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Fightin' Around the World

Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player.

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How to unlock the Fightin' Around the World achievement

  • ClemenstationClemenstation127,694
    02 Jun 2010 21 May 2010 08 Jun 2010
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    7 saloons total, located in:

    -Thieves Landing
    -Rathskeller Fork
    -Casa Madrugada

    In each saloon, switch your weapon to fists and do that passive-aggressive thing where you kind of drunkenly stumble into an NPC until they fall over. They will get back up, but they won't be happy about it. Beat them unconscious with the right trigger and move on to the next saloon. Note that knockouts don't last very long in this game, and they'll stand up quite quickly, but that's okay. You don't need to beat them to death.

    It's probably best to only fight one barfly at a time, if possible.

    Edit from STLfan2468: Make sure to get the knockout INSIDE the bar, not just outside the doors, for it to count.

    Edit from various comments: Make sure you save after you knock someone out in each saloon (if you die before getting an autosave, the KO won't count). You can quickly save by using one of the horse deeds from your inventory at any time.

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    GS13 ERGO PROXYthumps up good guide smile
    Posted by GS13 ERGO PROXY on 02 May 14 at 16:27
    InfinityOnH1ghGot this by beating up women and pianists.
    Posted by InfinityOnH1gh on 10 Feb 16 at 11:24
    LolTylerr"In each saloon, switch your weapon to fists and do that passive-aggressive thing where you kind of drunkenly stumble into an NPC until they fall over. They will get back up, but they won't be happy about it."

    This is such a waste of time, just go up and start punching people. A great guide otherwise
    Posted by LolTylerr on 16 Jul 16 at 16:39
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  • GnemlockGnemlock164,580
    09 Feb 2011 09 Feb 2011
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    It takes roughly 8-9 landed blows to knock someone out.

    Be warned that as soon as you start fighting with one person, their friends will all jump in too. Try to pick out lone patrons to pick a fight with, but when out numbered just remember you can either try to bottleneck the group so that only one member is in range (behind the bar can work, as can corners and staircases at times), or kill the friends, as only one knock out is needed to tick off a saloon.

    Another issue players might have is with patrons not looking for a fight. As soon as you hit them, they will attempt to run, and if you don't knock them out before they get out of the saloon, it doesn't count. If everyone in the saloon runs, leaving the place empty, just go outside and pick a fight, bringing the fight back inside. Characters aggressive to Marston will follow him when engaged in a fight, and as long as the knock out occurs inside the saloon, it counts.

    Although fairly easy to knock out someone, if they start blocking, they are going to keep blocking until they see an opening. If your target starts blocking your punches, block until they throw one, then continue beating them up.

    After equipping your fists in the weapon selection screen and readying your fists with LT, you can punch with RT, block by holding RB, or dodge in any direction by pressing X and moving in the direction.

    There are 7 towns with saloons in them, and not all of them will be accessible until you have competed the second chapter.

    In New Austin:
    Rathskeller Fork
    Thieves' Landing

    In Nuevo Paraiso:
    Casa Madrugada

    In West Elizabeth

    If you knock someone out, and consequently die, you lose that check, so as soon as you knock someone out, try to save (sleep) or quick-save (completing a random encounter, using a horse deed, etc.)
  • AesiwattAesiwatt81,015 81,015 GamerScore
    24 May 2010 27 Sep 2010
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    To do this, you must knock a person out in every bar in the game. First of all, in order to knock someone out, unequip your weapons, and just punch them until they fall onto the ground. Th bars are located in these places:
    New Austin
    -Rathskeller Fork
    -Thieve's Landing
    Nuevo Paraiso
    -Casa Madrugada
    West Elizabeth

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