More than a Fistful achievement in Red Dead Redemption

More than a Fistful

Earn $10,000 in Single Player.

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How to unlock the More than a Fistful achievement

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    I played my single-player in fear of not having enough money for this achievement, hoarding my capital and not buying houses when it would have been easier.

    #1: The $10k goal is cumulative. You need not have it all at once.
    #2: It appears that you don't lose money when you die. (If you do, it was never noticeable for me. This isn't Borderlands.)
    #3: All in all, this will most likely come naturally on your way to 100%. I wouldn't go out of your way to get this achievement first.

    Tips for making money:
    * Go on a treasure hunt. Search "RDR treasure" in YouTube, and finish the treasure challenge, selling the gold bars for at least $1.5k.
    * Most bounties go for $200+, especially when returned alive.
    * Skin everything you kill and sell it in a far away land. Horses and dogs aren't too great, but grizzly bears skins sold in Mexico works well. Cougars are okay. In the hunting ambient challenge, the final special hunts will bring in big bucks. [pun not intended]
    * Gamble. Poker took too long for me, but the Liar's Dice game in Thieves Landing works well. Play with one man at the table, ante in the required $200 and win over and over for $200 bucks a shot.
    * Loot everyone. Perhaps this isn't totally necessary, but it was probably my favorite part of this game. $5 here, $3 there, it adds up! (Also, buying the Rabbit's Foot will increase your looting returns by 20%.)

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    CEREAL KILLAH23Ya i thought this achievement was glitched at first because I only had $4000 at the time it popped!

    I think the game counts all your purchases and the potential money you have in all your items.

    I was only 1/2 way though the game when it popped for me, but I had been looting all the bodies like crazy.
    Posted by CEREAL KILLAH23 on 22 Jun 10 at 17:01
    JernauGurgeh SFThumbs up just for telling me I don't need to have 10k all at once! Now I can get back on with playing the game properly :)
    Posted by JernauGurgeh SF on 03 Feb 12 at 18:05
    CASS190684Very good of you to point out it's cumulative and not $10k in your pocket all at once! I've been reluctant to spend anything so this is great news that I can spend some cash now and not have to stress! Thanks! +1
    Posted by CASS190684 on 18 Feb 12 at 22:56
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  • PhinnaazPhinnaaz149,865 149,865 GamerScore
    29 May 2010 29 May 2010
    76 11 3
    Spend about 1 hour hunting in Tall Trees and then sell all your stuff in Mexico. I had killed 42 bears 24 elks 14 foxs 31 bighorns 56 beavers 34 bobcats and loads loads more and i got $17,560. I told my freinds and they done the same and got the achievment. Hope this helps :)
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    BobbyisYodaMy buddy and I tried this one at his house and he got over $20K so this definatelly is one of the best ways!
    Posted by BobbyisYoda on 07 Jul 10 at 21:20
    AbylitiesThis worked great for me, and was a lot of fun too.
    Posted by Abylities on 08 Aug 10 at 17:20
    Your Neighborsgood idea.. i kinda messed around with this but hadn't really thought about it.
    Posted by Your Neighbors on 06 Jun 11 at 17:01
  • TheMetalMessiahTheMetalMessiah11,829
    21 May 2010
    27 5 0
    There is a stranger (MacKenna, showed up in Armadillo by the movie house) that asks you to go to Thieves' Landing and play Liar's Dice (the end result is to win, and also receive a land deed that he wants). If you notice, the ante for this game is $200, as opposed to the normal $20. When you get to the area, save your game so you can reload if you need to. The reason is, you want to play the game against only one opponent. Keep reloading until there is only one. Play against him, win the deed, and then keep playing! After each game that you win, stand up from the table (press B) so that your game saves, and sit back down to play again. Also, I highly recommend you hitting RB after each of your actions in the game, as it makes the game go by much much quicker. I did this several times and won $200 about every 2 minutes or so. You may not want to grind this all the way to $10,000 but it is a quick way to get some quick, easy cash.
  • 23 4 1
    This achievement popped for me when I retrieved my belongings from the crate during the "A Coward Dies a Thousand Deaths" quest, even though I was several thousand away from the target. I assume that means the game counts the money returned to you as fresh income, so if you have at least as much as you need on you when you run the quest you should be good.
  • NathaelGNathaelG34,290
    26 May 2010 24 May 2010
    24 5 2
    If you are good in skill games, go play Five Finger Fillet. The first time you play, you can win 5$, the second time 10$, the third time 25$, and every other times, you get 100$ in profit for winning.

    Winning the last one requires a button combination that you can learn by heart and do very quickly. It is quite easy to earn 1000$ per 15 minutes with this method.
  • Barad 007Barad 007794,434
    19 Aug 2010 27 Sep 2010 06 Oct 2010
    19 1 2
    This will come naturally, somewhere between you completing the game and going for 100%, best way I found to make money is to do bounty missions, go hunting well equiped in tall trees and the treasure hunter challeneges of course. Good luck.

    Heres another tip someone commented for me on:

    The rarer pelts like the bears, cougars, etc will make you more money if you sell them in an area of the map that the animal doesn't live in. Example selling bear and buffalo skins in Mexico towns will make you a decent bit more money than selling them in Blackwater. Also for the three Unique Animals, selling the pelts and opposite sides of the map that you found them can get you quite a bit more cash for each.

    **Credit goes to Urza of Midgar for the above.**
  • KindredfoolKindredfool111,718
    22 Jun 2010 22 Jun 2010 22 Jun 2010
    21 3 1
    These are all great ideas but id just thought id pass this method up, its what i used to get a load of cash. To be able to do this you need to be on act 3 (The blackwater missions), this way you can go to the great plains. The basic premise is to kill and skin lots of buffalos and sell them. To find these buffalos they are usually north of Beechers Hope in New Austin (around the great plains area) and they are easy to find because they travel in huge herds. Once you have found them (make sure your on a horse) get a rifle or shotgun out and go into dead-eye, there is no basic strategy here, just basically go crazy on the bufallos and kill as many as you can. Once you have killed them skin them all, you will get hides, horns.etc. Now, set a waypoint for Escalera (western mexico) and go to the general store, sell all the things you received from the bodies of the buffalos, a normal hide tends to go for about $30 each. And thats how to make a quick load of dollars.This method may not help you greatly but its great to make a quick thousand to add up to the total.

    NOTE: Buffalos never respawn, once you have killed them thats it. Its a one time thing, there is also a secret achievement for killing all the buffalos in RDR, im sure you will almost get it once you try this method. if not, im sure someone on this site has a guide for it.

    I hope i helped.
  • Buffalo OutlawBuffalo Outlaw2,269
    30 Jun 2010 23 Jun 2010
    21 8 0
    There is an easy way to get 10.000.

    Sometimes you come across a guy who wants to shoot birds.
    Go to this guy and lose. when you lose he will double his bet so you need to keep losing until the bet reaches the amount of money you still have. Then you just shoot the birds and get back your money. So now your money is even. Just put on your bandana so you wont lose any money an shoot the guy to get the money back you lost in the first place.

    hope it helped.
  • SoundgoodizerSoundgoodizer276,470
    27 Jul 2010 08 Aug 2010
    14 8 0
    Play through the single player and then if you still don't have it, keep doing jobs in blackwater and look for stranger missions around the world. Blackwater pays a lot for nightwatch and bounty jobs so those are easy money. The only bad part about this is that there is no way to check how much you have earned total.
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    If you're good at Liars Dice there is a perfect way for you to earn extra money. People say its all luck based but its very easy with logical thinking.

    Proceed to Thieves Landing and go to the Liars Dice table in town. The ante is $200 dollars meaning if you win you get $200 cash. I was averaging about $200 every 2-3 minutes. It's a really easy game. To cut down some time skip to your turns every time. Good luck!
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