Countermeasures achievement in Dante's Inferno™


Kill 20 enemies using a counter move

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How to unlock the Countermeasures achievement

  • KennansoftKennansoft163,779
    07 Feb 2010 07 Feb 2010 06 Jul 2011
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    To get this you must first purchase the upgrade called 'Repayment'. It is on the evil path level 0. The description of how to counter is there but just incase it reads...
    "Press 'LT' just before an enemy attack to counter. Press 'X' or 'Y' after countering to counter attack"

    This takes a bit of patience to get and can be achieved on a single play through with no 'grinding' as such.
    A good area to grind for this is at the end of 'Violence' where there is a large platform on wheels you have to push up the hill, the second you move it 3 Undead Minion's will spawn and continue to respawn untill you move it to the top. Here is the best place to sit tight and keep trying, there is even a health fountain nearby if you get low.

    Remember you have to get 20 kills from a counter attack, not just counter 20 times so press 'Y' and not 'X' as it will get this done quicker.

    Relics: If you are on the unholy path at level 3 or above and have found the relic 'Hoarders Purse' this will increase the time for a counter attack to be executed.
    Another relic that will help is 'Filippo's Rage', when it is at level 2 it will Auto counter an attack meaning all you have to do is hit 'Y' or 'X', but this requires Unholy level 5 or higher to equip.

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    JMJimmyGreat solution. I might also add using Y is best as you can get splash kills as well. Increasing protection with Francesco's Forgiveness or absorption with Eye of Alighiero can be useful if you're having trouble countering.

    Also, if you're like me and didn't use block the whole game, a good place to do it is in Malebolge 2 after doing the 666 hit combo in Malebolge 1, change the difficulty back to classic and you'll have infinitely spawning enemies that are super easy to get kill and splash kills on.
    Posted by JMJimmy on 16 Nov 10 at 18:46
    RSDAYthe room in 'greed' where you pull a switch and it lowers the spiky platforms also works. i found that leaving the 2 spinning enemies alive let the minions spawn infinitely, and there were 5 here rather than 3 at the end of 'violence.'
    Posted by RSDAY on 08 Nov 13 at 23:17
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  • Magillhard2killMagillhard2kill240,071
    15 Feb 2010 15 Feb 2010
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    Once you unlock the Gates of Hell Arena, get to Wave 29. Make sure you have the Repayment ability. Let the babies surround you and just counter attack by pressing LT and following up with X or Y. They should be done in 2 hits. If you're missing any, it's pretty easy to get the rest by countering anything else in the Gates of Hell Arena.
  • AL1AL1917,152
    25 Mar 2010 26 Mar 2010
    14 3 5
    I found this easiest to do while you're on the round platform fighting Cleopatra. As long as you do not attack her, she will keep sending 3 unbaptized babies at you. As far as I could tell, this is infinite.

    Simply wait for her to release 3 babies, retreat to the far side of the platform, counter using LT, then attack with Y. You will know the counter worked when the game slows down while blocking the baby's attack. Using the Y attack will usually kill all 3 at once, allowing you to get to 20 quicker.
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    AL1No clue on the B counter-attack. Can't say i ever used it.
    Posted by AL1 on 11 Apr 10 at 22:24
    Drakendeni can confirm the B counterattack does work, as its the only one i used in the beginning and then got the achievement after 3 or 4 kills using Y.
    Posted by Drakenden on 14 Aug 10 at 13:22
    VoodooTrumpetWorked a charm
    Posted by VoodooTrumpet on 03 Feb 13 at 18:14
  • StopSpazinOutStopSpazinOut258,552
    27 Mar 2010 27 Mar 2010
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    i found it very simple to, purchase retribution and on the shores of Acheron where you have to use the switch to move the bridge there are 2 bats that continually respawn, simply use retribution to counter their fire balls and send them back. will take you 2-3 minutes, easy.
  • DBragaDBraga64,047
    27 Feb 2010 28 Feb 2010
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    I found it easy to get this achievement countering Unbaptized Babies. With one counter move you're able to kill three, maybe four at a time.
  • LuizCraft 74LuizCraft 74157,647
    19 Nov 2018 02 Dec 2018
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    Sorry by my english.

    I have made a video about how to get this achievement in my channel, it is in Portuguese, but, is realy easy to understand the tips to do get it.
    So if you want a video explain, here is that one haha:

  • Magican 91Magican 9145,945
    20 Mar 2012 22 Mar 2012
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    (Buy the upgrade repayment)
    After gaining like father like son achievement you will have to fight the flying hellbats while on a lift. Just keep countering and throwing their fireballs back at them. when the lift reaches the platform some jumping small demons will appear counter them and by the end of the fight you should have the achievement.
  • rastal66rastal66149,080
    08 Apr 2010 08 Apr 2010
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    One thing to note is that it seems you need 20 counter kills **without dying**. I set it on classic (you can do this from the "back" button Option menu even during the middle of a stage) and did it at cleopatra's rising platform with the infinite baby respawn. As soon as you see one even start to twitch (before they jump) hit block and you'll get the slow motion richochet and destroy them with heavy attack (Y button). If they dont die, do it again, but dont waste your time doing any regular moves, only counters. That'll just mean you have to farm babies even longer if they die from reg attacks.

    And remember like the original poster said: you have to get a KILL with your counter move, not just do a counter and/or finish off something you'd countered. That's where classic difficulty really helps because things have about 30% of the hp they have on the next setting up, zealot.

    At first I was trying to do it by just killing a few ghouls on cleopatras elevator each time with difficulty set at zealot figuring I'd rack up 20 after a couple deaths, but it never popped, so I went to the classic difficulty+babies strat and after 20: cha-ching!
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