible.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster.
    - The time limit isn't too bad as I got it after speed runs on about half the levels.
    - I would suggest following videos on YouTube, as there is at least one video for every level showing secrets, tips, and the best routes for the shortest times.
    - Another good source for speed run information is
    - The time requirement is still being ironed out, so please comment if you get the crown with a time above 48 minutes.

    Overall - Silver [Special Agent]
    - Beat all missions on Special Agent in under 1:09 minutes.
    - This requires pretty much requires speed runs, which is when you try and beat a level as fast as possible.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster.
    - This time limit is harder than the Bronze one, but still not impossible.
    - I would suggest following videos on YouTube, as there is at least one video for every level showing secrets, tips, and the best routes for the shortest times.
    - Another good source for speed run information is
    - The time requirement is still being ironed out, so please comment if you get the crown with a time above 1:09 minutes.

    Overall - Gold [Perfect Agent]
    - Beat all missions on Perfect Agent in under 1:35 minutes.
    - This requires pretty much requires speed runs, which is when you try and beat a level as fast as possible.
    - Don't bother killing enemies unless necessary.
    - Running at a 45 degree angle will make you move faster.
    - The hardest of the three speed run medals, the time might seem daunting, but it isn't that bad once you get a couple of good times on several levels.
    - I would suggest following videos on YouTube, as there is at least one video for every level showing secrets, tips, and the best routes for the shortest times.
    - The time requirement is still being ironed out, so please comment if you get the crown with a time above 1:35 minutes.

    The following are unlockable content for your profile and are not required for the achievement.

    Gamer Picture - Joanna Dark
    - Obtain all four medals in a Combat Simulator match.
    - This is extremely easy if you have two controllers. Start up a local multiplayer match with you and a guest. Set the limit to 1 kill and start. It doesn't really matter on the weapon, just shoot your guest in the head to win the match.

    Gamer Picture - Elvis
    - Complete all 201% of the game.
    - You can view your total completion by checking your rank on the overall leaderboard.
    - The percentage includes achievements, crowns, co-op, counter-op, singleplayer, cheats, challenges, and CI training.
    - You only need to complete co-op and counter-op on perfect agent to get their total percentage.
    - For the challenges you only need to beat them once, regardless of how many players you use.
    - The CI Training includes the holo-training, gadget training, and the shooting range. You need to get gold on all weapons in the shooting range.
    - You unlock the cheats by beating a level's par time. Most of the levels have one and they are also difficulty specific.

    Avatar Clothing - Perfect Dark T-Shirt
    - Kill an enemy with a headshot.
    - Take your gun, aim it at an enemy's head, and shoot.

    Avatar Prop - Elvis Doll
    - Complete any Special Assignment on any difficulty.
    - There are 4 extra missions that are not a part of the original campaign, Mr. Blonde's Revenge, Maian SOS, War!, and Duel.
    - The first three are unlocked by beating the game on Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent (respectively).
    - Duel is unlocked by getting bronze or higher on every weapon in the shooting range.
    - Simply unlock and complete one of these missions to get the award.

    Premium Theme - Perfect Dark Skedar Theme
    - Get a kill with every weapon in single player.
    - This can be somewhat frustrating as there is no way to tell what weapons you have gotten a kill with. Just go through the game, making sure to kill everyone with each weapon.
    - Common weapons that are missed are the DY357-LX, N-Grenade, Crossbow, and Tranquilizer. For those last two, you need to switch to their secondary in order to kill someone.
    - Psychosis gun does not count.

    Most of this information has been gathered by several different forum communities. Since there is no exact description for these crowns, this information is open to speculation. If you find something wrong or different from the above info, then feel free to PM me or comment your findings.

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    MattiasAnderson1:09:02:73 gave me silver crown on the special agent thing!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 04 Nov 18 at 03:04
    OzzzFor the Three Kings crown from mission 10.3 WAR!, I actually got the crown in an attempt I failed the mission on. I headshot all three Skedar kings in under 1:38; but as "Objective 3: Completed" was popping up on my screen, the group of Skedar that I had run past killed me. This made me fail the mission because apparently killing the last king doesn't automatically end the mission and play the cutscene even though I unlocked the crown. I didn't get credit for beating WAR! and had to play and beat it again on Perfect Agent. However, since I already had the crown I took my time and got a time of around 2:20 when I actually beat it. This may explain why there are so many people with the crown on the leaderboard with times above 1:38 as I'm on the leaderboard with a time of like 2:20 and the crown. So make sure to be aggressive when going for the last headshot on the third king because you may not need to complete the mission if my scenario wasn't a glitch. You may only need to headshot the three kings in under 1:38 regardless of what happens after that last headshot.
    Posted by Ozzz on 16 Jun 19 at 00:02
    MR MITT3NSFor Perfect Head (The Duel), I headshotted the first 2 guys then I missed with the rest of my bullets on the 3rd guy but charged him and switched the secondary (pistol whip) out of frustration and beat him down and it gave me the no need to headshot all 3? My time was 19 seconds.
    Posted by MR MITT3NS on 08 Sep 20 at 04:17
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  • DeathmeowDeathmeow148,180
    30 Jan 2012 01 Feb 2012
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    Who needs a partner? Do it yourself!
    Run & Gun - Carrington Institute - Perfect Agent

    Goal: Complete Objective 1 (Reactivate automatic defenses) and Objective 2 (Release hostages) in under 1:30, then successfully finish the level without using the RCP120 secondary cloak function*.

    *The RCP-120 secondary cloak can be activated by hitting RB, putting the gun in secondary mode, and then pressing RT which activates the cloak. It can also be done by holding RT in its primary bullet hose function and pressing A at the same time, so watch your buttons. The icon for this 'Run and Gun' achievement is a cloaking device with the red circle and a slash around it, meaning: "No cloakin', sucka."

    I did this one by myself, and here's how. Use the run strafe method whenever you can. Instead of running straight ahead, orient yourself roughly 30 - 45 degrees offset from where you want to go, then holding your movement stick in that direction. It will make you run at a weird angle and it's difficult to see exactly where you're going, but it adds 40 - 50% speed.

    Get a second controller and start Carrington Institute on the Perfect Agent difficulty. Pick up Player 2's controller, skip the intro and immediately press start for Player 2. With that player, get to the items menu and select combat boost. Press the B to back out and do these at once: press RT twice to use to combat boosts, start running down the ramp. At the T intersection, head left towards the hanger, go through the door and head left on the raised platform, don't go down the ramp, stay up top.

    Run around the hanger on the upper platform to the opposite side, there's a door through which there are two friendly guards. Pass them, down a small set of stairs and to the right of the next door is your first turret control. Press it and backtrack to the hanger.

    Once you're back in the hanger, turn to your left and you'll see a glass knee-high barricade. Shoot it with your assault rifle and run of the ledge (this glass can be shot before hand as your approaching the door to the first turret control button, just to save a little time). Once you jump off the ledge there is a hallway opening to your immediate left, run past the friendly guards and turn right. The wall that's on your left side has the next turret control button, push it as your running past it if you can.

    After the second button take the first door on your right, you'll follow a short hallway and then forced left. Again, take the first door on your right. Through this door you'll see some double stacked crates, run past them and there's the final turret control to your left at the hallway intersection. Press this final button completing Objective 1, then back up so you're against the double-stacked crates and the wall while facing the turret. You should just be running out of your combat boost around here, if you've strafe-ran the whole way and hit the buttons and doors with no delay, you should have 1 - 3 seconds of boost left. You're going to leave Player 2 here to act as decoy and they will most assuredly die. Don't worry about it. Press start.

    Pick up the 1st Player's controller, press start so that both players' menus are on screen. Press start on Player 2's controller that activated the turrets to clear their menu. Press start on Player 1's controller you're using and start playing. If the other player had boost left, you'll be in slow motion which can help kill the Skedar if he's still alive. You'll want to quickly run past the Weapons Training door (but don't open it), by running near it, the hostages start shooting the enemy Datadyne guards, but the Datadynes won't fire back. This removes their shields for later. Get in the first elevator, call it down if it's heading up by pressing A on the door. As the doors open, press A when they're halfway, run through and they'll close behind you quickly.

    Exit on the second level and head to your right. The first door you come to has two hostages and two Datadyne guards with no shield or health, one shot kills them pretty much. Face the door directly and open it, cap the far guard and then swing to your left and cap the second. If you saved both hostages, one of them will toss out a Devastator, grab it and leave the room. If one of them dies, restart the mission, you'll be needing the Devastator.

    When you exit, run to your left around the wall partition and then left again into the adjacent room. Same thing here, face door, open shoot, turn shoot. No weapons worth getting here (unless you prefer the K7 Avenger over the AR34 which is totally understandable, in which case grab the ammo).

    When you exit, run straight and you'll see an elevator shaft to your right, call it up if it's not already. While in the elevator, press start and select the combat boost, back out of the menu and press RT twice to active both boosts just as the doors are opening, press start and select your gun of choice. On the ground floor, exit the elevator and head left, towards the door leading to the holo training area. Survey the foyer in front of it and make sure there aren't any Datadyne guards coming, shoot any you see who are an immediate threat. Press start again and select the Devastator. Go into the holo room and strafe around the wall, there will be three guards in a line, aim towards the floor at the feet of the middle guard with the devastator, fire, and leave. You can make sure they die with bullets, don't waste another grenade.

    Run out of the holo room, be EXTRA cautious of Datadyne guards and head to your right towards the Weapons Training Course. Once again, quick survey the foyer in front of the door, take out anyone who's an immediate threat and head inside. Kill the two Datadyne guards, Objective 2 should now be complete and you should be under the 1:30 mark if you've got the mission time selected to display. What a difference boosts make.

    In this same room, run to the console on the desk and press it, grab the RCP-120 from the wall alcove once the glass shatters, you may select it and use it if you want, I didn't find it particularly impressive, either way you've got Objective 3 done. Make sure you don't press RT and A at the same time while using it because it will make that player ineligible for receiving the Run and Gun crown. As you're leaving, be careful of Datadyne guards, there can be anywhere from 0 - 3 of them coming into this room while you're on your way to leaving, and boy howdy can they sneak up on you.

    As you exit, check if there are any enemies and impede them if you can, if you can help it, don't kill them as it will not spawn more around the Bombed drop ship which will benefit you. Run to your left and grab the elevator, get to the second floor and go left this time, press start and select your Devastator. Run all the way to the end of the walkway and turn right into the final door. This is Daniel Carrington's room, from the doorway aim towards the diagonal corner and fire the Devastator. This destroys the evidence in the wall safe and completes Objective 4. Press start after you fire and select your gun. You're going to run back to the elevator but there's almost always a Datadyne guard coming for on the top walkway. Whip around the corner and get ready to take cover as soon as you see him, he's a fast shot, so I recommend not firing, let him waste his bullets and kill him when he's stopped firing.

    Get to the elevator, there will probably be 1 - 3 Datadyne guards coming up. Stand in front of the elevator door and as the elevator is nearing you, keep pressing A to make the elevator go back down. Let it come back up on its own time with more guards. There will be anywhere from 1 - 6 Mr. Blondes and 0 - 5 Datadyne guards in the elevator and beneath you. Face them the cowardly way by not facing them. Just as the elevator doors are opening, press A and close them forcing them back down. As the elevator's leaving, press start while looking at the enemies and count how many there are of each, the game only spawns so many. Keep doing the elevator trick and try to count the guys underneath until you have about a minute left on the bomb countdown or if you count at least 4 Mr. Blondes and a couple Datadyne guards, whichever comes first.

    Here's where you find out which adventure you've chosen. If you still have health and can respawn Player 2, great. If you're down to your last sliver of life, then fine.

    If you can respawn Player 2, wait till Player 1 has sent the elevator back down and respawn Player 2. Press start on Player 2's controller and select Combat Boost. Exit out of the menu and use them quick, then press start and grab a gun. Run down the ramp and at the T intersection head right. Careful as you're heading down because there may be guards coming up. If you counted 5 guards and 6 Mr. Blondes at Player 1's position, don't expect trouble, anything less than that, be prepared. Once you get to the very bottom of the ramp, head out and look for and exterminate any trouble. Head to the closest part of the ship by the ramp's exit, press start and grab your Datalink. Press RT to start uploading. It'll take a little longer since you're on boost mode, after it's done, whip out a gun and head back through the ramp, run through the T intersection and enter the door to the hanger where you first began this 3-minute hell to complete the mission.

    Congrats yo. Unless of course you didn't have enough help to respawn Player 2, then things are more difficulter. I've used the word 'difficulter' to truly convey how frustrating it will be to have to do it this alternate way.

    If you can't respawn Player 2, wait till the elevator of death is at the bottom, pop out your Devastator and wall bounce a grenade into the area below you. This will kill everyone. Jump in the elevator and sprint as fast as you can towards the ramp where you started, running down it and at the T intersection turning right and heading towards the bomb ship. You will encounter resistance, and you will most likely die if it's encountered in the ramp hallways. At the bomb ship, take out any enemies if they're going to see you. Press start and select the Datalink. Connect to one of the ship's sides (preferably near the ramp entryway) and hope to God no one interrupts you. You will most likely be interrupted, and you will most likely die. If on the 0% chance you don't die, whip out your gun when the Datalink is done, survey the area to watch your six and run back up the ramp, through the T intersection and through the door leading to the hanger.

    Double congrats yo. This one was harder, and it's how I did it, but I recommend the respawn-player-2-sure-all method as there's a very low chance of meeting any enemies this way.
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    CarlosMaestre85Wow. I did something of the likes on the original N64 (solo), but there weren't any crowns back there. I wish I could upvote your solution too.
    Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 19 Nov 17 at 21:40
    UpgradePolecatGreat stuff! +1 for me! smile
    Posted by UpgradePolecat on 16 Jan 18 at 20:19
    ASUnknown1Just used this to get the crown myself, very useful, thanks! There is one significant change I made to your strategy though; instead of using Player 1's combat boost to save the hostages upstairs, I waited until just before entering the weapons room downstairs to use it instead. I found that whenever I entered the weapons room, guards would instantly appear in the doorway and gun me down from behind before I even had a chance to kill the enemies inside the room. Using the combat boost there meant I could take care of those enemies, get the experimental weapon and be at the doorway in time to kill the spawning guards without a problem. It does mean that it's harder to take out the enemies upstairs before they kill the hostages, but it is not that difficult to do with practice, and you'll still have plenty of time to complete the objectives before 1:30.

    I would also recommend using the K7 Avenger over the A34 personally as it takes down guards much quicker. You can kill the enemy that spawns outside Carrington's office by waiting for him to come around the corner and shooting him before he even has a chance to fire back with the Avenger. Then it's just a matter of using the elevator trick, taking care of business downstairs with Player 2 (easier said than done, of course) and there's your crown...
    Posted by ASUnknown1 on 07 Dec 19 at 17:34
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    I'm not taking credit for this, but I'm sharing a VERY useful guide I've been using. Credit goes to IOnEI Falcon and his/her resources. Thought I would share this with the community of TrueAchievements.

    Just click on Crowning Glory for videos and descriptions. Also being updated as discoveries are being made for requirements.
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