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Matchstick Eyes

Spend 36 hours total playing games in your arcade

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How to unlock the Matchstick Eyes achievement

  • iLazorziLazorz95,613
    07 Apr 2010 08 Apr 2010
    66 14 40
    Here is the EXACT way to get this achievement easily on Adventure. Here's what you do:

    1) Buy Adventure for 240 MSP.
    2) Start it up
    3) Go to where the black gate is in the area where you start. The spot you are going to be bouncing against is in the open space directly to the right of the gate, in the top left corner.
    4) Once you are at the spot described above, but something heavy, like a 500 page book (i.e. a small dictionary) on your left joystick and make sure it is pulling the joystick towards the top-left of your controller.
    5) You should now be bounching between the top and the left of this small, tight corner. Since your cube is moving so fast and going in so many directions, it should record the time accurately.
    6) IMPORTANT!!! When you are done, make sure you hit the back button, then scroll down to exit game. It should rack up how much time you were playing, which will add onto your total time for the achievement.

    With the method described above, you should be able to have your time played recorded accurately, thus making the achievement tons easier to obtain. I achieved 36 hours in two days of leaving my Xbox on and my joystick weighted down.

    Game Room has been known for freezing after long periods of play time, so be sure to exit the game every six hours or so and rack up your time to guarantee you don't lose all of your hard work.

    If you have any comments on this solution, please leave them below. Also, if you have any tips on how to improve this tutorial, also leave them below. Thank you.

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    I am JeffRay90Yeah. The solution needs to be updated.

    For the PC version holding down the only the arrow keys(W,A,S, D) does not work. I only accumulated ~2minutes each session with the latest patch.

    I successfully managed to accumulate time by having an object hold down Keys W and S AND I used a key autoer to press G (pick up/drop object). Of course I did this offline since using a 2nd program is prohibited. Note: I had the latest patch installed.

    For Xbox users.
    You need to rubber band the analog stick AND continuously press the button that pick up/ drop object (I don't which button is that)

    In other words, XBOX users must own a turbo controller in order to successfully accumulate hrs + AFK.

    GAME ROOM is cross platform. The PC and XBOX version both share the same achievements , however, I do not know if the contents are shared.
    Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 27 Mar 13 at 04:56
    EdOrAm05Hi people.
    In which option I can know about the time I've played in game room?
    Posted by EdOrAm05 on 23 May 13 at 20:36
    can you get this in any game
    Posted on 16 Jul 14 at 11:30
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  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime1,253,633
    19 Oct 2010 17 Oct 2010 11 Sep 2011
    43 2 12
    This achievement requires that you play games for 36 hours. You can obviously just play games for 36 hours, but I used an alternate method for this that also gets me the gold time spender medal, as I didn't accumulate 36 hours earning all the survivor and points gold medals I needed, leaving me with just time spenders.

    The way I did this was using a turbo controller. Enter the classic mode (not ranked) of just about any game and then turn turbo on for the left trigger (the rewind button). I used a Horipad X-2 turbo controller for this, although I don't think it matters. This will result in the game slowly rewinding until it rewinds as far as it can, and then it will move forward half a second, rewind back, and then repeat the process again and again. Since the game can't end, you never have to worry about the timer stopping or the game idling out. I leave it on when I go to work, go to sleep, hang out with friends, whatever.

    You can switch games as you like to get gold time spenders medals, or you can leave it on one game for 36 hours if you like. It's cumulative across games and playing sessions so any combination will work. Achievement will pop whenever you've hit the 36 hour mark and you don't need to end the game to get it, so it will probably pop sometime while you are at work/school etc, so make sure it's connected to live if you want a timestamp.

    A small fraction of the games won't allow you to do this because they freeze too damn often. Super Breakout and Battleanis froze night after night when I left them on turbo and I had to do them manually. Your experience may differ. As I said, it's only a fraction, as I had 27 games total and only 2 were crashing.
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    pezza888Is this method possible without a turbo controller? Can you rubberband the trigger of a regular controller to get the rewind to work continuously?
    Posted by pezza888 on 12 Aug 20 at 10:22
    pezza888To answer my own question above, this does not work with a regular controller, you need a turbo.
    Posted by pezza888 on 11 Feb 21 at 19:06
    LV 1 Blue SlimeSorry! I don't remember getting a notification about this comment. I don't think it works because you need the button to be let go for time to go forward a bit, otherwise it just stays rewound and time never goes forward (or perhaps time is only counted when there have been recent inputs). I know it's too late for you, but in case anyone else is wondering, I think that's why it has to be a turbo controller specifically.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 11 Feb 21 at 22:40
  • Sly ToadSly Toad409,947
    12 Jul 2010 02 Jul 2010 02 Jul 2010
    33 1 5
    For the people that are trying the "Adventure" method of going into a corner and tying a P&C kit around your analog stick to keep your cube moving, but not having time count after a few min.

    The reason is because the game is not recognizing the analog stick as gameplay. In order for the gameplay to be counted, you need to have face button constantly being pressed (A,X,B,Y). For people like me that have turbo controllers, this method will work.

    -Go into Adventure

    -Go to a corner of the game and just have your guy constantly moving into the corner

    -Set your Turbo for the 'A' button and tape it down or have something heavy depress the button.

    Not only is your character constantly moving, but you are also pressing an action button in the game Adventure. The reason why I say action button is because the 'A' button has a key function in the game for dropping items, which I don't think any other face button does, so having the action button constantly being pressed counts as gameplay and keeps the clock moving.

    I tried the other methods of just keeping my character moving against the wall, but it would stop counting after a min. I tried this method last night and received 8 hrs credit towards my time. I hope this helps everyone.
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    Zeus1221Hmm, does this only work with controllers that have the turbo button, or can you use a normal controller as well?
    Posted by Zeus1221 on 15 Oct 10 at 01:19
    BenchemI am currently doing this with a normal controller. Rubber-banded the analogue sticks, and tapped a 20 pence piece over the A button, and it hasn't stopped counting in the last 20 minutes.
    Posted by Benchem on 27 Jun 11 at 17:01
    Sly ToadIt depends on the turbo pad. When i did it mine didnt turbo itself.
    Posted by Sly Toad on 09 May 12 at 22:12
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