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Gunless Wonder achievement in Alan Wake

Gunless Wonder

Make it to Cauldron Lake without firing a single shot in "On the Road to Cauldron Lake."

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How to unlock the Gunless Wonder achievement

  • Interference22Interference2251,217
    14 May 2010 15 May 2010
    104 4 24
    You can get this achievement in the final episode. From it's start, right up to the showdown with the tornado you must not fire a single shot from any gun.

    I managed this on Normal by gratuitous use of vehicles in the early sections (boost your headlamps at the Taken, then run them over), and in the later sections resorted to dropping flares to keep chasing Taken back and throwing flashbangs (which don't count as shots fired) into the middle of groups of enemies to disintegrate them.

    If you accidentally let off a shot, load the last checkpoint: any shots made prior to a load won't count.

    The achievement will unlock around about the time you meet the tornado for the final battle.

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    Shadow XBLAgreed. Too bad you didn't read my reply above :-\
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 02 Apr 14 at 15:18
    The SharkopathYea :( When I reached the tornado then I read the comments. BLARG!
    Posted by The Sharkopath on 03 Apr 14 at 01:40
    Con Artist FoxTOIDI
    Posted by Con Artist Fox on 19 Jan at 16:44
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  • Resident VeganResident Vegan137,374
    22 May 2010 22 May 2010 05 Jun 2010
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    This achievement is pretty straightforward - you can't shoot any firearm at all from the time the level starts until you jump down on the ledge to fight the tornado. ***EDIT: You cannot use the FLARE GUN either, since it counts as a firearm***

    Unlike the other posters, I did find this a little challenging, but I also got it on my first playthru and didn't know what resources would be available until I got to them.

    Like the previous posters mentioned, car hopping is your best bet - if you can take a vehicle with you, do so. It will help you conserve flares and flashbangs, which are the only two carryable weapons you can use to get this achievement.

    At one section, you will come to a spot where there will some small spot lamps you can turn on. Since you won't be using a firearm while getting this achievement and the small lamps won't take down the taken, run up to where there will be be a bus (or train car, I honestly couldn't tell which) and the darkness will throw it at you. Duck into the building, duck back out and dodge/run to the huge spotlight. If possible, use that exclusively on the taken and try to minimize the number of flares you use.

    There will be a little car in the building behind you that you'll need to push as soon as the coast is clear. So as soon as you get all the spawned taken downed with the spotlight, get on the run. I was able to make it through this section only using one flare, but then I got downed on my run up the hill and had to start over - the second time didn't go as well for me.

    It is very important that you have (if possible) at least 3 flares on you when you make your run. You will have to run up a long hill to a generator and if you can't fend the taken off with a flare, you won't be able to start it. I had to make the run with 0 flares, because I wasn't able to reserve any at the spotlight on that part of the run, and rather than re-start the checkpoint, I just ran.

    If you can't start the genny because the pursuit is too hot, you can keep running to the next checkpoint, which is what I had to do.

    So to recap:

    1) You can only use flares, flash-bangs, cars, and environmental light sources like spotlights
    2) Use cars as much as possible
    3) Use the big spotlight as much as possible
    4) Run like hell.
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    TheRickMoranisCRAP!!! I totally misread what you wrote and thought I could use anything flare and flash related ... so I totally used the flare gun. I was about to go crazy when the Achievement didn't pop!
    Posted by TheRickMoranis on 04 Jun 10 at 18:08
    Resident VeganD'oh. Sorry about that. I'm gonna edit my solution and hopefully make it a bit more clear for future users.
    Posted by Resident Vegan on 05 Jun 10 at 14:34
    SwervinCurvinGood guide, helped in the part using the big spotlight!
    Posted by SwervinCurvin on 17 Jun 10 at 02:12
  • Digital ConceptDigital Concept116,159
    31 Jul 2010 03 Aug 2010
    46 4 3
    I have written an entire walkthrough for this achievement over at For convenience, I will simply provide a link to the forum post, as the guide is very long and has formatting.


    The walkthrough contains very vivid instructions and guidelines on what to do. I would have reposted it here, but I figured it would just be better to provide the link to the original post.
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    SamuelC4Excelllent this helped so much thanks!
    Posted by SamuelC4 on 19 Dec 10 at 21:48
    MR WOLF 12000This is a great walkthrough.

    I would like to add the following:

    If you wish to do this on hard whilst getting the collectibles I suggest that since you can die throughout this achievement and since when you do flashbangs return to your stock dont be afraid to fight your way to collectibles, then allow yourself to be killed. whatever you wanted you have now, flashbangs and flares restocked and you are good to go from most recent checkpoint.
    Posted by MR WOLF 12000 on 08 Mar 11 at 05:23
    YoshiMiyamotoVery helpful - thanks for posting this!
    Posted by YoshiMiyamoto on 23 Jun 11 at 17:55
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