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The Signal

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The Signal

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Cardboard Companions

Special 1: Discover all of the cardboard standees.

Cardboard Companions+0.3
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How to unlock the Cardboard Companions achievement

  • HaganeGirHaganeGir87,972
    27 Jul 2010 27 Jul 2010
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    This brief guide may include minor spoilers. There are six cardboard standees, which can be found in the following order:

    Odin Anderson: You will be ambushed inside a store, and after fighting off the Taken you will emerge in a parking lot full of bright red lights. With your back against the door you exited from, head around the right side of the building to find this standee in a corner by the fence.

    Sarah Breaker: After exiting the parking lot area mentioned above you can use the focus button to get a full view of the broken street ahead of you. Heading left from where you start, go around the corner, this standee is close to the edge of the street, and near the word ‘flare’. You will be able to see this standee while holding the focus button.

    Barry Wheeler: The ‘memory’ of Sarah Breaker will open the church door for you. Turn left as you enter, and the standee is by a window, just before the first set of seats.

    Cynthia Weaver: Using the searchlight on the three floating ‘bridge’ words will create a train car for you to use to access the next part of the level. When you drop through the train car, head to your right, and the standee will be right by the edge of the rocks.

    Tor Anderson: After exiting the areas with the spontaneously flashing light poles, and before entering the lumber yard, turn right while facing the wrecked machinery leading into the next section. This standee is standing against the rocks in a corner.

    Alice Wake: This final standee is found after dropping out of a warehouse room filled with ominous mist and red gas tanks (and of course, some enemies). There is a memory you can activate of Alice talking to Alan, and Alan will then remark that he has no idea how long ago he had saved Alice. From here there are two floating ‘bridge’ words. Head to the one furthest away and turn right. Alice’s standee will be by a few crates.

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    UnderDawg2Spot on, thanks for that
    Posted by UnderDawg2 on 28 Jul 10 at 12:08
    KindredfoolWorked great, achievement popped. Thanks for taking the time to write this up
    Posted by Kindredfool on 07 Aug 10 at 20:17
    SpazCoolThe Alice Wake standee gave me a bit of a worry, given that the first memory you have with her is also "after dropping out of a warehouse room filed with ominous mist and red gas tanks." I spent maybe five minutes searching and worrying that I had somehow missed it or that it had glitched. I guess I would have apprecieated your mentioning that it was the second memory with Alice; otherwise though, spot on and thank you for the help.
    Posted by SpazCool on 01 Oct 11 at 14:31
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  • TheRealCassellTheRealCassell96,692
    28 Jul 2010 28 Jul 2010
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    Here are the collectibles in order you come across them in the dlc.
    There´s a total of 10 alarm clocks and 6 cutouts

    Clock: In the kitchen of the Oh Deer Diner

    Cutout: After you leave the hardware shop turn right around the corner (Odin)

    Cutout: Before you cross the broken street turn left along the cliffs - there are several words for ammo and flares around (Sarah)

    Clock: On the playground on a bench

    Cutout: As you enter the church, turn left (Barry)

    Clock: As you go down into the church basement, it´s behind the stairs on a white seat

    Clock: In the area where you found the "Boom!!" and "Fireworks" first and the invisible Taken appear, there´s an old train carriage (To the far left, end of the train tracks). The clock is in it, on the left side

    Clock: At the end of the forest with the invisible Taken theres a word for a searchlight. Activate it and it will lit a tent with 3 "Boom!!" in which you´ll find the clock.

    Cutout: After you used the big searchlight to burn the 3 fast moving "bridge" words and jumped through the train car go right (Cynthia)

    Clock: It´s in the middle of the street lantern forest about half way through on a rock

    Cutout: After the lantern forest and before you climb the broken crane it´s in a corner to the right (Tor)

    Clock: On the "Crash Derby" site it´s in the far right corner beneath a word for "car"

    Clock: After the ambush under the pier climb the ladder and turn left. It´s at the end on top of that pier

    Clock: After you defeated the Chainsaw Taken and before you enter the building it´s in the back corner by a fence

    Cutout: Stand in front of the switch which activates the crane and turn around (Alice)

    Clock: Before you enter the living room go into Alan´s room. It´s on the right.
  • eG I MuRd3r uKeG I MuRd3r uK173,234
    27 Jul 2010 27 Jul 2010
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    There are a total of 6 cardboard standees to find in "The Signal." They are all characters from around Bright Falls, and each one has its own little back-story. After reading your last standee, the achievement will unlock.

    This video shows all 6 locations.
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    Scarey TurtleNice video guide, thumbs up.
    Posted by Scarey Turtle on 05 Aug 10 at 10:44
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