Trials of St. Lucia

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Trials of St. Lucia
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It's in the Trial

Beat 25 different single player and 15 different two-player EA trials

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How to unlock the It's in the Trial achievement

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    Okay, after putting a lot of hours into this, I'm getting close to finishing the SP trials. I've been compiling this information as I've played through it, and as said in other solutions, making a guide for each trial isn't feasable. I just thought I'd try to add to your knowledge with some little tricks to help you get through these trials. If there's anything I've missed, or any information you can add to make this a better guide, please leave a comment, and I'll credit you for it.

    These trials are very difficult, and half of the battle is picking yourself up mentally after the first few losses, because it seems like some trials are impossible after the first few tries. Keep plugging away though, and you will get your rewards.

    Lesser Minions and Babies can be taken out with a simple grab (RT) and punish. This is very useful for "Take No Damage" and "Don't Kill the Prisoner" trials.

    A lot can be said for the simple double jump, then spam B combo with Dante. Keep on the move while doing this. It keeps you out of the way of ranged attacks, while dealing a fair amount of damage. With Lucia, just fly around on the floor weaving, and using the hold B attack.

    Use your magic wisely, I cannot stress this enough. The only magic I used was Divine Armour. It helps a LOT with the "Take No Damage" trials, and when you have to face multiple large enemies. Keep an eye on your magic meter, if you can, save magic to use in the later waves. If your health dips below 1/2, then use Divine Armour to bring it back up and give you a much needed breather.

    On "Marked for Death" trials, try to run towards the enemy which is marked for death as soon as you can, then spam quick attacks before the others gather around you. You can get a great headstart this way. Lucia's hold B attack works wonders if you can get your aiming right.

    On "Don't Kill the Prisoner" trials, just run away from the crowd, the prisoner runs faster than most other enemies, then double jump over the prisoner and spam B for Dante, hold B for Lucia. Again, this works wonders and if you get the aiming right, you won't hit the prisoner. When Lesser Minions and Babies are involved, don't forget to grab and punish them.

    After the training trials, start off playing Path to Enlightenment, then move on to Gates of Hell 2. These are great practice maps which give a variety of situations, which can also build your confidence.

    Some maps are easy to fall from, so watch out. You can use this to your advantage however. Spinning Minions can be thrown off the map sometimes. Also, spamming B makes the Demons fall back, very often they can fall off the edge, saving you time and health.

    The order I tend to kill enemies is as follows, however depending on how you play, you may kill in a different order. Summoners are always first though, as you cannot kill the others without taking him out.

    Summoners >> Heretics >> Pests and Minions >> Exploding, etc. Minions >> Greater Demons >> Spinning Minions >> Malecoda's.

    The reason I kill in this order, rather than taking out the main threats first, is that after taking out the Summoners and Heretics, I spam B at the Pests and Minions, taking them out quickly, meaning less enemies are aiming at me. I can then focus on the main threats afterwards. I leave the Spinning Minions to the end because they sometimes hit other enemies, helping you. They're also hard to take down while other enemies are after you.

    Methods for killing various enemies:

    Minions (Weakest human-like enemies) - Fast attacks work best, either simply hit them with the cross, or use the combo hold LT and hit B three times. Another good way to kill these is to just grab (RT) them, and punish them. Use the first method in "Kill 'em Quick" trials though.

    Pests (Flying bat-like enemies) - Cross works best on these. With Lucia, hold B then release for a quick way to kill them.

    "A much quicker way of getting rid of pests (the flying bug looking things) is to jump in the air and hit RT. You will grab them and slam them to the ground with an instant kill. I've tested it on all versions of the pests, all medals, all difficulty, and even when magic protected. Instant kill each time." ~ Thanks, Draco719.

    Spinning Minions - Righteous Path stops these guys from spinning, but this uses valuable magic. I find the best way is to either let them spin until they stop by holding block, or if you can block just as they hit you, it strikes them, which stops the spinning. When you get them to stop, a quick way to kill with Dante is to hold LT and spam Y.

    Fire Minions, Smoke Minions, Exploding Minions - These are simple to kill, just hit them with the cross, then use X to swipe around you for a certain hit.

    Lust Demons, Gluttons, Templars (Soldiers) - The best way I found to deal with these is to keep as far away as possible and spam B. Just keep hitting them, they will fall eventually, and it's a lot safer than going up close.

    Greater Demons, Flying Demons, Malecoda - Keep as far away as possible from these, they will kill you FAST, especially if they're not alone. Keep away and again, spam B with Dante, hold B with Lucia. Punish them as soon as you can. With the flying demons, another guide said to forget about cutting off the wings. I strongly advise against this, taking their wings off gives them one less way of killing you, and that flying attack is the hardest to dodge. Malecoda's are tough, the safest way to take them out is to hit them with the cross until they turn black, then try to hit them a few times with Y,Y,Y,Y combos. When they stamp on the floor, double jump, or you won't last very long.

    Heretics (Spellcasters) - The best way to deal with these is to use Divine Armour, and then spam Y,Y,Y,Y at them. It disposes of them quickly so you can then use the cross on other enemies. Keep double-jumping to avoid the spells, and block if they get close. These guys can really hurt you.

    "For Heretics use LT+A , it will send them into the air allowing you to juggle them with x, netting you 7-8 free hits. Once they get up, repeat if they didn't die the first time." ~ Thanks, Anaxaminder.

    Summoners - Trials with a summoner seem difficult, but they aren't when you know which tactic suits you best. What I did was ignore everything else on the map, running side to side and using Y,Y on the summoner, which would hit him twice before he vanished.

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    Desi ShinobiEA server keeps disconnecting on me when I am doing the Survival trail of 100 waves.

    The challenges aren't hard but my god, the real enemy is the EA servers.

    Twice I hit over wave 65 and twice it disconnects and takes me back to main menu.

    Xbox Live stays connected, everything fine but the bloody EA SERVERS!!
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 22 Aug 18 at 12:53
    kugelblitz22Looking for coop partner
    message me
    Posted by kugelblitz22 on 03 Sep 19 at 20:13
    Gothamite7I need a coop partner too. Help!
    Posted by Gothamite7 on 20 Apr at 18:49
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  • IvanTortugaIvanTortuga201,190
    09 Jun 2010
    28 5 9
    A helpful "guide" from lifeexpectancy over at There is a link in another users solution. But I think it is more helpful to have it on TA as well.

    A strategy guide for individual trials wouldn't really be feasable but I hope this helps. Sometimes the biggest factor in passing a wave is how the enemies spawn and getting lucky. By this I mean that if on one of the "explosives only" waves with large enemies, if one of the big guys is too close to the edge a bomb can knock him over. This causes you to loose a life because he died from falling not the bomb. This happened to my partner and I MULTIPLE times when going for one of the bronze medals.

    The single biggest advice I can give
    1. WH0RE it up with your invincibility magic. Use it religiously to pass tougher waves and try to save magic if you know you have a "take no damage" wave coming up.

    2. If you're out of magic on a "take no damage wave" just try to keep your distance and spam B. Sooner or later most enemies will fall to this technique. It's especially easy with Lucia as she can fly around above them.

    3. On regular "kill the summoner" waves where you have a summoner that summons enemies that give you health and magic drops, if you don't have to a time limit leave the summoner alone and use the enemies to max out your health and magic before dropping the summoner to advance to the next wave.

    4. On waves where you have to use "explosives only" leave the last enemy alive and throw the bomb guys into an empty area until you refill your health and magic.

    5. LEARN the moves, this helps immensely. For instance when going for a combo (X-hit combo waves) with Lucia, when you mash X a few times she will spin up into the air. If this happens, hold LT and press A to do a diving attack into the enemies. Sometimes she'll land and sometimes she'll pop back up. If she goes up again hit LT + A again. Be ready to hit X or Y for combo continuation when she lands.

    6. On 2-player trials that are "don't kill the prisoner", whichever player is nearest to the prisoner is the one it will try to chase. Have that player lure the prisoner into a remote corner while the other player destroys enemies. If there's an enemy following the prisoner luring player don't worry, just finish the rest of the enemies then peel off the enemies from the "bait" player one at a time or sneak in and lure the prisoner away from the other player just as they dash away from him.

    7. On waves that are "marked for death", use one player to lure enemies away from marked ones. Enemies generally behave like the prisoner and chase whoever is closest. I held 4 enemies and 1 marked for death enemy away while my partner killed the 2nd marked for death enemy, then he came over and peeled off the marked for death enemy while I lured the others away.

    8. On "kill summoner quickly" waves, keep your distance from the other player. If it's on the ravine stage where you can fall off the side easily, the summoner will alternate spawns from one end to the other so each person take an end. When you hit the summoner and it disappears to your partner's end, take a few steps away from the spot it appears at or it won't come back, which wastes time.

    9. If you have the large minotaur enemies with wings, and a time limit, it's best to keep pummeling them after RT appears over their head rather than using RT to take their wings off. Sometimes that is. Usually, this will result in a faster kill because you don't have to fight them again to get another RT after ripping their wings off. Use discretion with this technique though as I found a few instances where ripping their wings off was preferable, usually on maps where I can fall over the edge and thus didn't want them flying around.

    10. If you have "kill em quickly" on maps with bombs, don't just start laying into the nearest enemy. Sometimes it's beneficial to lure as many enemies as possible into a big group over a bomb then set it off. It takes some time, but saves you time in the long run due to damaging all enemies at once. The same holds true for "kill em quickly" with the rage powerups (not sure the name, but they are either blue or red glowing items depending on your character and send you into a fury mode). Group up the enemies, nab the rage powerup, then go to town on the group of enemies together so you get more bang for your buck with the powerup.

    11. On 2-player waves with both airborne birds and ground enemies, have lucia fly around fighting the birds while dante handles the ground-based foes.

    12. On waves where it's "explosives only" and you're fighting the flaming enemies, fly around with lucia shooting the flaming enemies to make them vulnerable while dante runs circles around them to lure in the kamikazee guys, which will finish them off promptly, sometimes in large groups or all at once.

    13. Never forget your RT grab ability on the smaller enemies. Sometimes the "don't kill the prisoner" waves are as simple as using RT to grab a little guy after putting some distance from the prisoner and using X to punish the little fella. This makes avoiding the prisoner much, much easier.

    14. If you're hitting the B button much on marked for death or don't kill the prisoner waves, you're probably going to fail. The B button is too indiscriminate and will cause you to hit the wrong enemy too often. Learn to use your moves to be selective. On 2 player, use the strategy above. On one player, all I can tell you is to follow my above advice and practice.

    15. Practice on the single player Gold medal trial Path to Enlightment. You'll face a lot of different situations against tough enemies, and you have infinite lives so you can keep trying different techniques in different wave types till you find one that works good for you.

    16. Against the large flaming minotaurs on maps without traps the "easiest" strategy is to keep dashing around the arena to get as much distance as possible from them then spam B. It may take hundreds of hits, but it's easier than close-up fighting which can get you dead quickly. I tested this strategy against the 3 flaming fellas at the end of the single player, infinite lives, gold medal trial and it worked but took forever. Mixing this strategy with your RB + LB rage and your invincibility shield to get in close speeds things up.
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    IvanTortugaGood luck!
    Posted by IvanTortuga on 07 Jun 11 at 18:16
    SlingBlade1322the Mile-High-Club took me 2 hours to master one Sunday morning. This is the bane of my existence. Even the single player Platinum level that gives you infinite lives took me 3 F*** hours to do.
    Posted by SlingBlade1322 on 29 Jun 12 at 02:23
    IvanTortugaYea its f-ing brutal.
    Posted by IvanTortuga on 29 Jun 12 at 16:41
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    hey guys, just got this achievement today legit. first of all, damn these trials, they are challenging even for me but very fun and enjoyable to play entirely. For once you do get your money's worth for this type of dlc!

    Try not to worry about what types of medals each trial has, i noticed some were easier than others especially the platinum medals. The first part of this guide is pretty much for the 1 Player Trials but can also be incorporated in the 2 Player Trails as well. When you are playing on the 2 arenas that you can get knocked off easily, try to knock the enemies off first with the melee combo, hold LT+ pressing x,x,x,x, with Dante and YYYY with Lucia, you can also use the Suicide fruit to throw them off but you have to shoot it at them directly.

    Keep using your Magic Armor to stay alive, this is a staple magic to use throughout the EA trials. Remember, some enemies are priority, firstly, its the Summoner, then the Heretics and after that it depends on how you play. When you start to use Lucia, which I think is the better character of the two only because the melee combos are so easy when the trials call for them, make sure to use the LT+ X for the spinning combo but dont stay in the air, you need to come down immediately and restart the same combo for the combo to continue, dont worry, your combo shouldnt stop, she also destroys Summoners quickly, you can just use the Spinning combo LT+ X. Also,use the Redemption bar towards the end of the trial so you can make sure you will get through the last few waves. You can also toss most of the harder enemies even Heretics into the air, press and hold the Y button and just combo the enemy with XX, RT to grab in the air over and over.

    Try to keep your magic bar full after each wave so you wont get frustrated later on. When it comes to No Damage and Do Not Kill the Prisoner waves with Lucia, just float and charge up your shot from afar, it works great, for some reason her shots never really hit the prisoner, and for Dante, try to stay in the air spamming the cross attack for the No Damage and for the Prisoner, most likely you can toss your foes in the air and just do the XX, RT combos. For the 2 Player Trials, work on each others strength and follow the above strategy.I might be missing some details but please message me if you still need help and for those who need help on the 2 player trials still, i can definitely help immensely! Thank you again guys and sorry if the guide is sort of long.
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    StratorNeed the trials if anywant need a partner add me
    Posted by Strator on 09 Aug 12 at 23:06
    TheAZNmikeJust wondering if the Training ones count
    Posted by TheAZNmike on 25 Sep 12 at 23:29
    CLARION 85On Trial SP 23 Look out Below Arena 1 Wave 3 Marked of Death

    What i did after a few tries Jump and in the air LT + A and aim to the Ninja Women
    Posted by CLARION 85 on 04 Jun 18 at 21:45
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