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  • Richard BastionRichard Bastion139,728
    14 Feb 2010 14 Feb 2010 01 Apr 2011
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    There are considered to be only three locations in which Virgil is easy to miss. Other than those three locations, he's almost always directly in between you and wherever it is you're currently headed. For those of you who don't know, Virgil is the ghost with the blue aura, whom you talk to with the RB. It's been reported that you do NOT need to talk to Virgil until he disappears. Though he does have interesting information.

    These three locations are:

    Shortly after seeing Charon's head implanted in the wall(You can push it into the abyss for an achievement) you'll come to a room with a short ramp, and a throne-like thing halfway up that ramp. You'll be required to come to this room so you can pull a lever and be able to reach the first boss, King Minos. At the bottom of the ramp, near the entrance to this room is Virgil. When you originally enter, your camera will not reveal him, which is why many people(Including myself) miss this one.

    Towards the very beginning of Lust, before you enter the Lust Tower, there is a bridge with orbs of electricity shooting across it. In order to open a hole into the Lust Tower, you must pull a lever in order to redirect an electric orb back at the tower. Virgil is towards the end of the bridge, and off to the left. The reason many people miss this one is because you have a limited number of time before the portal to the Lust Tower closes. So while rushing to get in, they tend not to notice Virgil standing off to the left. At least, that's what happened to me.

    Icy Bridge:
    Some people are reporting that they're missing the Virgil which is located on the icy bridge towards the end of the game. I honestly don't remember much about this location (And I don't own the game anymore), so just keep your eyes open once you get to the icy area. Since Virgil is blue, and the icy background is blue, it makes sense that it'd be easy to miss. If you remember what this place is called, please leave a comment. I'd owe ya one!

    DRUNKZ 27 had a helpful tip to add: You should press Start to check the in game collectibles each time you talk to Virgil. This is because the entries unlock in order. So if you check the in game list and see a previous entry still says "locked" you know that you missed one and you can revert back to an older save file to avoid a 2nd full play-through.

    Also use all 16 save slots so you have multiple files to go back to in case you found you missed one.

    Thanks, DRUNKZ!

    If you miss even a single Virgil commentary, you'll have to start the game all over. Or, at least, load a save game prior to that Virgil.

    I hope this helps!

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    Mr RodsterThe one on the ice bridge is the very last one, in the section named Treachery. In fact, you first see him when the word "Treachery" flashes on your screen. After the title pops up, Virgil is in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 04 Sep 11 at 00:13
    savstarcheers mate
    Posted by savstar on 03 Nov 11 at 21:15
    mikeazzoJust to confirm, you need all the Virgils unlocked in a single playthrough. I had 2 missing pretty early when I first got the game. I unlocked these on another playthrough and it didn't pop :-(
    Posted by mikeazzo on 04 Jun 12 at 22:35
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  • SN4K3E4T3RSN4K3E4T3R229,513
    25 Sep 2011 25 Sep 2011 25 Sep 2011
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    These are the locations where Virgil can be found and spoken to. You can check to see which locations you missed or still need by pressing start - Dante's journal - Virgil - press A for more information. The locations are in order so it's easy to see which conversation you missed or still need.

    Just to be sure, you should make at least two saves where one save is right after the last Virgil commentary you found. If you check the journal at the next one and you missed one in between you can just reload your other save file and continue. This saves you the trouble of having to replay the entire campaign. The description off the commentary usually has something to do with the location or a event in the game, this makes it a bit easier to tell where you should find him.

    Into the Blind World - Right after you climb a few demon walls, there will also be a Judas coin on a little cliff nearby.
    Shores of Acheron - After you kick open a door that you had to turn a lever and break a breakable wall to get to. You see Charon and people constantly falling in the background.
    Limbo - After ripping off Charon's head and getting back onto land (you had to run across a breaking bridge right before this).
    Unblessed Infants - You'll get to this right after you meet the unbaptized babies with scythe hands for the first time.
    Hall of Kings - Right before King Minos, the judge of the dead. Virgil will be in the corner and when entering the door before him you see him for a split second. Run to the bottom right to see him and then talk to him.
    Winds of Lust - Literally right in front of the Lust Storm. On the left.
    Semiramis - After the snake head that you have to break it's teeth to continue. You also receive a cutscene with Beatrice sitting in on a bed.
    Helen - After killing Cleopatra in Lust, you do a few jumps and he'll be waiting for you when you land.
    Gluttony - Before fighting Cerebus and after you do some platforming to get down to Gluttony.
    Valley of Mud - After the room with the three mouths and before the mirror puzzle.
    Greed - After descending into Greed, you'll see Virgil right in front a bunch of gold looking stuff and moving platforms.
    Earth's Treasure - After getting passed the room that closes in on you and/or enemies. Right next to a demon wall.
    Plutus - Right before the giant statue of Plutus.
    The Wheel of Fortune - After you climb up Plutus, open the door and go across the rope, Virgil is waiting for you when you drop off the rope.
    Anger - After descending into Anger, Virgil will be waiting for you.
    Pigs in the Mire - After using a box to make a platform go down.
    The City Draws Near - After going up the platform that you have to make sure the fire thing doesn't catch up. Right next to the rope that goes down and you'll get onto the big behemoth's head that you'll ride through the City of Dis (except that's not yet, you ride it across a pond).
    Heresy - After descending into Heresy, he'll be waiting for you.
    The Harrowing - Right after you go through the two hallways that have fire levers (one of which, demons try to catch you in it).
    Epicurus - When you get to the main room where you're moving up a statue so it gets hit by light (the first time), you'll have to get across some demon walls and once you are passed them, Virgil will be waiting for you. It's also right before the room with 5 fire walls needing to be closed.
    Three More Circles - This is after you get passed the room where all the platforms around you are breaking and falling (also known as the stalactite room).
    Violence - Right next to the River of Boiling Blood, when you first get there.
    Wood of Suicides - After crossing the River of Boiling Blood, Virgil will be waiting for you.
    Abominable Sands - After leaving the Wood of Suicides and before entering the sandy area.
    The River Phlegethon - After pushing the big piece of wood to continue on, you'll see red water/blood at a waterfall in the background. Right before the rope you descend to fight Francesco.
    The Final Circle - After you get done with the Malbolge, Virgil is waiting on the path.
    Treachery - Literally right at the beginning of the crumbling ice bridge (right before the final boss). He blends in with the scenery, so he's easy to miss.

    I somehow missed Virgil in two play troughs and i had a hard time finding the locations in other guides or solutions. Most off the time Virgil is in plain sight but you might accidentally miss him when you are not paying attention. You can use this solution on your first play trough if you want to be sure that you don't miss him. I got the achievement on my third play trough with this solution as a guide. I hope this solution helps people who have a hard time with this achievement.

    The credit for this solution goes to the user Jamby on

  • NeuroticAngelNeuroticAngel62,229
    16 Feb 2010 16 Feb 2010
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    I had trouble with this one, always missed one or two virgil locations. The ones people may miss are In Limbo right before you fight King Minos. He is in the back right of the room before you swing to the boss. In Lust right before you enter the tower. Then this one i missed completely is right before you cross the ice bridge in Treachery he is easy to miss since he blends in with the ice.
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