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An Idyllic Small Town achievement in Alan Wake

An Idyllic Small Town

Make it through "Night Life in Bright Falls" in one go without dying or restarting even once.

An Idyllic Small Town+0.1
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How to unlock the An Idyllic Small Town achievement

  • misfit119misfit1191,051,745
    19 May 2010 19 May 2010 08 Jun 2011
    87 2 38
    NOTE: Please see the edits at the bottom of this for a warning as to actions that can cause you not to get the achievement.

    This achievement is a whole lot easier than it sounds but there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost - Do not die and do NOT restart the level. If you so much as reload a checkpoint because you missed a collectible the achievement is lost. If you happen to miss something make sure you restart the whole level not just the checkpoint. You can get the achievement by going into the level from the Episode select menu it's just that your playthrough has to be one unbroken run.

    Secondly find all of the supply chests in the level. Almost all of them contain a Flare Gun or ammo for it which is invaluable. Lastly there are only two hard parts to this stage - the gate defense and the finale with the chopper - but there are a few tricky spots. So lets go down this one section by section.

    The first tricky spot is near the port-a-potties after getting off the street for the first time. Since this is such a close quarters fight it's very easy to be surprised and die here. Either use a flare or just run for the gate in front of you. If you activate the button a light turns on and ends the encounter.

    Next is the gate you and Sarah have to defend. It's not that bad at first, what with a heavy Taken, a pair of fast ones and a regular guy who loves to huck axes at your face. Get rid of the fast ones and then just choose your next targets by whoever is more of a threat. When they die a chainsaw Taken comes out with some backup. Now would be the time to use a Flare Gun shot to get rid of everyone and lower the big guys shield.

    In the church crypt a pair of large Taken will attack you and the Sheriff. This is a great place to use a flare to keep them away while whittling away their shields with your flashlight. Otherwise they might choose to rush you and that's basically a death sentence down here.

    Last but not least is the choppa scene. This is almost laughably easy once you know what you're doing. Forget the red canisters, I tried using them on my Normal playthrough and they didn't help out nearly enough. The following strategy worked just fine on my Nightmare run though - I got this achievement on that run of all things.

    When you reach the yard run to the right and gather up the things from the red emergency supply box. Go back towards the entrance and then over to the left emergency supply box before going over to the truck and looting that as well. So long as you stay away from Sarah and Barry the cutscene won't play. Once you've got everything go over to them to start the fight.

    As soon as it begins grab the flares and flashbangs off the ground and walk up the steps. Put your back to the chopper and press up against it. Now you just wait.

    When you see enemies clustering together fire off a flare. If they get too close to you use a flare to fend them off, possibly followed by a flashbang to show them how you feel about your personal space. While they're at a distance use the flashlight to drain their shields and, if possible, shoot the red canisters to take out any who stay too close to them. The hunting rifle works wonders here especially on Nightmare since it's a one shot kill for most everybody.

    The advantage to this strategy is that with your back to the chopper as soon as you can escape all you have to do is drop a flare, turn around and finish the level. It's incredibly easy doing it this way and there's no danger of being cut up, falling off the edge or blowing yourself up accidentally.

    Hope this helps!

    Edit: As a warning it seems that some people have reported that starting the chapter, shutting it off and then continuing your game counts as reloading so it won't pop. It's best to either finish it once you start the chapter or start the whole thing over if that's the case. It wants you to play from the cutscene with Nightingale until the end of the stage without stopping.

    Edit 2: It seems that pausing the game for too long or letting the console go idle / controller shut off, can cause you to lose this achievement. It's possible that the game interprets this as you "shutting down" the game by taking too big a break. This is almost certainly a glitch but as it's not likely to be fixed at this point in time it's best to figure in playing around this and the above issue.

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    AVENGINGVIXENNope. I played the whole thing all the way through from where you are in jail. No pausing, dying, restarting. Does it mess it up if you skip the cut scenes?
    Posted by AVENGINGVIXEN on 04 Jun 13 at 20:03
    misfit119It shouldn't but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it did for you. As you can see the achievement is pretty buggy. I've had people who went into critical health say it refused to pop for them.
    Posted by misfit119 on 04 Jun 13 at 20:17
    Marine1TenEarned this today..10 years later! Accidentally paused 2x, so learned to park Alan in a safe corner if i needed to consult a guide. Did this on normal and found every chest. Used rifle and heavy flashlight. Blew up some barrels turned on a light here and there in between waves at chopper pad. The chopper is ready to take off as the 4th wave spawns. Was Very Careful to let all cut scenes roll from the end of chapter 4C, Part 8, Barbara Jagger's Hut. Which is the end of the Night It All Began. From the Anderson farm house do Not skip any scenes, and wait for game to advance to jail scene. This takes a few minutes as music and a "previously on Alan Wake" plays prior to jail which is the start of The Clicker in Episode 5. Use the dodge & jump to run from birds etc. Drop a flare when a group is moving close. Let Sara be in front of you, keep mobile but put a building & helicopter at your back. Good luck.
    Posted by Marine1Ten on 24 Aug 20 at 18:11
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  • YveckoYvecko108,300
    16 May 2010 17 May 2010 18 May 2010
    30 1 2
    You need to complete the entire chapter without dying. The best thing is to utilise Sarah as much as you can as she has a pump action shotgun, so when the Taken appear in large mobs try to cover your back and don't be worried to use any flares or flash bangs if you get surrounded.

    Take it slow, theres no need to rush around any corners because the Taken do tend to jump out at you in certain area's, also don't forget to investigate every nook and cranny for flares/flash bangs and especially the flare gun. If you find yourself in a tight spot, keep the flare gun for those life saving moments.

    There are a few key moments when you have to defend a position because Sarah has to open a few doors along the way, try to get your back against a wall and be aware of all your blind spots.

    The end level sequence has a lot of things you can use, try to save the big flame canisters for larger groups, and when they run out start to use the flash bangs. The best tactic is to stay as close to the chopper as you can, but if you find yourself low on ammo use the time between mobs to investigate the emergency box stores. Just be wary of the Tornado dropping the large metal pieces on your position and remember to try to turn on both flood lights before more Taken arrive.
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    iLimboBimboFFFUUU-- I made my way way through the chapter without any problems whatsoever. When we got to the chopper I started to shoot the Taken and backed off up the platform. And I backed off a bit too far, causing me to fall off the cliff. At first I was totally pissed, but then I just started laughing. Nice fail, guess I just have to find motivation to run through it again.
    Posted by iLimboBimbo on 19 May 10 at 17:16
    TULLY13hahahha i did exactly that myself ! it was just about to take off as well i cant bring myself to try again i'm too ashamed
    Posted by TULLY13 on 28 May 10 at 12:03
  • Killian FraggleKillian Fraggle378,848
    31 Aug 2010 27 Sep 2010
    21 0 2
    From the sheriff leading you out of the police station to the point where you flee Bright Falls in the helicopter, you can't die or restart. This is pretty much just a case of being very careful.

    The trickiest point is at the front of the church when in the second wave, you'll get a couple of the fast taken. Stay up on the church steps and close to the sheriff - she'll cover you, and there's limited ways for the Taken to get to you.

    By the time you get to the helicopter, you should have plenty of batteries, flares, and flashbangs, and don't hesitate to use 'em - you'll lose 'em all after the next cutscene anyway, so as well to use 'em here!

    Just keep tossing flares at the approaching Taken and then take 'em out. Even on Nightmare, this is a straightforward achievement if you don't try to rush it.
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    HanshiroIs this achievement glitched? Or is it forbidden to pause the game? I played it without dying, reloading... just paused the game from time to time. It didn't unlock. :(
    Posted by Hanshiro on 02 Oct 10 at 09:06
    Killian FraggleI've not heard of this one being glitched for any of my friends, and run through it twice myself, but who knows. Maybe pausing causes problems. Just run through it again I guess. Hope it unlocks for you next time.
    Posted by Killian Fraggle on 02 Oct 10 at 11:52
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