Long Time No See achievement in Super Street Fighter IV

Long Time No See

Do you wish for defeat? If so, complete Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty and beat Gouken!

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How to unlock the Long Time No See achievement

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    To get this achievement you have to play arcade mode on hardest and fight and beat Gouken. The requirements for fighting Gouken are the same as they were in the original Street Fighter 4. You must not lose a round, and I suggest you use only 1 round but keep it at 99 seconds. On top of not losing a round, you have to get at LEAST:
    - 1 perfect
    - 3 ultra/super finishes
    - 5 first attacks
    Now when you actually fight Gouken you can't lose, otherwise you'll have to start all over because it just ends if you lose to him. Now, the more rounds you have it set on the higher those requirements for the amount of perfects and ultra finishes and such get, but I don't know why you'd want to torture yourself. As for what character is easiest to use... Zangief is my main and you could use your main if you're fairly good but the thing about Zangief is he's easy to use against CPU. Just spam his Lariat, i.e. either all 3 punches or all 3 kicks, the kicks are quicker but do slightly less damage. If spamming his Lariat doesn't work then sit back, wait for them to attack and then once they do, Lariat to counter it. To build up ultra meter you can either sit there and take hits or be smart and just focus attack(medium punch + medium kick) fireballs/attacks then dash out of them. Or you could do super finishes but it takes longer to build up super. His Ultra 1 is pretty easy to pull off too, just spin the stick around 2 full times and hit all three punches. Just a side note, no matter what character you're using always use the Ultra you know you're going to be able to land when trying to get this achievement. Hope this info helps, happy chievo hunting! =)

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    Karachi KingCan a second player join to save you from the Gouken battle? Or do you have to do that first go?
    Posted by Karachi King on 01 Jul 14 at 00:32
    Sailor Novis3 Ultras/Super finishes, .....WITH or WITHOUT the last finish on Seth?? (so 3 before Seth or 2?)
    Posted by Sailor Novis on 09 Feb 15 at 21:52
    MattiasAndersonSailor Novis and anyone who wonder: Should be before since seth has a criteria for Oni and Evil Ruy to show up.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 15 Jul 19 at 17:54
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  • JFBrittes81JFBrittes8110,926
    31 Oct 2011 20 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011
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    I found a lot of controversy about this achievement as well as with the ‘Overwhelming Power’ and ‘Birth of Oni’ achievements. Here’s how to fight against Gouken:

    - Never lose a round
    - 10 First Hits (for 3 rounds match)
    - 5 First Hits (for 1 round match)
    - AT LEAST 5 Super/Ultra finishes (for 3 rounds match)
    - AT LEAST 3 Super/Ultra finishes (for 1 round match)
    - AT LEAST 2 Perfects (for 3 rounds match)
    - AT LEAST 1 Perfect (for 1 round match)

    To get the achievement you have to fight him and win on the hardest difficulty.

    *This works for SSFIV and SSFIV arcade edition.
    *If you make LESS Ultra/Super finishes Akuma will show up instead.
    *If you finish Seth with an Ultra Oni will show up instead.
    *If you want you can switch to the Super Street Fighter IV version on the options menu so you won’t risk fighting Oni or Evil Ryu.
    *You CAN use a second controller to save you from a fault by pressing start on the second controller. The ‘Here comes a new challenger’ screen will show up, just beat player 2 and continue from where you left.

    Thanx to HiryuMK on: http://www.ps3trophies.org
  • JayJvXzJayJvXz141,631
    10 May 2010 12 May 2010
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    Just to add on Ish Agisaka's guide:
    - You have to do arcade mode with someone you already beat it once with.
    -You can't lose EVEN ONCE
    - If you are getting owned by the CPU make sure you have a second controller nearby to interrupt it. That way it will say here comes a new challenger instead of K.O! (Your achievement would be lost if you get K.O'd even once)
    If you put 1 round for options before Arcade Mode begins you will need to get the following:
    At least:
    - 1 perfect
    - 3 ultra/super finishes
    - 5 first attacks

    I just got this achievement yesterday and I found Zangief to be very hard to beat the computers with a perfect, since the computer are smarter this time around and actually know how to wake-up and screw your double Lariat over. I was just about to give up on this one until I was doing Arcade mode with Blanka. I got perfects SOOOOO easily (on hardest) with him. You just have to spam the cannonball and/or his lightning attack where you just sit there and mash the punch button. The computers won't know how to deal with it and just keep walking up to you and get stunned. XD Just watch out for wake up ultras like Cammy where it covers a lot of the screen. Cannonball Spam worked great against E.Honda. Lightning attack worked well against Balrog, etc. Experiment yourself, and you will see how much easier it is. Double Lariat is too risky and up close...You're just asking to get chip damage and screw up your perfect. If your perfect got messed up just charge up for ultra beause you still need 3 to get to Gouken. Remember pick Blanka's Ultra 2 SHOUT OF EARTH! It's awesome because it can be used as an Anti-Air/Anti-Ground and it takes a lot. Once you get to Gouken...kick his butt and you'll unlock the achievement. :D

    Good Luck fellow achievement hunters.
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    Button MasherDoes the 2nd controller trick work with Gouken aswell or just the others?
    Posted by Button Masher on 13 May 10 at 09:49
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