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People are Still Strange

Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.

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  • ZachRobins0nZachRobins0n466,162
    29 May 2010 29 May 2010 31 May 2010
    78 8 26

    1. American Lobbyist

    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * First Location: "Blackwater" Gazebo type thing in between bank and police station in blackwater. *Thanks to JADO*
    * Strategy:You have to blackmail a man inside blackwater bank with pictures,bank is only open during daytime. *Thanks to JADO*

    2. Remember My Family

    * Required Mission: "The Last Enemy That Shall be Destroyed"
    * First Location: "Blackwater"

    3. The Wronged Woman

    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * First Location: "Blackwater" Church just outside of blackwater *Thanks to JADO*
    * Strategy:You have to visit a man in blackwater saloon,challenge him to a duel loot his body and return the money to the woman in the church.Then visit the dead mans grave two days later. *Thanks to JADO*
    *She only appears after 6pm. Thanks to Merv130

    4. The Prohibitionist

    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time" & #3 "The Wronged Woman"
    * First Location: "Blackwater"

    5. Aztec Gold

    * Required Mission: "Must a Savior Die?"
    * First Location: "Sidewinder Gulch"

    6. Poppycock

    * Required Mission: "Civilization, at Any Price"
    * First Location: "Chuparosa"
    * Strategy: After accepting the mission, go to the docks northwest of Escalara and collect the package. Then go to El Matador and deliver the package and receive the 1000$ !! Then deliver it back to the original stranger in Chuporosa. You can either give him the 1000$ (and get 400 honor!) or keep it your self.

    If you keep the money, then you get the 1000$ and complete the mission. I dont think you lose any honor (Long as you don't shoot him) but if you do, it will be maximum 100, most likely you just lose 50 honor for keeping it. *Thanks to teh-koala*

    7. Love is the Opiate

    * Required Mission: "Empty Promises" & #6 "Poppycock"
    * First Location: "El Matadero"

    8. Eva in Peril

    * Required Mission: "Lucky in Love"
    * First Location: "Casa Madrugada"

    9. Deadalus and Son

    * Required Mission: "We shall be Together in Paradise"
    * First Location: "Agave Viejo"

    "I Know You" does NOT count to 100%! Because you can not finish it after you complete the main storyline.

    10. I Know You

    * Required Mission: "A tempest Looms"
    * First Location: "Mescalero" - New Austin
    * Strategy: You must confront a man that is going to cheat on his wife, the man is located in thieves landing.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "We Shall be together in paradise"
    * Second Location: "Alta Cabeza" - Mexico
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * Third Location: "Beecher's Hope" - West Elizabeth

    11. Lights Camera Action

    * Required Mission: "The Sport of Kings and Liars"
    * First Location: "Armadillo" Back room of the movie house/school house in Armadillo
    * Strategy: Must win a deed to a house in a game of Liars Dice in Thieves Landing. Fairly simple, just go there and win a game.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * Second Location: "Pacific Union Railroad Camp" Benedict point *Thanks to JADO*
    * Strategy: You have to duel a man but cannot kill him shoot him in his right hand. *Thanks to JADO*

    12. Who are you to Judge

    * Required Mission: "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans"
    * First Location: "Rathskeller Fork"

    13. Water and Honesty

    * Required Mission: "Political Realities in Armadillo"
    * First Location: between "Armadillo and MacFarlane's Ranch"

    14. Jenny's Faith

    * Required Mission: "This is Armadillo USA"
    * First Location: "Ridgewood Farm"
    * Strategy: Just buy medicine in a general store and then give it to her.

    15. Flowers for a lady

    * Required Mission: "New Friends, Old Problems"
    * First Location: between "MacFarlane's Ranch and Thieve's Landing"
    * Strategy: Must collect 3 of each of the following flowers.
    -Red Sage (Rio Bravo)
    -Wild Feverlow (Caholla)
    -Desert Sage (Gaptooth Ridge)

    16. Let No Man Put Asunder

    * Required Mission: "Obstacles in Our Path"
    * First Location: Coot's Chapel

    17. California

    * Required Mission: "Women and Cattle"
    * First Location: "Gaptooth Ridge"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
    * Second Location: "Cueva Seca"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
    * Third Location: "Gaptooth Ridge"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
    * Fourth Location: "Tumbleweed"

    18. Funny Man

    * Required Mission: "Exhuming and Other fine hobbies"
    * First Location: "Benedict Point"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Man is born Unto Trouble"
    * Second Location: "Gaptooth Breech"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Man is born Unto Trouble"
    * Third Location: "Pike's Basin"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Empty Promises"
    * Fourth Location: "Tesoro Azul"

    19. American Appetites

    * Required Mission: "Political Realities in Armadillo"
    * First Location: "Armadillo"
    * Strategy: Just place a marker near the middle of the purple dot on your map. Ride out, and search for the bloody remains.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Justice in Pike's Basin"
    * Second Location: "Armadillo"
    * Strategy: Just place a marker near the middle of the purple dot on your map. Ride out, and search for the bloody remains.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Wild Horses Tamed Passions"
    * Third Location: "Armadillo"
    * Strategy: Just place a marker near the middle of the purple dot on your map. Ride out, and search for a hurt man. Follow game instructions after that, fairly easy.

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    CraigyB78I had 3 stranger missions that would not spawn after I had completed the game - Aztec Gold / California / Love is an Opiate. I was able to start California and Opiate by tracking them through the outfits ( press X on the outfit scrap page ) This brought up the purple circles in the areas then i was able to start the missions. After unlocking the treasure hunter outfit i was able to get the Aztec gold mission.
    Posted by CraigyB78 on 03 May 12 at 21:32
    CIutch CoreyShould be noted that the 'California' stranger mission is actually located in Gaptooth Breach.
    Posted by CIutch Corey on 10 Oct 13 at 02:35
    Will The 22On task #6 "Poppycock" when you bring back the money to Mr Tollet, first give him the money, then aim you gun at him. He will immediately start firing at you. Take cover outside the building and let the mexican army kill Mr Tollet, then loot the body to recover the money with no loss of honor or wanted level.
    Posted by Will The 22 on 14 Jul 17 at 00:19
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  • dancrozierdancrozier284,195
    03 Oct 2010 03 Oct 2010
    44 1 5
    Stranger's Tasks appear as a ?
    Failing a task makes it respawn a few days later,
    All STs can be done after completing "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" except "I Know You," but that is the only ST that doesn't count towards overall completion.

    Sometimes, particularly if the quests are put off to the game's end, they won't appear easily on the map. It may be required to search the hills to find the "?" icon.

    Unlock: Clear "Political Realities in Armadillo"
    Locale: Cholla Springs/Hanging Rock region
    Reward: 50 Fame

    A multi-step one to do. There's usually a few days to wait in-between each
    pair of steps, however -- the game represents this as "check back with the
    sheriff's station in the future."

    1) Speak with woman near the sheriff's station
    2) Search Hanging Rock hills for bloodstain
    3) Talk with man near the sheriff's station
    4) Search Hanging Rock hills for bloodstain
    5) Talk with lady inside sheriff's station
    6) Search Hanging Rock hills

    During this third excursion, locate the injured man and find someone escaping
    from the scene. Hogtie the man fleeing the area, return him to the crime
    scene, and see how the events go. Finish the task by either killing the evil
    cannibal or letting him dine on sweet, sweet manflesh.

    Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time"
    Locale: Blackwater [near police station]
    Reward: apx. $23

    Talking to the lobbyist reveals he wants to silence a man badmouthing the
    governor Nate Johns. He's prepared to blackmail the guy, and gives John the
    incriminating photos ("Blackmail Photographs" item) to deliver. Luckily, the
    guy happens to work next-door at the just must be open for business
    to proceed. Once the blabbermouth flip-flops to Johns' favor, return to the
    client to get real paid.

    Locale: Sidewinder Gulch
    Reward: apx. $75, 50 Fame

    A man is out searching for his great-great-grandfather's heirloom which is
    hidden somewhere in Nueva Paraiso, and he enlists John Marston's help (the
    "Basilio's Map" item is obtained). Basically, it's exactly like the Treasure
    Hunter ambient challenge except shorter. The treasure locations are as
    follows, although they appear as purple circles on the map, making things a
    lot easier.

    1) Sidewinder Gulch: actually just up the path from where Basilio was met.
    Look for a thin, higher path doubling back on the declining one and find
    a rockpile containing apx. $23 and another Basilio's Map.

    2) Primera Quebrada: Inside the broken dwelling's foundation. Don't mistake
    the rockpile for the chest, though! [$25

    3) Alta Cabeza: This is the area west of El Matadero. Search near the NWmost
    mesa to find the rockpile at base, near the sagebrush.

    Each of the first three treasures contains about $25 and another Basilio's
    Map. Meet with Basilio in El Matadero for the fourth one, which involves
    searching the caves (seen in Landon Ricketts' second mission) for the final
    motherlode. Locate Basilio to find what his search has wrought, ending the
    mission at last.

    Locale: Gaptooth Breach area (southeastern prairie usually)
    Reward: apx $23, Letter from Sam, 50 Fame

    This is another multi-step mission. The stranger here (Sam Odessa) doesn't
    appear on the map until encountered in the Gaptooth Breach area, usually
    between the mining area and The Scratching Post riverbank region. Once found,
    his stranger icon starts appearing on the map. [Wait a few days between the

    1) During the first encounter, he'll be playing his harmonica out in the
    wilderness. Marston advises him to find a coach before he runs afoul with
    a local gang, to which Sam thanks him and leaves.

    2) Cueva Seca, north of Gaptooth Breach.
    3) The long north-south canyon just east of Tumbleweed
    4) South of Tumbleweed

    During the last encounter, give Sam a once-over and obtain "Letter from Sam,"
    to be mailed back in Armadillo. Doing so finally ends the mission.

    Like "Love is the Opiate," sometimes Sam's icon doesn't appear on the map
    when it should. And, also like that mission, saving and reloading that save
    may clear up the issue without much fuss, even foregoing the need to wait
    days for him to appear.

    Unlock: Clear "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
    Locale: Mesa rim between Agave Viejo and Casa Madrugada
    Reward: $26, 50 Fame

    An aviation pioneer is planning to test his glider for the first time, but
    needs a hand concocting a special sealant. He wants John to fetch 20 feathers
    (any kind), 5 beaver pelts, and 10 Red Sage. These items can be found most

    - Red Sage: Rio Bravo area (use Survivalist Map to make it a lot easier)
    - Beavers : Around rivers and streams; north of Montana Ford is a good place
    - Feathers: Birds are everywhere and usually drop 3-4 from each kill

    Beavers will be the hardest animal to find, as they typically appear near
    water sources. Just be mindful they'll disintegrate if killed with too big
    a gun, leaving nothing behind to skin! LancetJades mentions that for those
    with a large stockpile of feathers, a lot more than 20 may be removed when

    Remember that any of the materials already obtained count towards the goal,
    so that can help ease the burden, especially where beavers are concerned.
    When all materials are obtained, hand 'em over to Charles Kinnear and wait a
    few days to see just how majestic his first flight is. [+50 Fame]

    Locale: Casa Madrugada
    Reward: 55 Fame, $206 (about $6 profit)

    Pretty easy one to do. Behind the apartment complex, a man abuses his lover,
    and says he'll quit if Marston gives him $200 American. Doing just that will
    finish the mission. A few days later, visit a nun at Las Hermanas -- the
    convent alongside the train tracks -- to find out Eva went with Mario to El
    Sepulcro. Visit the macabre place to learn of events passed, which culminate
    in a duel with the yellowbelly himself. [He can't be disarmed, only killed.]
    Loot the corpse to reearn the previous cash, too.

    Locale: Stillwater Creek (near Thieves' Landing)
    Reward: 50 Fame

    Talk with the geezer to learn he's picking flowers for his wife. Marston and
    his big heart offer to help, finding three Wild Feverfew, Red Sage, and Desert

    - Feverfew: Cholla Springs (try around MacFarlane's Ranch for easiest finds)
    - Red Sage: Rio Bravo area (look near Plainview)
    - Desert S: Cholla Springs (Armadillo prairies work)

    When all are collected, return to the man and meet Annabel.

    Locale: Various
    Reward: 50 Fame

    Jimmy Saint, a man renowned for his ascerbic wit and jokes, has come to
    the frontier to write articles. John will occasionally find him in a pickle
    to which he'll have to free the guy. His apperance locations are as follows,
    although John may have to wait a while before the guy shows up at the next

    1) Benedict Point [New Austin]
    2) Gaptooth Breach [New Austin]
    3) Pike's Basin [New Austin]
    4) Tesoro Azul [Nueva Paraiso]

    Be careful in the Gaptooth mines as Jimmy's hogtied right by some a dynamite
    canister, and it'll kill him if detonated. Note that he may also be killed if
    freed when enemies are around.

    Locale: Cliff SW of MacFarlane's Ranch (overlooks Greenhollow & river)
    Reward: ---

    This three-part mission can only be done before "The Last Thing That Shall Be
    Destroyed" mission; it ain't available in post-game play. Anyway, there's
    three steps to be done. If a player does this when the last region is open,
    there's no time to wait in-between steps!

    1) This step takes place in New Austin. The "Strange Man" asks John to help
    out his dear friend in Thieves' Landing, a drunkard who may about to cheat
    on his wife. Visit the saloon and either discourage the man (-15$) or
    dissuade him from adultery. Honor is -20 if John encourages the infidelity.

    2) The next step is available when Nueva Paraiso opens, after clearing "We
    Shall Be Together in Paradise". Strange Man appears near a mesa south of
    El Matadero, this time telling John about a nun traveling from Las Hermanas
    to the Chuparosa Bank, to deposit money she's saved up. Attempting to rob
    the nun seems to not give any cash or complete this step, so donate to her
    cause (-$10) to take the moral high road. Also, harming the nun in any way
    gives an automatic failure.

    3) Finally, the stranger appears on a hilltop overlooking Beecher's Hope, in
    West Elizabeth. There's no more quests, just a scene.

    So who is the Strange Man? Some theorize he's God, Satan, a figment of John's
    conscience... Or maybe he's just the best dang CPA who ever walked the earth?

    Locale: East of Ridgewood Farm [New Austin]
    Reward: 50 Fame

    Jenny, the girl from the passenger train, is out in the desert. When John
    speaks with her, it's abundantly clear she needs some medicine or she'll die.
    If John has Medicine already [from "This is Armadillo, USA"] he can simply
    give it to her and end the mission; if not, he'll have to buy some more at
    the local doctor's office and return. Either way, Jenny stays out in the
    desert. Perhaps the vultures flying overhead know what's about to come...

    Locale: Building near Coot's Chapel [New Austin]
    Reward: ---

    Talk to the old lady looking for her errant husband, learning he's probably
    at the Armadillo Saloon. Go there to find a musician who won't spill the beans
    on Peter's location without a little favor in return. John can pick between
    two favors: (1) giving him five dollars (2) retrieving the man's wife, who's
    at the stagecoach station, waiting to leave him. Note that retrieving his wife
    is done via hogtying (unlocked via "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions") or by
    threatening at gunpoint (-50 Honor).

    Once the music man coughs up his info, Pete's learned to be at Odd Fellow's
    Rest, located on the road to Ridgewood Farm. Visit there to find the man,
    ending the task.

    Locale: Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Pacific Union Railroad Camp
    Reward: apx. $23, 100 Fame, 20 Honor

    This quest starts at the movie house in Armadillo. Talk to Raul Julia...err,
    "the director" to learn he wants to shoot some scenes in a certain location
    but lacks the owner's (Coke Buckley) approval. He wants Marston to go get the
    man's deed, by preying on his gambling addiction, i.e. winning it in Liar's
    Dice over at Thieves' Landing. It costs $200 to play, and once it's won,
    the journal updates.

    Secondly, it was mentioned the director's employee Spatchcock, a.k.a. the
    movie industry's best wannabe cowboy, thinks he's an actual gunslinger, and
    was waiting for challengers at Benedict Point. Go there and duel him, making
    sure to disarm him instead of killing him -- this sends him cryin' back home
    to mommy in Armadillo. [+50 Fame] Return there and give the deed to MacKenna
    to finish up the New Austin section and get the reward.

    The final step is visiting MacKenna when he relocates to West Elizabeth's
    railroad camp. This requires beating the final Mexico mission "An Appointed
    Time," of course. If it's already open, it takes almost a week for the old
    chap to show up at his designated spot. [+20 Honor, 50 Fame]

    Unlock: "Poppycock" stranger's task
    Locale: El Matadero
    Reward: 100 Honor, 50 Fame

    This is a two-step mission:

    1) Talk with Zhou to learn of his plight, about how he's indentured to the
    town butcher. A bargain is struck, where if Marston finds a white stallion
    for the man, he'll let Zhou go free. A "white stallion" is of course the
    Hungarian Half-Bred horse, which runs wild around the Diez Coronas region.
    [It's pure white with a dirty face, for reference.] Break the sucker and
    give it to the bossman to finish the step. NOTE: If one's already caught
    a HHB and can summon it with a deed, that works also.

    2) Many days later, talk with Zhou at the Chuparosa train station to finish.

    NOTE: Sometimes the player can't get Zhou to show up for the final step, no
    matter how much one waits. Try making the game autosave (changing any
    options does the trick), then reloading that autosave -- the purple
    circle in Chuparosa should then appear...hopefully.

    Locale: Chuparosa
    Reward: 50 Fame; or $1000 and -100 Honor

    At the police station, talk with the strange Englishman to get a proposition:
    get Uriah Tollets' package in Nosalida and deliver it to the foreman at El
    Matadero. Nosalida is, of course, a rebel gang hideout, but even so, Marston
    can slip in and get the "Nosalida Package" from the dock box without too much
    incident. Once delivered to the foreman, Marston's paid a whopping $1000! But
    once Marston returns to Mr. Tollets, and learns just what he helped deliver,
    he can choose to keep that 1K all to himself (by killing Uriah; -100 Honor) or
    hand it over, accepting just the fame reward instead.

    NOTE: Killing Tollets does not affect "Love is the Opiate" opening. In fact,
    slaying him after returning the money lets one re-obtain said money
    without any honor penalties.

    NOTE: Wearing the Bandana, or making Tollets shoot in front of lawmen, will
    prevent honor loss, if one is so inclined.

    Unlock: Clear "The Last Thing That Shall Be Destroyed"
    Locale: Various
    Reward: 50 Fame, apx. $400 (from looted body)

    This task is kickstarted at Blackwater's train station, where Jack attempts to
    locate Edgar Ross. The stranger says he's retired, and sets off a small chain
    of events where Jack goes around the country on scraps of info. The order is
    (1) Lake Don Julio cabin in New Austin, talking to his wife (2) the brothers'
    campsite at Rio del Toro in Mexico (3) downriver, i.e. west, from there a
    short ways.

    After finding Ross, the inevitable duel takes place. It can be won just like
    any other duel, although Edgar may be a teensy bit faster than some average
    lowlife. [Some people choose to use the High Power Pistol since it was first
    given to John to put down wrongdoers.] Either way, loot Edgar's body to find
    the huge amount of cash he was packin'.

    Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time" and "The Wronged Woman"
    Locale: Blackwater
    Reward: apx $25, -100 Honor, 50 Fame (if Abner killed), +5 Fame (if saved)

    Talk to the titular teetotaler in front of Blackwater's saloon to learn of
    just how annoying he is. Following, walk to the town's seedier side and find
    the booze-runner who's business is being threatened. John can finish the
    mission by killing Abner (-20 Honor) or warning the idiot to leave town.
    Either way, check back with the saloon owner to finish up.

    Unlock: Clear "Political Realities in Armadillo"
    Locale: Eastern cliff camp along Armadillo-MacFarlane's Ranch road
    Reward: $220, 50 Fame; -30? Honor if McAllister killed

    A man with a dowsing rod thinks he may have found water near Pleasance House,
    which could be used to irrigate the area, but the landowner ran him out with
    threats of law enforcement. He asks John to get the coot to sell, so pay him
    a visit at the house northwest of Armadillo. After a bit of banter, the guy
    agrees to move elsewhere for $200 (which'll have to come out of John's own
    pocket) or Mr. Marston can just take it by force, by looting his corpse (no
    honor penalties).

    Either way, once the "transaction" goes through, give the Pleasance Deed to
    the campsite fella (McAllister) to end the mission. LancetJades mentions that
    killing McAllister after the task is finished lets one loot the deed from his
    corpse, and Pleasance House can then be used as a savepoint. [This doesn't
    count towards the game's completion relating to houses owned.]

    Locale: Rathskeller Fork
    Reward: ---

    Up at Rathskeller, talk with the man who's special someone has been stolen
    away to Tumbleweed. Ride up there and find the target, making sure to approach
    on horseback as the mission has a habit of failing if one tries it on foot.
    When Lucy's located, ride back to the Fork with 'er and show Jeb the findings,
    ending the creepy mission.

    Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time"
    Locale: Blackwater [church outside of town]
    Reward: 100 Fame total

    Note that this task is available from the first time Blackwater's accessible,
    but for some reason, the "?" icon may not appear unless Marston's inside the
    church. [It's the one by the graveyard, appropriately.]

    Either way, speak to Clara to learn she's having an out-of-wedlock baby of
    some city man, who's refused to help her monetarily. He, Harold Thornton, can
    be found in the Blackwater saloon where John's safehouse is located.

    NOTE: There seems to be a glitch where approaching Harold at the bar freezes
    the game, forcing one to reset the game. Try approaching from different
    directions to resolve the issue.

    Obviously Harold's never heard of John Marston, 'cause he challenges him to
    a duel outside. This is another one of the must-kill opponents, as disarming
    does little to nothing...luckily this guy's quite the slowhand and easily
    defeated. Loot his corpse to find $200, then return it to Clara. A few days
    later, visit Harold's grave to finish the ordeal.
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    C x NuTTNevermind, I figured it out. lol, sorry.
    Posted by C x NuTT on 19 Oct 11 at 04:55
    C x NuTTAre you no longer able to complete the Stranger Missions when you beat the game? I beat the game, and now none of the stranger "?"'s appear, and when I go to the areas they are supposed to be at, there is nobody there.
    Posted by C x NuTT on 19 Oct 11 at 05:25
    dancrozierAre you still having problems C x nutt? Most appear normally, some are a bit more glitchy and some need 'unlocking' any particular one you're struggling on?
    Posted by dancrozier on 19 Oct 11 at 12:17
  • GatorFistGatorFist362,245
    16 May 2012 09 May 2012
    16 0 3
    There is a great guide by that I used. It has marked maps to show exactly where each mission starts. All credit to

    I found the visuals especially helpful.

    Also, as others have noted, "I Know You" is unavailable after beating the game, but is not needed for 100%.
    Showing all 3 comments.
    StunNutsNice link, thanks !
    Posted by StunNuts on 10 Sep 12 at 19:13
    GatorFistNp :)
    Posted by GatorFist on 11 Sep 12 at 02:49
    DigiTekhvery helpful, thanks for the link, the details in the map shots as well as which quests need to be done are presented very clearly
    Posted by DigiTekh on 22 May 13 at 20:52
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