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How to unlock the Level 11! achievement

  • SashamorningSashamorning2,373,590
    05 May 2010 12 Jun 2010 15 Jun 2010
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    In order to get this one, you're going to need to buy some games. Play games that you *like*, and over time you'll get these.

    On the other hand, you probably wouldn't be looking at this unless you wanted it fast. With the selection of games out there, you can pick and choose certain ones to help you get more medal points more easily.

    Level 11 requires 200 medal points. You get 5 points for a gold, 3 for silver, and 2 for bronze. Some games allow you to earn three medals, and some only allow you to earn one.

    Obviously, the ones that allow you to earn 3 are going to help you get this much faster (and much cheaper).

    Here are some suggestions for games to help get you started, but they're only my opinions. Try them out on your own first; your mileage will vary. These games are current as of Game Pack 5 (released on June 1, 2010):

    *Yar's Revenge - Fairly easy to score and stay alive long enough to gold the first two. At 45 min, the Time Spender is one of the shortest.

    *Crystal Castles - The original easy 3-golder. There's a secret warp point in the back that will give you the points immediately. Staying alive is easy on the first few levels, and the Time Spender is 90 minutes.

    *Pitfall! - There are several online maps out there which can help you get the most points. Basically, start by going left and don't die, and you'll reach the 20k point total. Last until the 20 minute timer and you'll make the Survivalist. 120 minutes is a bit long, but the game is fun.

    *River Raid - A fun game that you should be able to get two golds with easily. 120 minutes is again a bit long, but fun games aren't as bad.

    *Buzz Bombers - A bit of a slower game with not much replay value, but EASY. The first time I played I got two golds. You can rack up 7 minutes just by moving the can without firing. Easy 15 points.

    *Astrosmash - So easy that once you cross your point and time threshold, you'll probably have to work to kill yourself off to end the game. 90 min isn't bad for a Time Spender. Moderate replay value.

    *Jungler - Easy to survive, fairly easy to get points. 90 minutes is another decent TS. Moderate replay value.

    *Lunar Lander - Once you get used to how to move the ship, the game is an easy 15 points. Replay value might vary on your tastes.

    *Shark! Shark! - The original Feeding Frenzy. Once you get used to moving the fish, the points and survival are gold. 120 min is long for a TS, but another fairly fun game.


    Those should net you 135 fairly easy points, enough for level 7 (almost 8). Here are some other games that are a little tougher:


    *Road Fighter - A little tougher, but if you watch the leaderboards, the golds are a lot easier than you might think. Moderate replay.

    *Centipede - With work, this can be a 15-pointer. If you get Millipede (Arcade), Centipede should become a breeze.

    *Keystone Kapers - The survival should come with not much practice, but the points are harder. At 120 min, the TS is a bit longer, but this should be a decent 10-13 points. Decent replay.

    *Tempest - If you play (and beat) the hardest level offered at the beginning, you'll gold the points. The TS is only 45 minutes, but it can be frustrating getting the 3rd gold. Nevertheless, it's a personal favorite of mine. 13 points are fairly easy here. Decent replay.

    *Night Stalker - Surviving is simplicity. If you never leave the box in the center (just move your stick so it thinks you're there), you can stay indefinitely. Time Spender is the same... 120 minutes is long, but again, it's easy. The points are a little tougher as you go along. 12-13 relatively easy points. Moderate replay.

    *Gravitar - Surviving is easy... just run away. TS is short at 40 min. The points are harder. 12-13 points should come quick. Moderate replay.

    *Tutankham - Surviving is easy... just run away. TS is short at 60 min. Points are a bit tougher. 12-13 relatively easy points. Can be frustrating.


    Again, these are *suggestions*. I recommend only getting ones you like. Eventually, you'll build up to the levels.

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    Case Dang ItGreat guide! I tend to see a lot of your guide's around the website and they've always been very insightful.
    Posted by Case Dang It on 04 Apr 11 at 06:49
    Posted by Sashamorning on 04 Apr 11 at 06:57
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  • Edward HyenaEdward Hyena473,438
    08 Sep 2010 25 Mar 2010
    27 3 0
    This achievement requires paid content.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to earn 200 "Medal Points".

    Medals can only be earned in ranked play, and in games that you either own, are purchasing sessions with using the 40 MS point option, or on games that your console is licensed to (i.e. Someone else bought that game on your console). Medals can NOT be earned in demo play, classic play, or if you are using tokens to play a friend's machine.

    Medal points are awarded as follows:
    Gold - 5 Points
    Silver - 3 Points
    Bronze - 2 Points

    There are three medal varieties:
    Point Buster : These medals are awarded when you reach certain score targets.
    Survivalist : These medals are awarded for surviving a set amount of time in a single play.
    Time Spender : These medals are awarded for cumulative game play.

    Every game has a Time Spender medal. Note that Time Spender medals can be earned in ranked or classic play, and are cumulative between game sessions. Most games also have a Point Buster and Survivalist medal. Medals "upgrade" as you progress. What this means is that if you have a Bronze medal and suddenly earn a Silver medal, you only have a Silver Medal. This will only count as 1 medal. Bronze, silver, and gold medals all count.

    A chart of which games have which medals available, and the goals that must be met to get those medals is posted here:
  • Chris8875Chris8875641,693
    15 Jul 2010 08 Jul 2010
    19 0 0
    As a slight update to Sashamorning's great guide above, there are some other games that you can consider - not only for a good sot at getting 10-15 points, but because they are actually good games as well.

    Finaliser - a fun top down scrolling shoot-em-up. If you can get the powerups and get through some of the tougher enemies, it is an easy 10 points. A little bit of work and it will become 15.

    Black Widow - Survivalist is easy - just run around avoiding everything for 5-6 minutes while one of the other bugs in your "web" eats your enemies for you. Points are easy too - on the intro screen warp to level 20, kill the big bug and you'll instantly have gold. Great replay value overall, so time spender medals are fun.

    Juno First - a great, fast, space shoot em up that you'll find yourself returning to over and over. Solid work for 10-11 points, and a bit of practice should see you hit 15. But importantly, a fun game.

    Also second many of the recommendations sashamorning has made above. River Raid, Astrosmash, Jungler, Centipede and Shark Shark are good ones. Red Baron, once you get your technique down and spend time dodging bullets as well as shooting, is an easy 15 points. Shao Lins Road is just straight out fun.

    Avoid Megamania, Super Breakout and Battlantis very tough games to get full medals, and in some ways not the most enjoyable ones either.
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