I Like Shiny Things achievement in Game Room

I Like Shiny Things

Win 48 Medals

I Like Shiny Things+1.1
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How to unlock the I Like Shiny Things achievement

  • Edward HyenaEdward Hyena475,989
    12 Sep 2010 25 Mar 2010 06 Oct 2012
    40 4 16
    This achievement requires paid content.

    To earn this achievement, you must unlock 48 medals cumulatively in Game Room. Each medal is only counted once. If you unlock a bronze medal, and then unlock the silver medal of the same type in the same game, that is still only one medal.

    At a minimum, you will need to buy 16 games to unlock this. This is assuming you only buy games with Survivalist and Point Buster medals.

    There are three medal varieties:
    Point Buster : These medals are awarded when you reach certain score targets.
    Survivalist : These medals are awarded for surviving a set amount of time in a single play.
    Time Spender : These medals are awarded for cumulative game play.

    Every game has a Time Spender medal. Time Spender medals count the time spent playing the game across any mode, including demos. Once you have played the required amount of time, you must either own the game (or be playing it on a box that has license to that game) or buy a paid session in order to actually unlock the mdeal.

    Most games also have a Point Buster and Survivalist medal. These medals can only be earned in ranked play, and in games that you either own, are purchasing sessions with using the 40 MS point option, or on games that your console is licensed to (i.e. Someone else bought that game on your console). These medals can NOT be earned in demo play, classic play, or if you are using tokens to play a friend's machine.

    A chart of which games have which medals available, and the goals that must be met to get those medals is posted here:

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    CRT JEDIMARKThis game is an absolute rip off and Microsoft should burn in hell for it. you try out the game, bam 1 achievement for just loading it and then your phucked ! either you waste more time and money getting these retarded acheevos or you leave your gamescore tainted for ever. FU game room!!
    Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 02 Mar 12 at 17:40
    Tao Logos^This
    Posted by Tao Logos on 06 Oct 12 at 16:59
    TimutimuLaser blast is incredibly easy to get 2 golds in 5 mins.
    Crystal castles is easy to get 1 gold in less than 1 min.
    Night stalker is easy to get survivalist.
    I wouldn't recommend unless you practice enough.
    Mr. Goemon and Flak attack.
    Posted by Timutimu on 23 Feb 13 at 10:24
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  • cherryontop420cherryontop420390,161
    25 Feb 2012 14 Apr 2012
    19 2 3
    Here is a list of all the games that I used to finish the game really easily. It is full of alot of rentals that you can either turbo one of the unused buttons or hit start to continue the time.
    If the timer stops counting be assured that it will still count for the gold. There is a timer at the top left of the screen that will tell you how long you have been playing for. You can verify how long each game will take here: http://www.tinyurl.com/GameRoomMedalChart
    medals earned
    Activision decathalon- O/G/G RENTAL
    Astrosmash B/S/O RENTAL
    Battlantis S/B/G OWNED
    Breakout 2600- O/G/O RENTAL
    City Bomber- G/G/G OWNED
    Cosmic Commuter O/G/G RENTAL
    Crackpots- B/S/G OWNED
    Crystal Castles- G/G/G OWNED
    Delta Twin Bee- S/G/G OWNED
    Dolphin O/G/S RENTAL
    Flak Attack- S/S/G OWNED
    Food Fight- S/G/G OWNED
    H.E.R.O. B/G/G OWNED
    Jackal G/G/G OWNED
    Keystone Kapers B/S/G OWNED
    Kabobber B/G/G OWNED
    Laser Blast G/G/G OWNED
    Missing in Action B/G/G OWNED
    Night Stalker O/G/S RENTAL
    Pinball B/G/G RENTAL
    Pooyan G/S/B OWNED
    Rack 'Em Up S/G/B OWNED
    Radar Lock O/G/G RENTAL
    River Raid O/G/G RENTAL
    River Raid 2 O/G/G RENTAL
    Shao-Lins Road S/G/G OWNED
    Shark Shark G/G/G OWNED
    Super Breakout Arcade O/G/G RENTAL
    Super Breakout 2600 O/G/G RENTAL
    Thunder Castle G/G/G OWNED
    Tutanhkam O/G/G RENTAL
    Video Chess G Time Spender OWNED
    Yar's Revenge O/S/O RENTAL
    Video Pinball B/G/G RENTAL
    Yie Ar kuhg-Fu G/G/G OWNED
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    justinman114what do the 'O's mean?
    Posted by justinman114 on 17 Mar 13 at 03:25
    TimutimuI'm guessing the 'O's are placeholders. They mean nothing.
    Posted by Timutimu on 22 Nov 13 at 03:36
    Problem with this game is basically money; if you buy or rent 34 games X $3.08 (2.99, plus tax) = $104,72 (If I understood correctly, that´s what Cherry on Top did)

    Are you seriously going to tell me you spent over $100 for these free on line games?....this is just too much, even for Pro achievement hunters.

    My suggestion? Start with free of charge achievements....decor your arcade, etc., buy your 3 favorite games (bought Gyruss, Crystal Castles and Megamania), get those medals, challenges, etc. If your wallet allows, buy 3 more a month later (I bought Pooyan, Enduro (even though when it´s a time spender only game) and Frostbite). You´ll come up with 36/56 achievements by spending $18.50 and you´ll only play games you like......it´s hard for me to buy something I don´t like.
    Posted by DogmaticTulip78 on 11 Feb 14 at 03:24
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