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Dan the Man

Mastery of the Saikyo arts requires mastery of the Personal Action! Collect 'em all, punk!

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How to unlock the Dan the Man achievement

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    This is a tedious achievement but I found a relatively quick solution on youtube. The idea is to go into versus. Select Player vs. CPU and start up the match with any settings. Pick what character you need taunts/colors for and chose a character to fight against. Once the match is started, immediately hit start and go to the character select, you should have a new taunt or color. Rinse and repeat, you normally get a taunt then color and then taunt then color etc. EVENTUALLY you'll get all of them.OR: just playing with every character will unlock their taunts and colors if you're trying to be legit, but then you wouldn't be on this site ;) Video made by paulietheboss NOT me.

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    Ninja ScrollThumbs up just because the best thing about that video is the dude has Wu Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M" (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) track playing in the background. That song is a hip-hop classic.
    And good video find as well. xD
    Posted by Ninja Scroll on 02 May 10 at 05:35
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  • TurdukenTurduken241,909
    29 Jun 2010 15 May 2010 04 Jan 2014
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    If you intend to go for the All Clear achievement (beat Medium with every character), you can knock a good chunk of these out. Every time you lose and re-pick your character to continue (or any other character for that matter), you'll unlock another color/taunt.

    I'd recommend Ish Agisaka's method if you don't intend to play with every character (like if you can't stand Balrog) or if you just need to snatch up the last few colors/taunts for a character you don't often use.

    **Hypothetical numbers ahead - not an actual estimate**
    The method works fine, but say it takes 3 min to start & quit almost 20 times per char. 3 min by 35 characters, that's over an hour spent getting the achievement "fast" but not really playing when it would just come naturally through playing.
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    FL trooper bebtw Kolz...not all people who look on TA are looking for easy , quick cheevos. If you check my games and ratio You will see its far from lots of ez games ;) I was just wondering how long it would take...thats all dont need shortcuts. love this game. hit me up anytime if you want to play some SF bro. i have retired from completion % goals or anything to do with cheevs anyways but still dont mind helping someone if needed. I play mostly for fun or good online games now. Mostly COD lol
    Posted by FL trooper be on 01 Jan 14 at 15:28
    TurdukenI took no issue with FL Trooper nor did I nitpick anything he said. He disagreed with my numbers, I clarified that I estimated with low numbers to illustrate my point.
    Posted by Turduken on 04 Jan 14 at 16:40
    FL trooper beYep. All good bro
    Posted by FL trooper be on 12 Jan 14 at 11:03
  • XzenoXzeno120,919
    12 Jul 2010 14 Jun 2010
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    My Video I made on how to get this achievement as well as tips on getting Fashion Plate, Rival Schooled and All Clear

    The tutorial is more of a Tips Video than an outright "Here's what you do Video"

    There are a few methods to speed up the process

    1. Is to start an arcade match and quit this is a fairly quick method but the time it takes for the game to load the main menu then load the select screen and start the match can add up to a lot of time lost.
    2. (My suggestion) You go to Versus Mode then player vs player set the rounds to 30 seconds, make sure after the match you DO NOT hit rematch as it won't count as a second round instead choose select character after the match has finished and just reselect the same character. It may not save you a whole lot of time but it will save you enough.

    I also suggest you go to your character select and find out how many times you've used each only need to use a character 17 times to unlock both their taunts and their need to play a character any more than needed if your only going for the achievement....
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