No Point in Dying achievement in LIMBO (Xbox 360)

No Point in Dying

Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

No Point in Dying+0.6
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How to unlock the No Point in Dying achievement

  • ApatheticCobraApatheticCobra118,226
    01 Aug 2011 06 Aug 2011 04 Sep 2011
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    You can unlock this achievement by selecting a New Game from the main menu and playing through to the closing credits in a single sitting (no dashboarding, no loading another save, etc.). Oh, also there's the minor point of doing it without dying more than 5 times in the entire run. Here are some approaches to this achievement that I found useful:

    1) Don't let the "complete the game in one sitting" part scare you. Once you know the solutions to all the puzzles, this game probably clocks in at about 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete. It's not like Dead Rising's "7 Day Survivor" where you have to set aside an entire day of your life. You may not unlock the achievement until your 3rd or 4th attempt, but still, at least you're able to do that over a couple of days.

    2) If you die at all before Chapter 10 (the chapter where you're trying to outrun the flooding water), just restart your run. Chapter 10 is only about 20 minutes into the game, and those first 9 chapters are some of the easiest puzzles in the game. Unless you were doing something silly, there's really no excuse for dying that soon.

    3) Once you get into the Chapter 10 range or maybe a bit later, NEVER restart your run until you officially hit 6 deaths. First of all, you never know what might happen. You might die 4 times in Chapter 16, but totally luck out on those jumps in Chapter 23, and that'll end up being the run where you get the achievement. Even if you continue playing and don't get the achievement, the additional practice on the later levels will only make life easier for your next attempt.

    4) Chapters 12, 23, and 24 all have timing based jumps that you may want to perfect through Chapter Select before you start a legitimate attempt. I personally found some jumps in Chapters 13, 14, and 18 tricky.

    If you need any more help, here are some videos with annotated tips I've uploaded to YouTube of my 2nd "No Point in Dying" playthrough. You'll probably want to click on each video to watch them directly through YouTube, as the annotations can be tough to read through an embedded player.

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    AbyssalOrc33This kind of sucks but YouTube removed the annotation feature from their videos some time ago. The option is still there but it seems like it no longer does anything.

    The videos are still really helpful though.
    Posted by AbyssalOrc33 on 22 Jun 19 at 00:39
    SincereSeeker6You really only need to practice the very late chapters, 23 and 24 because those final jumps are very difficult if you are not used to them. Everything else you can time pretty well by just following the video guides. That is the best thing you can do, always follow them to see what is coming up so you don't accidentally die, and you can see how to time the jumps correctly. It will make the run probably over two hours, but it's better than dying just because you didn't know what was coming up and needing to start the whole round over.
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 25 Jan 21 at 16:45
    Zeta SighProbably a silly question but if mis time a jump and fall down a hole, but don't yet die, and reload the chapter will it count as a death?
    Posted by Zeta Sigh on 28 Sep 21 at 21:16
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  • TheBrockSamsonTheBrockSamson38,954
    02 Jan 2011 02 Jan 2011 04 Jan 2011
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    The best advice I can give is that you should try to have 2 or 3 lives available when you get to Chapter 23 as it will be very easy to slip up once or twice on the fairly difficult gravity jumps.

    One tip that I think will be very useful is for the Chapter 24 last jump, If you don't make it the first time, it will respawn you at the exact right time to hit the jump if you start running right away. So if you made it to the end with at at least 1 life left you should be able to get it.
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    Gumbeaux JrI will also say you should make it past the first hotel sign only dying once to that point. That is only about 30 mins into the game, and the game is really easy up to that point. Plus you will need more lives later in the game due to stress, and difficulty level rising significantly. I died approx. 3 times in 5 minutes toward the end. After 2 times playing the game it should only take about an hour to finish like tommy says.
    Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 05 Jan 11 at 23:37
    LessrOf2WeevilsI don't think this achievement is as bad as it sounds - just recognize that it is going to take a few goes. I got it on my fourth or fifth playthrough, but I so much enjoy just running through the game that it didn't feel like a chore at all, even after dieing six times once.

    As mentioned, you'll want to have a couple of lives for the last chapter. I also found the places where you have to jump buzz saws a pain. Other than that, once you know the puzzles, the rest isn't that bad.
    Posted by LessrOf2Weevils on 06 Jan 11 at 18:25
    blootoon68Got this today. Went into second hotel level with only one life left and made it through the last two levels only dying once. Had never got through the last two without dying at least four times before. Happy boy!!
    Posted by blootoon68 on 15 Oct 11 at 16:28
  • Removed Gamer
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    For those that are still trying for this, a tip I can add among the many other useful ones here, that can help save a life is this:

    When you first get to the first Hotel sign, just keep running and jump. If you don't stop during your run, the sign is already timed to turn off at the perfect time.

    If you reload the chapter to practice this level, the timing is not there, so you would have to time the jump yourself. Load up the previous chapter to test it out.
    Once I figured this out, I haven't lost a life on the sign since. I know it's not that difficult to begin with, but anything to help eliminate a timed jump is good news to me.

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    TheJimiHippieGood news indeed. Thx.
    Posted by TheJimiHippie on 07 Jan 15 at 03:33
    AerithenVery helpful, thanks for the tip!
    Posted by Aerithen on 25 Aug 15 at 15:42
    Cidkia559I can confirm that timing on the first H is perfect if you don't stop running.
    Posted by Cidkia559 on 30 Jan 18 at 05:58
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