Frontiersman achievement in Red Dead Redemption


Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge.

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How to unlock the Frontiersman achievement

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    There are several ambient challenges, but yes, treasure hunting is the easiest. In short, you need to acquire the treasure map while around New Austin (I found mine around the MacFarlane ranch pretty early on) and then find several treasure stashes. There are multiple guides online, but the YT link attached (by XCVii007r1) is an awesome resource.

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    you can get this achievement after completing the mission: An Appointed Time


    Rank 1: Kill any 5 flying birds

    This is rather self-explanatory. The five birds can be any combination of ;crows, ducks, eagles, hawks, seagulls, songbirds, or vultures, and they must be in flight.
    Rank 2: Kill 5 rabbits.

    Rabbits are found in small groups all over the map, but seem to stick to grassy plains and are typically found near a road. Areas like The Hanging Rock, and Warthington Ranch usually have rabbits lurking around in small groups.

    Note: In order to be skinned, rabbits and other small animals must be killed with pistols or any other low-powered weaponry.

    Rank 3: Kill 5 coyotes without taking any damage from them.

    Coyotes can be found in most areas of New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso.

    The easiest way by far to complete this is to stay on a horse with high stamina, and shoot them with the High Power Pistol. With headshots, it will be an instant kill on each one. Just make sure not to shoot the horse as even 2 shots will take it down, especially if facing the front of the horse.

    Another nifty trick is to go to areas of low coyote spawns (i.e around MacFarlane's Ranch but within visible distance). This is because coyotes are very fearful and will only attack in numbers of 4 or more.

    Rank 4: Kill 5 birds from a moving vehicle.

    Easiest way to do this is from on top of the train. Use the ladders outside of the cabins to get on top of the train.

    Also, sometimes the game bugs and the challenge is only available for completion when the train is boarded "legally" (Boarding when the train is at a station, not jumping on from horseback).

    Do this before going south to Mexico, as a mission in Mexico destroys a train bridge, which can lead to frustrating delays in the train traveling around its set path.

    To avoid sliding off the roof of a train car players who attempt this challenge might want to consider standing on top of the wood pile directly behind the engineer on the actual train engine.

    Rank 5: Kill 2 different animals with 1 Dead-Eye meter.

    Easiest way to do this is by going to the Hanging Rock. Walk around until finding (listen carefully) a rattlesnake. Make sure you know where it is and will have a clean shot. Wait until a bird flies close by (normally only takes a minute max.) and enter Dead-eye mode. Shoot the bird, then the rattlesnake. Alternatively you could find where the wild horses are and shoot one and target a bird in the sky at the same time

    Another option is to head to Tall Trees, in West Elizabeth. There are multitudes of larger animals such as bears, boars and elk here, which usually mingle.

    Yet another option is head to Two Crows, south of Armadillo. Many wolves and deer roam around the area. Simply mark 2 shots for the wolf and deer (three shots for deer is recommended) and let a rip.

    And another option is to complete the game as John, then do the Stranger mission Remember My Family as Jack. Once you get to the riverside where Agent Ross is shooting ducks, don't engage him, but there will be plenty of ducks flying overhead. Look past the ducks to the other side of the river and there should be birds on the horizon. It is quite possible to mark a shot for a bird on the horizon and a shot for a duck and get this challenge done very easily.

    Another option is just to find two random birds, mark them and kill them in dead eye and hope that they are two different species of bird.

    NOTE: Cancelling the dead eye after you killed your two animals does not work. You must wait for it to end automatically for it to count.

    The simplest way to accomplish this challenge is to walk into any small town/ranch and shoot a chicken and a dog when they both appear on the screen. You will only need your revolver - one bullet for the chicken and possibly a head shot for the dog. It may be necessary to put on your bandana in case you shoot the sheriff's dog.

    Rank 6: Shoot 2 hats off 2 different people's heads.

    These do not have to be done at the same time. Target the top of the hat to make it fly. Walton's gang (Top Hats) and Bandidos (Sombreros) are the easiest.

    Easiest way to accomplish this goal is to hogtie a person wearing a hat, then to shoot it off.

    Use the Dead Eye mode that Landon Ricketts taught about: simple Level 1 Slow Motion. Do not use Dead Eye Lock-on or it'll be head-shot, not a hat-shot. Once in slow motion, manually aim for the very top of the hat (or rim) and squeeze the trigger.

    Shooting a hat off someone's head without killing them is not an easy feat at first. Quickly find wanted if practicing on unwitting bystanders. It's optional to put on a Bandana first. If uber-cautious, do it out of town so you don't rack up killing witnesses and you can lose your wanted level quickly.

    Alternatively, go to the Walton Gang hideout in Twin Rocks, just north of Armadillo. Obviously, no worry about a wanted level here. Once whittle off all but the last few bandits, should be able to get close enough to Dead Eye into slow motion and then carefully aim for the top of their hats.

    If struggling with this, try shooting down at people. Ride up to them, look down and shoot the rim of their hat. An easy way to do this challenge is to hop on a train. There's a pretty good chance that there will be at least 2 people on the train who have hats.

    Use a sniper rifle and aim for the hat of any person or use the Gatling Gun, that it may get this challenge without even trying while using the Gatling Gun during the assault on Fort Mercer.

    Note: The sniper rifle is particularly effective in Escalera. Climb to the top of the tower next to the governor's mansion and aim for the brims of sombreros of the people on the road.

    If cautious, go to the Armadillo Saloon 2 floor. Then find Walton's Gang(Top Hats), if you accidentally kill them, you will not get a wanted level or bounty, but they will shoot at you. Remember, they are normally in groups.

    Rank 7: Kill 3 Grizzly Bears each with one shot.

    Grizzly Bears can be found in the snowy areas of Tall Trees. They will appear more frequently when the player is not on horseback. The best method for defeating the bears is using Dead-Eye Targeting with the Buffalo Rifle, Bolt-action Rifle (in the head), any sniper rifle or any type of shotgun, a Springfield rifle will also work, but have to hit the bear in between the eyes. Wait until the bear is facing, and target the head for the kill. Make sure no hunters are around because they may have shot the bear, and it wouldn't count. Also don't get too close. If at a safe enough range, a sniper rifle is extremely effective if too close though, it's very difficult to use.

    Rank 8: Shoot 2 hats off 2 people's heads and disarm 2 people.

    These do not have to be done at the same time. Make sure you aim at the WEAPON (not arm or hand). If blood is drawn, it doesn't count. Rifle- or shotgun-holding enemies are easiest to target. Walton's Gang (found at Armadillo and Twin Rocks) is ideal for this challenge because of their top hats and weaponry. Don't use a high powered weapon like the high powered pistol. Use something like the Cattleman Revolver for the hats. It's easier to pinpoint a spot on the hat where the head isn't. For the hats, you can shoot anyone's hat off. For the disarms, it has to be enemies; lawmen do not count as enemies (although the mexican army does). Dead Eye makes this notably easier. Especially look out for enemies with rifles as well, as they are the easiest to hit without hitting the enemy.

    Rank 9: Kill any 6 wild animals without changing or reloading weapons.

    The SIMPLEST way to do this is: Do either the Twin Rocks or Tesoro Azul gang hideouts. Upon completing those hideouts, 6-8 vultures will circle overhead. Make sure start with a full Dead-Eye gauge, then use a repeater to break up the vulture party.

    Buffalo travel in a herd, and wolves' packs sometimes exceed six, so they're a viable option with a full gauge and a repeater.

    If haven't already completed this challenge by the time reaching the mission Pestilence that takes place on Marston's Ranch in Beecher's Hope, have a pick from the huge flock of crows swarming the silo.

    The Evan's Repeater is an excellent choice for this Rank as it holds 22 rounds before reloading. The Great Plains is a wide open area full of horses, deer, elk, buffalo and birds that can easily be killed before having to reload the gun.

    Rank 10: Disarm any 6 enemies without reloading or changing weapons.

    This video shows shows the best and easiest method known for completing the challenge.

    Using a Mauser Pistol, without emptying the magazine as shown in the video, and without leaving aim, has resulted in unlimited magazine size 5/5 times attempted. Leaving and then re-entering Dead Eye also refills ammo, it does count as a reload and will restart the challenge count.

    It seems to be easier to get a disarm by painting the enemy's weapon in Dead-Eye mode before firing (rather than simply aiming at it and pulling the trigger). Verify that the target is successfully painted by watching for the X to follow the weapon's movement.

    Also, attempt this during a bounty hunting mission when the bounty is part of a gang. For instance, for a bounty mission to find a Bandito gang member, put on the Bandito outfit, and walk right into the middle of camp. The gang members won't shoot until pulling a gun, so find a spot where there are 4 or 5 of them in a cluster nearby, pull the weapon and go into Dead Eye. Have medicine and an item that refills Dead Eye handy. Since gang members are a little tougher than other characters, it's possible that may be able to disarm them 3 times before they die.

    One of the easiest places to complete this rank is in the jail at Chuparosa. Simply climb the stairs and ladders until reaching the room right at the top of the building then simply open the chest of drawers. This causes you to become wanted. The Mexican lawmen will come via the ladder - position at the opposite end of the room with a weapon with a large clip and wait for them to appear at the top of the ladder and draw their weapon. Simply enter dead eye and disarm them, it may need to do this more than once for each enemy. Do not release the aim button and simply wait for the next one before popping him in the same way. It might need to exercise a little patience as waiting for the next lawman to locate, but this is a really easy, low-risk approach to achieving this rank.

    An easy way to complete rank 10 is to equip an Evans Repeater, and then shoot until having 1 clip remaining. Then head to a town with few lawmen, such as Armadillo, and then kill 1 person. This gives you 21 bullets to make six shots. Alternatively, with a high rank in Honor and Fame, pull a gun out on Walton's Gang, who sit in the saloon in Armadillo (distinctively), wait until they fire the first shot and then use Dead-Eye to disarm all of the gang members aiming, if there was not enough gang members there in order to rank up, then keep aiming, step outside and find some more.

    Another easy place to do this is the Gaptooth Breach gang hideout. During the mine portion all of the enemies appear in front of so it's possible to disarm them then kill then move on to the next guy.

    One of the best spots is at Twin Rocks. There's a well on the south side of the area. If hiding behind the wall/fence and lure baddies to the well to hide behind, they tend to expose the right side of their body when hiding. They hide while pointing their pistol to the air away from their body, making for one of the easiest targets ever. As always, make sure have some replenishing items on just in case.

    It doesn't have to be 6 different enemies. Disarm the same person more than once. If disarming an enemy with a handgun, then they might pull out a rifle.

    Also if using the glitch to get under the governor of Mexico's house, get a bounty, and shoot the guns out of the army's hands as they stand still.

    A very easy way to achieve this rank is to first achieve a high honor rank. Then simply pull a Mauser Pistol, with 1 clip left, in front of an officer and he will ready his gun in response. Then simply shoot it out of his hand and repeat this easy process without receiving any bounty. Use the bandana as a safety measure.

    After level 5 the player receives an increase in ammo when using chests in safehouses and camps. Once he completes all the challenges, his Dead Eye meter builds faster as he kills enemies.

    The only outfit this is necessary for is the Legend of the West Outfit.


    Rank 1: Collect 6 Wild Feverfew

    Wild Feverfew can be found in many areas of New Austin, primarily in the area around Macfarlane's Ranch.

    Rank 2: Collect 6 Desert Sage

    Desert Sage can be found in the area around Gaptooth Ridge in New Austin.

    Rank 3: Collect 4 Red Sage

    Red Sage can be found in the area around Rio Bravo in New Austin.
    Easy Collection Method

    Use a survivalist map near Fort Mercer and you will find around 5-6 Red Sage Plants just to the north of the fort.

    Rank 4: Collect 8 Prickly Pear

    Prickly Pear can be found in the area around Punta Orgullo in Nuevo Paraiso.

    Rank 5: Collect 7 Woolly Blue Curl

    Woolly Blue Curl can be found in the areas around Perdido and Chuparosa in Nuevo Paraiso.

    Rank 6: Collect 8 Butterfly Weed

    Butterfly Weed can be found in the area around Diez Coronas in Nuevo Paraiso.
    Easy Collection Method

    Start off at Casa Madrugada and run down the railroad tracks to El Presidio. There are several Butterfly Weed on this path.

    There are also a few in the area of Mesa Del Sol growing on the red cliffs near the bottom.

    Once reached the end, fast travel to Blackwater and sleep at the saloon 1 full day. This allows time for the plants to respawn.

    Start the process over until reaching to the desired amount.

    Rank 7: Collect 10 Hummingbird Sage Flower

    Hummingbird Sage Flower can be found in the southern area of Tall Trees in West Elizabeth. Be aware that Bears may roam occasionally and may attack.
    Easy Collection Method:
    Start off at Bearclaw Camp in southern Tall Trees. Highlight Tanner's Reach as a waypoint on your map There are several Hummingbird Sage Flower on the red path.

    Once reached the end, fast travel to Blackwater and sleep at the saloon 1 full day. This allows time for the plants to respawn.

    Start the process over until reached to the desired amount.

    This method also keeps players away from bears while collecting this flower.

    Rank 8: Collect 12 Prairie Poppies

    Prairie Poppies can be found in the eastern area of Beecher's Hope in West Elizabeth. There are lots of these at the Broken Tree area. Can also be found in large amounts by the train tracks at the bottom of Beecher's Hope.

    If you're trying to collect thim quick there is a glitch at Broken Tree where you can kill a Cougar and then immediately pick the Poppy on the northern face of the tree. This will cause the game to glitch and your character to collect three poppies.

    Rank 9: Collect 15 Golden Currant

    Golden Currant Leaf can be found in the western area of Great Plains in West Elizabeth. This is probably the easiest one done if staying on horseback to look for them as they stand out a mile away. There's also some of these around Beecher's Hope, in the case that you run out of plants around the Great Plains.

    Rank 10: Collect 10 Violet Snowdrop Leaf then collect 2 more of every herb available

    Violet Snowdrop Leaf can be found in the northern area of Tall Trees in West Elizabeth. It is not necessary to wait until collecting 10 Violet Snowdrops before collecting the other herbs, as you will receive credit no matter what order you collect them once the challenge starts.

    * Be sure to bring medicine and be on the lookout for bears as it is common to get attacked while collecting Violet Snowdrop Leaves.
    o For further information on plants in Redemption see Plant Gathering.
    * For the level 10 entry, you can easily keep track of what you still need by viewing the survivalist journal entry and pressing Y (on the 360) to see a breakdown of which plants you've already collected.
    * A good way that the player can complete this challenge is to buy the survivalist map from the store in Manzanita Post, then go to the top of Tall Trees . Once there, activate the map, collect the Violet snowdrops and then camp. Fast travel to Beecher's Hope, then collect all the needed herbs. Do this in the sequence below.
    o Start in northern Tall Trees near Nekoti Rock.
    o Activate the Survivalist Map.
    o Collect 10 Violet Snowdrops around northern Tall Trees.
    o Ride south and collect 2 Hummingbird Sage from southern Tall Trees.
    o Ride east to Beecher's Hope and collect 2 Prairie Poppies and 2 Golden Currant.
    o Fast travel to MacFarlane's Ranch for 2 Wild Feverfew.
    o Fast travel to Rio Bravo for 2 Red Sage - there's a nice cluster along the east-west road located north of Fort Mercer, in case stranger's mission "Deadalus and Son" is active and need a bunch.
    o Fast travel to Gaptooth Ridge for 2 Desert Sage.
    o Fast travel to Chuparosa for the all of the Mexican herbs: Prickly Pears, Woolly Blue Curls and Butterfly Weeds. You can easily find them to the south and east of the town; in fact, there's one of each just outside the town where the roads form a triangle.
    + There's no need to collect the Violet Snowdrops first, collect the Prairie Poppies and Golden Currant first then head to collect the Violet Snowdrop and Hummingbird Sage.


    Upon completing Survivalist: Rank 5, the active duration of the Survivalist Map is doubled, from 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

    After completing Survivalist: Rank 10, Marston is able to brew Tonic while collecting herbs


    Rank 1: Kill and skin five (5) coyotes.

    Coyotes can be found in most areas of New Austin, with abundance in the western half, and Nuevo Paraiso. This can be done in the Bonnie MacFarlane mission 'New Friends, Old Problems'.

    Rank 2: Kill and skin five deer.

    Deer can be found in most areas of western New Austin and the central region of West Elizabeth. Bucks do not count as Deer.

    Rank 3: Kill five wolves with your melee knife and collect five wolf pelts in addition to those you already have.
    Wolves can be found in most areas of New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and Tall Trees and some of the Great Plains in West Elizabeth. Remember to utilize the roll or Dead Eye when attempting to take on an entire wolf pack. Remember, shooting an animal first, then knifing it works too. Sometimes when skinning a wolf after killing it with a melee knife will not collect a wolf pelt. Kill more than 5 to collect all the pelts. But be careful! 5 wolves can take a while to skin and more wolf packs will spawn if you are not fast, this is not always a bad thing though as wolf pelts, hearts, and meat sell for really high in armadillo

    Rank 4: Collect five boar tusks and three armadillo carapaces in addition to those you already have.

    Boars can be found in the southern region of Tall Trees in West Elizabeth and north of MacFarlane's Ranch in Hennigan's Stead. Armadillos can be found in the central regions of both New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso. Boars do not always give tusks, but the challenge counts the number of boars skinned not the number of tusks collected. Not to be done from horseback. A great boar spawn is on the Hennigan's Stead side of Tanner's Span railroad bridge, but be careful. It is also a cougar, wolf and fox spawn. Just use your bait and an effective close-range gun like the semi-auto shotgun.

    Rank 5: Kill 2 cougars with your melee knife and skin them for 2 cougar pelts.

    Cougars have the nasty ability to knock you over when they attack which can be very troublesome as the cougar only needs two strikes to kill you. After knocking you down the cougar can quickly position itself for the second attack and because the challenge requires you to use the knife to make the kills the problem presented by the knockdown is greatly increased. An effective way to deal with the cougars is to use the roll when "aiming" with your knife, jumping, or sprinting out of the way to dodge the cougar's initial attack. After you dodge the first attack the cougar tends to be facing in the wrong direction for it to attack again, this is when the cougar vulnerable and you will have a few seconds to run up behind it and slash at it with your knife. It only takes around two knife swings to kill the cougar so you should only need to do this once but keep some medicine on you just in case the cougar catches you off guard or you mess up the dodge. You can also use your knife on horseback, so your horse dies first and you can kill the cougar.

    When killing the cougar you should only need to use the knife because of how fast the knife attack speed is and the relatively low health of the cougar. Once again, it only takes two knife slashes to kill the cougar so trying to use the "weaken the animal with a gun" technique might cause you to accidently kill the cougar, then you'll have to search for another one.

    An easy way to complete this challange is in New Austin, just ride around in the west most part near Silent Stead and wait for the random event where a person is being chased by wild animals, in that area the animals are often two cougars. Note however that you will probabily fail to save the happless person, also that is a fairly dangrous area and wolf packs often do spawn there so watch your back.

    After completing the Master Hunter 5 challenge the Buffalo Rifle becomes available for purchase from any Gunsmith.

    Rank 6: Collect five raccoon pelts, five fox pelts, and five skunk pelts in addition to those you already have.

    Just north/northeast of Thieves' Landing and north/northwest of the Wreck of the Serendipity is an area bordered by roads on three sides and the river on the fourth. On the map, this area is drawn under a picture of the fox. By nightfall, there is an abundance of foxes, many raccoons, and quite a few skunks. Be careful, though, because this is also a prime spawning point for wolves, cougars, and boars, all of which will attack you.

    These animals can also be found at Beecher's Hope and north of MacFarlane's Ranch after 6 PM.
    Additional locations

    * Raccoons can be found scattered throughout New Austin at night.
    * Foxes can be found near the San Luis River on the Nuevo Paraiso side, in and around Tall Trees, and also near Beecher's Hope and around nine o'clock south of Armadillo they are in abundance.
    * Skunks can be found in the northeastern quadrant of Nuevo Paraiso or in central New Austin at night, and, just like foxes, south of armadillo at hours of 9-12
    * Many skunks can be found in Diez Coronas at night.
    * Skunks and raccoons can also be found just south of Twin Rocks at night.
    * Skunks and raccoons also appear behind the General Store in Armadillo.

    Rank 7: Collect five elk meat and five bighorn skins.

    Bighorns can be found in Tall Trees in West Elizabeth, and the area north of Cholla Springs in New Austin. Elk can be found in Tall Trees in West Elizabeth, and around Bear Claw camp and Tanner's Span. Both can be found frequently in the northeast part of Tall Trees by Nekoti Rock.

    Elks can be found very commonly at tanner's reach, especialy at night. But be aware of bears and cougars, because they are commonly found there too.

    Rank 8: Kill a grizzly bear with your melee knife.

    Grizzly Bears can be found in Tall Trees in West Elizabeth. They will be found more frequently when the player is on foot. Use the same technique used to kill the cougar, though it takes three or four body shots to weaken a Grizzly. Also, lasso Grizzlies after several body shots. When letting it go, the bear will run, just like a horse. This will give the opportunity to knife it without being attacked, though the bears are fast making it difficult to chase them on foot. Try to use a horse for extra speed. When bears run, they can run through other animal spawn points, bringing even more bears, wolves, boars, or other dangerous animals which may either attack or kill the wounded bear. Once one of these other animals’ attacks, the running bear (previously confined by your lasso) will stop running and attack as well, so hurry with the knifing.

    You can hang out outside Beecher's hope and set bait for a bear. Once it arrives, shoot it once in the head with the Henry repeater and jump the fence.Walk along said fence and it will follow you. Eventually, you will reach a gap in the fence, where its side will be vulnerable

    One easy way to melee them is to go into dead-eye and target the front two legs (similar to melee killing cougars) then the bear will charge. Quickly melee it, and then it will turn slightly. Melee it again. It will start to run away so hop on your horse and chase and kill it with one last knife.

    Go to Tanner's cabin and put out some bait, then stand inside the cabin door. Shoot the bear 3 times in the rear from inside the cabin. The bear will run off but will come back to attack you. Still standing in the door of the cabin simply cut the bear.

    A good method if getting charged by a bear (or just to take it down in general) is to shoot it 10 times in the front legs/paws with the LeMat Revolver, which only needs to be followed by a single knife thrust. Alternatively, shoot it 1 time in the side with a buffalo rifle and 2-3 times anywhere with a Mauser pistol. Also, shoot it once in the head with the Henry Repeater. It will then be weak enough to kill with a knife.

    In the mission At Home with Dutch, there is a bear when climbing the mountain. This is a good opportunity to take on the bear. To make it even easier, just keep dying every time meeting the bear and will be given the choice to restart at the checkpoint. Eventually, dying so many times (maybe seven) the game takes pity and gives the choice to skip this checkpoint. Do not take that option. Select to restart the checkpoint. At this point the bear's health is seriously lowered. More than three shots can take it down, so shoot it three times and then go to town with your knife. to make it even easier, go to the checkpoint where the cougar is; and let it kill you (or toss yourself from the mountain). then select restart from last checkpoint. the you will start from the "cougar checkpoint" again but go back where the bear was and it's alive but he will ignor you even if you attack it, making the perfect opportunity to complete the challenge. Also when you jump on one of the rocks the bear won't be able to hit even if jump on the small one. making it easy to hit and the funny thing is when it's low on health, it will RUNAWAY.

    Another effective method in the same mission is when climbing onto the plateau the bear is on, climb as far left as possible. This puts Marston behind some rocks in which the bear cannot get directly, this causes it to go onto its hind legs leaving its belly open and giving an easy opportunity to get a few shots in to weaken it.

    Another method that requires excellent timing is when the bear is charging straight, just when it’s in arms' length, swipe the hunting knife, and if done correctly, it'll slash the bear's face, killing it. It's neither the smartest method nor the easiest, but it definitely is one of the most satisfying.

    Although, probably the easiest way to do it is to make a bear chase you, then run up the mountains over Tall Trees to the cave where you find the Rank 10 treasure chest. With the bear still chasing you, get inside the cave. It's just small enough for the bear to not get in, so instead it will start running around outside, eventually glitching and getting stuck between the cave opening and a rock, making it possible to slash at it without getting eaten alive.

    In the mission For Purely Scientific Purposes, the party will be attacked by a bear. If knowing when to hang back, the others will be firing at it and it will be distracted, offering a perfect opportunity to kill it from behind.

    Once the bear has been weakened it's still no easy job job to knife it, however the most popular way is; when it is charging towards you, target it with your knife and then roll out of the way once it gets too close this is also a good way to kill other animals with a knife. Also if possible when your are trying to knife the bear hang back abit, and it will soon go onto it's rear legs and stand up, this means that it cannot turn around as fast which then gives you the opportunity to go behind it and slash it.

    Shoot the Grizzly once in the body with the Buffalo Rifle, then wait for it to come to you. slash it once more with the knife and it should start running away, knife it a couple more times and it's dead.

    The way I personally did this is, I went in circles on horseback shooting the bear in the feet with the buffalo rifle 3 times and when it started to run away I got off my horse and chased it around and probably stabbed it 4 times. You might be able to shoot the bear 4 times in the feet which would require alot less knifing.

    After killing a Grizzly, be aware. More will often show up shortly after skinning the first one.

    It is also possible to attack the bears with your knife on horse back, allowing players to continuously "drive by" and slash the bear without being harmed. If the bear kills the players horse John will roll to a safe distance if riding fast enough.

    A simple and safe way is to use bait in the west of Beecher's hope. By doing this it will make a bear spawn (it could spawn far from you or a little closer). First try to shoot the body of the bear with the high power pistol 7-8 times or shoot with the buffalo rifle 1 time. This would make the bear attack you(and make him weaker). Let it get close to you and when he is in arm's length, swipe your knife. If he's still alive, swipe again and he will die. NOTE:be sure that you are not near or in broken tree,or a cougar will come instead of a bear. And sometimes, the bear will be so far away that he wont notice you or he wont spawn. You will have to place another bait somewhere else. Be sure not to place the bait near your ranch, because wolfs will come instead of bears. And also if you kill that bear, no other bear will spawn.

    8 shots in the leg with the Evans repeater and one hit with the knife will drop a bear.

    * If a Random Stranger encounter happens where a bear is chasing a fellow, and kill the bear with a Melee Knife it MAY count towards the Challenge. Normally, however it will not but there are confirmed cases of this working. This would be an easy way to earn this as the bear will not attack, but keeps chasing the stranger allowing the player to ride up next to the bear and slash away with a Melee Knife. One way to ensure you get the kill is to hack away untill its health drops slightly then wait for it to kill the stranger THEN kill it

    Rank 9: Search Ojo Del Diablo for “Khan” the legendary jaguar and kill him then collect his pelt.

    Use a bottle of bait to search for Khan around the Ojo Del Diablo area. If the player doesn't have any bait, he should kill some of the local wildlife to draw him out, or just wait for a while. Once the player has drawn him out, he should use Dead Eye to finish him. Nothing fancy is needed, just a few shots to the head.

    Rank 10: Search Aurora Basin, Stillwater Creek, and Nekoti Rock for “Lobo” the legendary wolf, “Gordo” the legendary boar, and “Brumas” the legendary bear and collect their pelts.

    Lobo is easy, there will be little problem killing him if staying on a horse . Gordo is the easiest, once again, stay on horseback and keep shooting the waves of boars that come. Brumas is the hardest. This time get off the horse then shoot him in the head in "Dead Eye". Another good tactic (especially for Brumas) is to try and stay on a Stagecoach or Wagon whilst killing the waves if animals as they can't attack you.

    The easiest way to kill these animals is to wait until they appear on the minimap, advance slowly until having them in sight, then go into Dead Eye using a weapon with high ammo capacity/rate of fire and empty most of a magazine into them. Single-shot weapons, even very powerful ones, may not do fatal damage, as all of them have an abnormally large amount of health.

    If using fast travel to a waypoint near their location, make sure set the waypoint outside the animal's actual zone. Otherwise the player may have to ride out of their zone and then back to get them to appear. (Or use bait , which is somewhat riskier since they can appear very close to you.)

    A good way to kill these legendary animals is to use the Evans Repeater and Dead Eye. First, have full 22 ammo capacity. Second, activate Dead Eye . And third keep tapping RB (Xbox 360), R1 (PS3) on their heads until Marston starts firing. This will certainly kill him. You can use the Buffalo Rifle to shoot the heads of Gordo the Boar, Khan the Jaguar and Lobo the Wolf and it will usually kill them.

    Sometimes Lobo is stuck in the water but you can still shoot him and get in the shallow water to skin him.

    If you had an unsuccessful search for Lobo the Wolf, go and search for Brumas on Nekoti Rock, then come back at midnight. Lobo should now be present when you enter the area. If you are thinking of using bait, be aware that it will attract bears and not the legendary Wolf. Brumas requires 1 shot to the head with the buffalo rifle. So if you have a clear shot on him try to get a headshot.

    Gordo the Boar is found (in Single Player), near Thieves' Landing, in the Stillwater Creek area. Players should take caution when Gordo is in water; if he is killed in water he can't be skinned.
    Rewards (Single Player Master Hunter Challenges)

    Successful completion of Master Hunter: Rank 5 will unlock the Buffalo Rifle for purchase from a Gunsmith. (Price varies with the players Honor level)

    Successful completion of Master Hunter: Rank 10 allows creation of Vittles after skinning an animal.


    Rank 1: * Find and complete the random encounter with Chi Fung, either by saving the treasure hunter or looting his corpse.

    * This random encounter is easily found when returning (riding through the desert) from Walton's hideout in the mission Political Realities in Armadillo.


    * Treasure Map 1

    Rank 2

    View of the location of the Rank 2 treasure.

    Head to The Hanging Rock at the crossroads north of Armadillo. The treasure map depicts the front and back of The Hanging Rock. Simply travel around to the back of The Hanging Rock so that you are facing the mountains, as depicted in the map. NOTE: DO NOT use the treasure map to locate the treasure it is incredibly misleading, the chest is actually hidden between the big rock and two other large ones on the north east side.


    * Rhodes' Gold, gold bullion given to Brigadier General Sherman M. Rhodes. Worth $150.
    * Treasure Map 2

    Rank 3

    Rank 3 Treasure Location
    ObiseanAdded by Obisean
    View to Rank 3 treasure

    Head to Rio Del Lobo, more specifically, Del Lobo Rock. When heading south into the area, follow the main road that climbs the ridge leading to the river. When the roads ends at the campsite, face the river to see the gap in the ridge indicated on the treasure map. The treasure is on the other side of the rock, on a ledge. To get to it, go around the right side of the rock then keep left as you descend. Two or three "falls" later, you'll find the pile of rocks on a dirt ledge. If you get all the way down to the beach, you've gone too far.



    * Jackson's Gold, gold bullion given to Brigadier General Ambrose Jackson Hood. Worth $188.
    * Treasure Map 3.

    Rank 4
    Rank 4 Treasure Location
    Rank 4 treasure under the cow skull

    Located in the basement of the mansion in Tumbleweed. It is not difficult to find because it is under a pile of stones with a cow skull on the wall above it. Note: Upon subsequent visits here (the first visit was part of a mission) there will be more gang members and a sheriff who you must rescue. On the back side of the mansion are a set of doors down a short flight of stairs that lead directly into the basement.


    * Calhoun's Gold, gold bullion given to Brigadier General Andrew John Calhoun. Worth $225.
    * Treasure Map 4

    Rank 5
    Rank 5 Treasure Location

    Can be found along the river bank in Rio del Toro, which is NW of Chuparosa. Look for a tree about 30 meters inland adorned with cattle skulls. It's across the road from the tree behind the rock wall and harder to miss than you'd think. (Note: John cannot access this location until Irish takes him across the river in We Shall Be Together in Paradise.)


    * Tubman's Gold, gold bullion given to Brigadier General Jefferson T. Tubman. Worth $263.
    * Treasure Map 5

    Upon completion of this rank, you will be able to ride stagecoaches free of charge and if you haven't already discovered the Legend of the West Outfit, you will after this rank.
    Rank 6
    Rank 6 Treasure Location
    Rank 6 treasure is between the two top rocks

    Located near Crooked Toes. You'll see a collection of rock "pillars", and the treasure is at the top of the tallest one. If you are having trouble determining which one to climb, climb the one that has an unrelated chest under it.

    Note that this location is where you fight the first set of enemies in the Outlaws to the End mission The River, after clearing out the enemies where you land at the beginning.


    * Brown's Gold, gold bullion given to Major General Robert Clay Brown. Worth $300.
    * Treasure Map 6

    Rank 7
    Rank 7 Treasure Location

    The Rank 7 treasure is behind the rocks on the other ledge

    Head south from Chuparosa, and then look at your treasure map; this location is quite obvious. It is under Ojo del Diablo, or the giant rock arch. You might have to go to the left in order to get over the ledge.


    * Douglass' Gold, gold bullion given to Major General Thaddeus E. Douglass. Worth $338.
    * Treasure Map 7

    Rank 8
    Rank 8 Treasure Location

    View to Rank 8 treasure

    Head to Roca de Madera, which is North East of Agave Viejo. Stand next to the large rock on a column, and look west-southwest (245°). You will see a narrow path just below the top of the cliff. Follow the path around the cliff face and you will find the treasure at the end of it.

    This video shows where to find it.


    * Garrison's Gold, gold bullion given to Lieutenant General John J. Garrison. Worth $450.
    * Treasure Map 8

    Rank 9
    Rank 9 Treasure Location

    Rank 9 treasure

    In the east of Beecher's Hope you can easily spot a broken tree beside the road (the area is named, aptly enough, Broken Tree) with a small weathered stone wall under it. In a gap of this wall lies treasure No. 8. This may be in reference to the film "The Shawshank Redemption". (Note: John cannot access this location until the Great Plains are made accessible via the main quest)


    * Pickett's Gold, gold bullion given to Lieutenant General Jeb Pickett. Worth $600.
    * Treasure Map 9

    Rank 10
    Rank 10 Treasure Location

    Cave entrance to Rank 10 treasure

    Quite easy to find. If you look at the map in the north west of Manzanita Post right above the Tall Trees letters you'll spot a small path winding up into Nekoti Rock. Follow that path up onto the top and find the treasure in the bear cave. Once you open the chest and get the gold you will have the Treasure Hunter's satchel.

    This video shows where to find it.

    Note: If you're playing this challenge with the Master Hunter Rank 10 Challenge active, it would be wise to be on your guard as the treasure is located in the same cave Brumas the Bear is found.


    * Stonewall's Gold, gold bullion given to General Robert A. Stonewall. Worth $750

    Remember this achievement is only obtainable after completing the mission an appointed time


    here is a video about all treasure hunter locations

    Leave a comment if you give a thumbs down so i can change it
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    DeepFreeZz95Great guide! It's also very useful to kill te grizzly bears in one shot using the tomahawk. Hit them between the eyes and it should work.
    Posted by DeepFreeZz95 on 15 Oct 12 at 22:15
    StoissAbout the rank 7 shooting. It doesent have to be a grizzly, it just states that it has to be a bear. So a regular bear will do fine. I did it with 1 grizzly (grey/black) and two regular bears (Brown ones)
    Posted by Stoiss on 29 Oct 14 at 01:48
    GodLike499Great guide. It seems to have all the info, but the formatting leaves a lot to be desired. You should remove the excessive line feeds and bold the section titles or something to make it easier to reference.
    Posted by GodLike499 on 31 May 17 at 16:37
  • xShoot4WarAmpsxxShoot4WarAmpsx317,226
    17 Jun 2010 27 Jun 2010 29 Jun 2010
    27 3 3
    Basically Complete any of the 5 challenges to level 10
    I found that Sharpshooter or Treasure Hunter were the easiest to complete. Treasure hunter is good if you have a computer available to follow a guide to all the locations, If not then do Sharpshooter.

    Sharpshooter Level 1 - Kill 5 Flying Birds

    Sharpshooter Level 2 - Shoot and Kill 5 Rabbits

    Sharpshooter Level 3 - Kill 5 Coyotes without taking any damage from them

    Sharpshooter Level 4 - Kill 5 Flying Birds from a Moving Train

    Sharpshooter Level 5 - Kill 2 Different Types of Animals with One Dead Eye

    Sharpshooter Level 6 - Shoot Hats Off Two People's Heads

    Sharpshooter Level 7 - Kill 3 Bears With a Single HeadShot(Hit The Bear Anywhere Else First and That Bear Doesn't Count)

    Sharpshooter Level 8 - Shoot Hats and Disarm 2 People(Shoot Hand Or Gun To Disarm)

    Sharpshooter Level 9 - Kill Any 6 Animals Without Reloading Or Changing Guns(Either Kill One Shot Animals like Rabbits Or Go For Headshots)

    Sharpshooter Level 10 - Disarm 6 Enemies Without Changing Guns Or Reloading(Pretty Simple, Do TumbleWeed Gang Hideout, Use DeadEye To Disarm and When Done Will Reload Your Gun But Doesn't Count As Reloading)
    Showing all 3 comments.
    Railer wKaLevel 10 can also be performed by emptying out your entire ammo supply save for the bullets you need, so no reloading takes place as what happens automatically after exiting Dead Eye.
    Posted by Railer wKa on 29 Jul 10 at 01:26
    AssyrianDukeI would also add that for level 9, using the Evans Repeater on a pack of wolves is a good way to get it, and you don't even have to use dead eye. For level 10, I would suggest Fort Mercer because there are a lot of enemies in a very small area. Make sure you have enough items that refill dead eye, regardless of where ever you decide to try for level 10.
    Posted by AssyrianDuke on 04 Aug 10 at 21:09
    PartyinthaHouzeIt's Any of the 4 challenges not five :)
    Posted by PartyinthaHouze on 02 Nov 10 at 21:12
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